My Second Post about Former Bank Examiner Carmen Segarra Who Was Fired by the New York Fed for Doing Her Job

Carmen Segarra

Carmen Segarra

By Elaine Magliaro

On October fifth, I published a post titled The Case of the Secret Recordings: A Tale about Bank Examiner Carmen Segarra, the New York Fed, and Goldman Sachs. Segarra is a former bank examiner who once worked for the New York Fed. She was hired by the Fed in 2011 “as part of a group of examiners brought on to monitor systemically important banks in the aftermath of the Dodd-Frank regulatory overhaul.” GoldmanSachsSegarra is the bank examiner who found that Goldman Sachs “lacked an adequate company-wide policy to manage conflicts of interest…” Segarra claims that her superiors at the Fed urged her to change her Goldman Sachs finding. When she refused to comply with their request, she said she was fired.

Investigative journalist Matt Taibbi and Alexis Goldstein of The Other 98% spoke with Ari Melber about Carmen Segarra and the Fed on MSNBC in late September:

SECRET Tapes: NY FED Helping Wall Street BANKSTERS – Matt Taibbi & Alexis Goldstein

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In the Case of Michael Brown: Were Recent Grand Jury Leaks and Autopsy Reports a Deliberate Effort to Help “Set the Stage” for Darren Wilson’s “Non-Indictment?”

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

By Elaine Magliaro

My curiosity was aroused the other day when I read several news reports about “selective” grand jury leaks and forensic experts’ analyses of Michael Brown’s official autopsy report. Many of the reports were based on information provided in an article that was published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch earlier this week. I didn’t think that the Post-Dispatch article really provided much new information…or evidence in the case. It did appear to me, however, that the article was an effort to give credence to Officer Wilson’s version of what happened on the day he shot Michael Brown and to call into question the accounts of several people who were eyewitnesses to the killing of the unarmed teen.

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Music for a Saturday: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Submitted by MIKE SPINDELL

I hope you enjoy this great Jazz, from great performers:

And this is the entire show from PBS.



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A Simple Explanation for the Ignorance of Many Conservatives


One of the things that many on the Left find so frustrating about today’s “conservative” movement, is the amount of ignorance about history and government that they express as “fact”. Along with that, there is a certain kind of anger that seems to seethe through them Rupert_Murdoch_-_Flickr_-_Eva_Rinaldi_Celebrity_and_Live_Music_Photographertowards anyone that doesn’t agree with their views of the world around them.  This distorted view is not a function of lack of intelligence, because there are obviously many people with highly conservative views, who are extremely intelligent.  I know a few and they are not only amicable friends, but on many things they are a source of good information and sound advice. Yet whenever the discussion of politics rears its head they exhibit what to me is profound ignorance. The germ of this idea came to me as I was watching a program about the history of sanitation in cities. It focused on the construction of sewer systems and the provision of clean drinking water to the populace. In Chicago for instance, the undertaking begun in the latter part of the 19th century, consisted of literally “jacking up” all of its buildings and infrastructure to then construct a sewer system below, which meant going block by block. The effort was huge and it was performed by local and State government. However, the sewage effluent was then dumped into the lake, which was the source of the city’s supply of drinking water. When this resulted in making many sick, another huge, ongoing project was needed to provide the citizens with safe drinking water. This all hinged on the discoveries of science that both sewage and the water supply’s contamination were responsible for disease outbreaks, with Cholera most prominent.

The information from this program led me to ponder today’s widely held conservative perspective that government should cede its role to private industry when it comes to tackling major societal problems and the end result is an unwillingness to respond to communal threats that can’t be solved militarily. The most dangerous and glaring problem that faces this country and the world today, is climate change. I wrote about one aspect of it here. Despite the fact that there is almost unanimous concern about this issue from our scientific community there is tremendous opposition towards accepting any notion of the danger, much less acting to address it. That oppositions comes exclusively from political conservatives. How were the major cities in the U.S., in the latter half of the 19th Century, able to act to deal with the newly discovered disease threat of contaminated water with incredibly massive projects, while today we see so much opposition to government intervention to solving what could literally be the end of human life? I think there is an easy explanation. Continue reading

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The Fourteenth Post in the “Oh My Achin’ Head” Series: Alaska GOP Congressman Rattles High School Audience with His Profane Talk about Bull Sex and Suicide

Don Young

Don Young

By Elaine Magliaro

Zaz Hollander of Alaska Dispatch News has reported an interesting story about Don Young, a Republican congressman from the Land of the Midnight Sun. Tuesday morning, Young spoke to students at the High School in Wasilla. Hollander said that numerous witnesses claimed that Young, who is known for having a “notoriously abrasive personality,” acted “in a disrespectful and sometimes offensive manner to some students, used profanity and started talking about bull sex when confronted with a question about same-sex marriage.”

Amy Spargo, principal of Wasilla High School, said, “We really spend a lot of time at our Alaska-StateSeal_svgschool talking about how we treat each other. We just don’t talk to people that way.” Hollander said that what concerned school officials even more was the “hurtful and insensitive statements’ that Young made “about suicide just days after a Wasilla student took his own life.”

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NEWSFLASH: Four Former Blackwater Guards Who Were Charged in 2007 Iraq Killings Found Guilty


By Elaine Magliaro

TPM News has reported that four men who once worked as security guards for Blackwater were found guilty in the shootings of more than thirty Iraqis back in 2007. A federal judge ordered that the men be sent to jail immediately. The trial was said to have “focused on the killings of 14 Iraqis and the wounding of 17 others.” According to TPM, the outcome of the trial proceedings “stunned the defense.”

Read the full story here.


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Why America is Moving in the Wrong Direction and Obama’s Failure as President

This post actually began as a response to one of our long time readers SwarthmoreMom on the post I did yesterday. SwM wrote that she would certainly vote for Obama over Nixon. While she and I are usually in political agreement on most issues, in this case I felt she missed my direction in that post, mostly due to my own failure to articulate the basis of my reasoning for writing it. When the reply to her went over 500 words I felt that it deserved to be articulated in another post, rather then as a comment.

In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s our country had agreed on a certain set of basic ideas about government that had been established during FDR’s presidency.

Social Security was a good thing.
Labor unions had a rightful place in our country.
Those in need should be helped by the government.
Our income tax should be progressive.
Business required government regulation.

Even though the country was still run by the rich and powerful, basic tenets such as these were accepted by most Democrats and Republicans. This was why Barry Goldwater lost so president_barack_obama1badly in 1964, because at the time he represented a more radical conservative view that questioned the premises. While those who hated FDR’s reforms still had some representation in Congress, the majority of elected officials were either Centrist Right or Centrist Left. In the 50’s though a new intellectual strain of conservative thought arose led by young patricians such as William F. Buckley, who co-founded the extremely influential National Review, which led the charge against mainstream Republicans, that got Goldwater nominated and Rockefeller booed at the 1964 Republican Convention. In the wake of Goldwater’s defeat those arch Conservatives who represented the National Review, John Birch Society, etc. (including Nancy Reagan’s father, the Mars family, the Mellon family, the Koch family and General Electric) began to “invest” huge sums of money into foisting their regressive ideas on the country and electing far right conservatives.

Happily for this group the Civil Rights Movement arose, allowing privileged White Anger to be unleashed and turning the South Republican. While Nixon took advantage of this reaction in the “southern strategy” that got him elected,  as President domestically he governed as a “Centrist Liberal”. At the same time in that strange melting pot called California this group elected Right Wing senators Murphy and Hayakawa, leading to electing Reagan governor. The Beltway pundit class, tied to corporate wealth, began to sense a change in the political winds and that group has always been made up of self-serving careerists following the shifting political balance of power with cynical single-mindedness. This all led to the election of Ronald Reagan and to the takeover of our then three major TV networks by Conservative Corporations. This takeover downgraded the Networks former independent News operations by putting them under the control of the Entertainment divisions. This was a very important, yet subtle move. Part of any successes the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements had was that these networks covered their operations with a fairly even hand. This did not go unnoticed by the burgeoning Ultra-Conservatives and so Reagan’s Presidential ascension was the signal to make their move. Continue reading

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