St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch Says He Knew “Witness 40″ Lied to the Ferguson Grand Jury

Robert McCulloch St. Louis County Prosecutor

Robert McCulloch
St. Louis County Prosecutor

By Elaine Magliaro

Mike Hayes (BuzzFeed) has reported that St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch admitted during a radio interview with KTRS on Friday that he let witnesses who he knew were lying testify before the Ferguson grand jury. McCulloch told radio host McGraw Milhaven, “There were people who came in and, yes, absolutely lied under oath. Some lied to the FBI. Even though they’re not under oath, that’s another potential offense — a federal offense. I thought it was much more important to present the entire picture.” The Ferguson grand jury chose not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

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Songs for Saturday Morning: David Bromberg

Submitted by MIKE SPINDELL

One thing I find interesting about my own musical tastes is how they ebb and flow as time passes. Back in the 70’s some amateur musician friends of mine, who were heavily into bluegrass music, introduced me (not personally of course) to this singer/writer/musician who has never attained great fame, though is well respected in the industry for his great talent, fun and artistry. After some years my friends and I lost contact. I also lost contact listening-wise to this artist David Bromberg, who as you can see from his Wiki bio has been recognized by and collaborated with some of the great music legends of our time, including Bob Dylan and George Harrison.

This summer as I vacationed in my summer home in the NY mountains, sitting out on my deck on a sunny morning, I thought of him and began to listen to him on Pandora. I spent my whole summer listening to him and reacquainting myself with his artistry. One of his most compelling characteristics as an artist is that he has so much damn fun doing it and his joy is infectious. This first is one of his best loved songs, perhaps not the best version, but shows the sense of fun he has with his music and the love of his fans.

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How I Went From Casablanca To Hoosiers On The Republican Party

By Mark Esposito

A fascinating trope making the rounds on the right-wing blogs this week (here‘s one from the Mothership) concerns Michigan Communications Professor Susan Douglas and her provocative article originally entitled I Hate Republicans. In it, Douglas lays out her indictment of the monolithic bandwagon of the Right and its clarion calls for a return to the good ol’ days when the “White Man’s Burden” was in full-flower and political power was the exclusive right of the rich and the Caucasian:

A brief review of Republican rhetoric and strategies since the 1980s shows an escalation of determined vilification (which has been amplified relentlessly on Fox News since 1996). From Spiro Agnew’s attack on intellectuals as an “effete corps of impudent snobs”; to Rush Limbaugh’s hate speech; to the GOP’s endless campaign
to smear the Clintons over Whitewater, then bludgeon Bill over Monica Lewinsky; to the ceaseless denigration of President Obama (“socialist,” “Muslim”), the Republicans have crafted a political identity that rests on a complete repudiation of the idea that the opposing party and its followers have any legitimacy at all.

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A Strategy to Overcome 34 Years of Conservative Dominance?


This week those who pay attention to affairs in New York State from a progressive/liberal perspective had some cause for joy. Despite the best efforts of corporate friendly Governor 800px-Process_of_mixing_water_with_fracking_fluids_to_be_injected_into_the_groundAndrew Cuomo to pave the way for fracking to be used in the scenic rural areas of the State, this process has now been banned by NY States environmental agency. Much of the evidence against this product was gathered together in a film documentary called “Gasland”  This was an independently produced film by someone who owned property that a natural gas company wanted to “frack” and consists of his traveling around the country to see land that hand been “fracked” and interviewing those affected by it. There was an article at DailyKos called “How Some Really Smart NYS Fractivists Beat Cuomo and Won the Fracking War. When I read through the article it occurred to me that beyond the “win” on this particular issue, the article could serve as a strategy blueprint for reversing the trend of the political scene in this country being dominated by corporate conservative. What follows is what I began to think about after reading this piece in the glow of the pleasure its narrative provided for me. Please read it and then follow where it took me. Continue reading

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FFS Update: Rule #1 Refinement

Rule #1 has been refined to better reflect this blogs policy.  It now reads as follows:

1) Civility is encouraged but the Ethic of Reciprocity applies.  If someone gives you insults back for insults given?  That’s just what you deserve.  If one has a position and advocates it, one owns it unless stating the position is some form of Devil’s Advocacy. If it is an abhorrent position that causes recoil and/or social rejection, then the problem might rest with the position first and the holder as consequence. If one does not like the consequences of being seen in a negative light, one should revisit their position(s) or live with it.  If disruptive behavior (or inherently disruptive or dishonest trollish behavior – flooding/spamming, manufacturing false consensus, deflection, etc.) becomes a persistent problem and disrupts the peace and utility of the commons that are the threads?  You will be warned. You might get a time out. You might get banned. This soiree has (very minimal) rules and bouncers.  Agreement is not required. Argument is a cornerstone of the marketplace of ideas. You will not run afoul of this rule for simply having and voicing an unpopular opinion. A good rule of thumb is DBAD.

Gene Howington, Editor-in-Chief

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A Mark Fiore Video: “Cheney’s Torture Anthem”

By Elaine Magliaro

Political cartoonist Mark Fiore says we should remember that the Senate’s CIA torture report “was sanitized by the CIA and approved by Republicans in the Senate before it was released…”  He added that we should also think what’s in the reports that hasn’t “been approved for public consumption.”


It’s shocking what was done to innocents swept up in the fog of war as well as what was done to the truly guilty. The most maddening part of this is the fact that these brutal torturers have destroyed any chance of bringing the truly guilty prisoners to justice. (Didn’t these guys ever watch Law & Order?) It’s hard to win a case in a legit court when you’ve tortured the suspect. 

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One Reason Capitalism is Failing in the United States


The stock market is a rigged game and those who don’t know it, or refuse to accept it are in denial. From my teens, I’ve always known that it was rigged because my father, at a point he Magnolia Park Stock Certificateowned a car dealership and felt flushed with cash, would get calls from his broker daily to with “tips” to buy stock. Now my father was never a wealthy man and so whatever stock trading he did was minor league stuff for any broker and even in my teens it seemed improbable to me that this man was giving my father inside information on how to get rich. I didn’t have the temerity to tell my father then, because it was important for his self-esteem that I viewed him as heroic. In my mind though I realized that this “broker” was no different than my father, that is a very good salesman. Back then though, perhaps even now, stockbrokers were imbued with a certain cachet that raised their status far above that of salesmen. Brokers are considered to be upscale people, beyond the sordid business of mere salesmanship. My father’s stock buying died with his car dealership’s failure and only four years after that he was dead from a heart attack and I, newly orphaned was going through his papers. I found that he owned nearly 80,000 shares of diverse stock, issued in colorful certificates. I even remember two of them: “Obabika Mines” and “Magnolia Park Race Track”. When my brother and I inquired as to the value of all that stock we found out that at that time the stock was worth about $600 in total, but that the fees for cashing it in through a broker, would just about eat it up any return. Overwhelmed with grief we dropped it and who knows where all those certificates went? That my father, who was quite intelligent and sophisticated in the ways of the world, would have trusted that broker would be a mystery if I didn’t understand the situation all too well. The heart of the capitalist system in this country was always due to its innovation, industrial superiority, agricultural acumen and the skill of the working people who made it all work. Yet today the “heroes” of Capitalism, like Mitt Romney at Bain Capital, are as hedge fund managers dealing from a staked deck, as I will explain. Continue reading

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