Gaza, Hamas and Israel Once Again: A Radicals’ View: Redux


Islam and Christianity both owe their existence to Judaism. Though both have claimed 640px-Gaza_Strip_map2.svgthrough their Prophets and their Revelations that they have supplanted Judaism, the bare fact remains that their foundation is built upon the Torah. Both religions tried and failed to convert the majority of Jews within their reach to their way of thinking and in their religious zeal began to hate them. In Christianity, which worshiped a Jew as divine and concomitantly needed parts of the Torah to establish their legitimacy, the Jews were made evil killers of Jesus. This worked well for Christians, since having been rejected by the Jews, Paul made the powerful Romans his target audience. To cater to that audience he and his followers even made Pontius Pilate (who other histories establish as a tyrant who even offended Roman sensibilities) into a “good” guy who couldn’t prevent Jesus’ murder. From then on Christianity needed to suppress and try to destroy Judaism, since their continued existence was an embarrassment.

We then move ahead approximately 600 years to the Prophet Mohammed. His revelation encompassed both Judaism and Christianity, but as in the case of Saint Paul supplanted both, while relying on parts of each to provide both a historic context and a narrative. The Prophet had in many ways produced a simpler, more elegant distillation of the two preceding religions. However, as with Christianity this religion embarked on a path of forced conversion and imperialist conquest to spread the word. The Koran preached that both Jews and Christians were “people of the book” and so should be accorded a certain special respect, as long as they remained subservient to Islam. Their proselytizing via warfare was so successful that Islam overran the entire Mid East; overwhelmed the City of the Emperor Constantine {who had made Christianity so powerful); spread through Africa and conquered much of Christian Spain and other European environs. Had the advancing Army of Islam not been stopped by Charles Martel, who knows what history would have evolved? Symbolically to Islam its most important conquest was Jerusalem, which at the time had become a “backwater” of Cities. Since Jerusalem was the birthplace of both Judaism (the original) and Christianity (the offshoot) its capture was symbolic of Islam supplanting those older faiths. To cap off the victory with a monument of power, the Temple Mount was covered with a magnificent Mosque and the mythology adjusted to have Mohammed ascend to heaven from it. Thus Jerusalem followed Mecca and Medina as the third most important place in Islam, after which it was relegated to the backwaters of the Islamic world until some 400 years or so later.

The Christians still smarting from their defeat at the hands of Islam, with their loss of parts of Spain and the Balkans to Islam, embarked on the idea of a religious Crusade to win back “their” holy land. That this also helped ease the strain caused by primogeniture and afforded them lands of conquest no doubt added to the attractiveness of these ventures. By capturing Jerusalem in particular, Christianity would have avenged the loss of its birthplace and symbolically defeated Islam. The Christians were initially successful, but ultimately defeated in this enterprise. Meanwhile, Constantinople that legacy of Constantine’s Christianity fell and became Istanbul, a continuing symbol of Islamic supremacy. That became the seat of an Islamic empire which in one form or another lasted up until World War One. Continue reading

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A Cartoon Without Comment

Submitted by MIKE SPINDELL

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Gaza, Hamas and Israel Once Again: A Radicals’ View


From the outset let me say that I’m a strong supporter of the existence of Israel and have written about in depth here . I inserted that link up front so that in this piece I won’t have 640px-Gaza_Strip_map2.svgto recount my reasoning and beliefs on Israel’s right to exist and maintain itself.  Also since I have explained why I am a radical and what it means , I won’t have to reiterate my politics, since if you’re interested you can follow the link. Finally, in providing those links I can concentrate on the current Gaza situation and the Israeli invasion, which I strongly support even though I do not like Netanyahu , nor his Likud Party . This current conflict began with the murders of three Israeli Teenagers on June twelfth and the massive Israeli response, which by June 26th had identified two members of Hamas they believed responsible. On June 30th the bodies of the three boys, who had been mutilated and tortured were recovered. Hamas denied complicity in the attacks yet they adopted an interesting position: “High-ranking members of Hamas have denied that the group had any involvement or foreknowledge of the incident.[8] However, Hamas political chief Khaled Meshal said that he can neither confirm nor deny the kidnapping of the three Israelis, and congratulated the abductors.”[25]

On July 2nd a 16 year old Arab teenager was taken from outside his home and horribly burned to death in retribution for the three Israeli teens murdered. By July 14th  three Israeli men had been arraigned in court and had admitted the murder was done in retribution for the original killings. Meanwhile this killing sparked a week of riots in East Jerusalem and other areas. Into this inflamed situation Hamas, in control of Gaza, inserted itself further by firing more than 1,5oo missiles into Israel. Israel responded to these ongoing attacks by invading Gaza intent on destroying the missile sites and capturing the leaders of Hamas who have ordered the missile firings. The international community and the international media have almost uniformly decried the Israeli invasion. Daily stories regarding the wounding a maiming of civilians in Gaza have dominated the headlines and the reason for all this occurring has been subsumes in an outflow of propaganda and from my perspective sham sympathy for the “victims”. I think it would be instructive to understand, in their own words, the aim of Hamas and why they are hardly “innocent” victims. Continue reading

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Corporate Personhood, Citigroup and No Consequences for Corporate Fraud


“All Animals are Equal”

“Some Animals are More Equal than Others”

George Orwell: “Animal Farm”

The five corporate hacks on our Supreme Court have made many decisions enshrining the 640px-Bill_Clintonabsurd notion that corporations have the same rights as citizens. There is one “right” of citizenship though that the largest corporations do not share and that is the right to be punished for crimes. Now while it is true that some members of the “Corporate Class” that makes up the American Corporate Oligarchy have gone to jail, like Bernie Madoff , for the most part major corporations can commit all sorts of fraud, negligent homicides, etc., without suffering greater consequences than fines that are easily absorbed. In truth the main reason Bernie Madoff went to jail was that almost all of the people he was cheating came from the “elite”, or from “elite” institutions. In the normal course of things in America corporations can wreak havoc and get by with no criminal consequences in which those “wreaking havoc” are made to pay with actual prison time. My belief is that it is this “immunity” from prosecution that allows our corporate masters to continue upon their destructive rampage, which in various forms has destroyed the economy of this country and is slowly reducing our population to serfdom. Exxon-Mobil, BP and GM have escaped criminal consequences for those in their hierarchy responsible for death and pollution. This became apparent this week as Citigroup was assessed a $7 Billion fine. As Forbes Magazine gave perspective:

“The latest events surrounding Citigroup demonstrate the complexity for investors trying to make sense of bank stocks. This morning the bank confirmed the widely-reported news that it had agreed to pay $7 billion to settle an investigation by the US government into the bank’s sale of mortgage-backed securities. Eye-watering numbers like this have become all too common in banking: JP Morgan Chase paid $13 billion for its own (admittedly broader) mortgage settlement, Bank of America is being pursued for at least $12 billion, and there are believed to be at least nine banks under investigation by the US Department of Justice for their sales of mortgage-backed securities before the financial crisis, one of the key causes of the problems that followed. Also today came Citigroup’s second quarter results. Citi still made a profit for the quarter, although it didn’t take the whole $7 billion settlement in one hit, instead taking a $3.8 billion pre-tax charge for the second quarter. That was enough to reduce profits to $181 million, a good six years after Citi first ran into trouble in the financial crisis.” As we will see the Forbes article goes on to put into perspective why Citigroups’ stock value rose after this announced settlement. Continue reading

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Late night blues from a grain silo

Submitted by Chuck Stanley

Some things are too good not to share. This is two members of a five-member Nashville based group called Wabash. “Take It With Me” was recorded in an empty grain silo. Brandon McDuffee doing the vocal and Quinn Bible on the guitar.

Turn your speakers up, and headphones are even better. You will not be able to listen to this just once.

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Iraq, the Mainstream Media, and the Neocon Reunion Tour

By Elaine Magliaro

In June, Mike Spindell wrote a post for FFS titled Back to Iraq: The Madness Continues. You remember the Iraq War—the war that Senator John McCain claims our country won? It appears that Iraq is imploding because of the sectarian violence that erupted there recently. Of course, it’s all President Obama’s fault—according to some people. As Justin Baragona wrote for Politicus USA, “Since the flare up of sectarian violence in Iraq, the cheerleaders and architects of the War in Iraq have taken to the airwaves and opinion pages to criticize President Obama over his decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq in 2011.” Mike said something similar when he wrote in his post “…we now have the same group of Beltway Foreign Policy insiders and militarists urging that we return to Iraq, to repeat the same mistakes of our past.”

Our mainstream media was only too happy to invite those neocon architects of the Iraq onto their programs to provide their perspectives and advice as to what need be done now to solve the problem. Media Matters reported that Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Bremer, and Bill Kristol made sixteen TV appearances in less than two weeks.

Neocon Reunion Tour (Mark Fiore)

Continue reading

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Because it made me smile when I needed to . . .

submitted by Gene Howington

I have some friends (Blouise looking your direction) who don’t care for keyboard music, finding it too sterile. It’s a legitimate criticism although one I disagree with as a matter of taste. While I love more naturalistic instruments and arrangements, I also appreciate what is called today “electronica” or “EDM” (electronic dance music) just like I appreciated some New Wave in high school and the often heavily electronic sonic sculptures of Progressive Rock back when I was mumble mumble old. However, I do use discrimination in what I like no matter what the genre might be. Sturgeon’s Law applies to music and pretty much everything. I play guitar, but the first instrument I ever bought was a Moog Opus 3 synthesizer.  To me, the strength of a composition is answered by the question “Does it hold up well under rearrangement?”  That is why I had to smile when I heard British guitarists Show Hawk Duo playing an acoustic medley of songs by French electronica duo Daft Punk. I thought it was wonderful. Here’s the clip from the Larkhall Festival in Bath, England.


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