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Brandi Nicole Stanley, daughter of Chuck Stanley, left us a year ago today.  She was just 26, a vibrant young woman full of plans for her life.  But the cancer that she had vanquished as small child came back, and this time it prevailed. The world is ever so much poorer without her, while also ever so much richer for her having been here.  

Chuck will share some of his memories of his girl in a later post.  For today, let us remember Brandi’s irrepressible spirit with joy in our hearts.  

To give a bit of insight into the person that Brandi was, about a week before she died, she had a hilarious time riffing with the two older ladies who came to her dad’s house to help with her bath.  These ladies were tough old broads, said in the admiring way.  They loved Brandi and recognized a kindred spirit, deciding that Brandi surely was a tough old broad in training.

In the middle of the bed bath in the middle of her dad’s living room, the three of them came up with a plan to move the entire show, hospital bed and all, onto the front porch. Ah, one of the tough old broads joked, surely the show would attract lookyloos driving by who would crash, police would be called, and all three of them would get into trouble.   No worries! said Brandi, the police chief is a friend, and he’ll set up traffic control in front of the house.

Later, laying in that hospital bed and hooked up to oxygen and intravenous happy juice, Brandi asked me to get her a good looking man.  Of course I said I would, and I even had some idea of the kind of guy she liked —

Brandi and Hunting McLeod
at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

— but really did not know where to start, other than the knowing what is good to look at part.  I explained my quest to her daddy, Chuck, and he found several videos of guys who Brandi knew in person.  Hey, they looked mighty fine to me, and I showed her the list.  She took one look and said “they are too old!”, grabbed her laptop, and proceeded to make corrections to the list.

Following is the resulting collection of videos — may you enjoy them as much as we did when putting them together.

Here’s to you, sweetie.

Eric Rigler

The Badpiper

Alex Beaton

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Colin Grant-Adams 

Hunting McLeod

Coyote Run


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9 Responses to The Coffee Shop – This one is for Brandi

  1. It was one year ago on this date that she flew west. She was indeed one tough cookie. She once told me that anytime somebody told her she would not be able to do something, she took it as a challenge. She said, “I will prove them wrong. I will do whatever it is.”

    She did. She did indeed. Accomplished more than anyone ever expected. She loved life and her music. This is her with Tu-Bardh Stormcrow Wilson. One tough cookie himself, he was a co-founder of Clann an Drumma.

  2. rafflaw says:

    She is missed!

  3. Raff,
    You have no idea. Wish you could have met her. If a person could be around her more than ten minutes without smiling or laughing out loud, it usually meant there was something wrong with that person, not her.

    I am working on a book about her. Later today, I will be posting from the first chapter.

  4. wordcloud9 says:

    Deeply sorry for your loss Chuck, but through you, she’s touched so many people who never knew her.

  5. shortfinals says:

    I am a privileged soul – one who met Brandi Nicole Stanley. To meet Brandi was to come face to face with an honest-to-goodness force of nature. Brandi’s limits touched the sky (where she lived with a passion) and we are all the poorer for her passing. Her passing, and the manner of it, affected us all. Blessings and prayers, Chuck, old friend.

  6. Thanks, shortfinals.
    She did love flying, and never forgave me for selling the Skymaster to that guy who, just a few months later, took it out and flew it through a grove of 80′ pine trees at the end of the runway. They found beer cans strewn all around and in the wreckage. She kept saying, “You sold it to that drunk who took it out and wrecked it.” Here is a picture of us in happier days. I don’t remember if we are taxiing out to take off, or have just landed.

    BTW, I designed this paint job myself after the original paint was skinned up by a hailstorm. Glacier White, Old Gold and Royal Blue.

  7. shortfinals says:

    That is one neat paint job, Chuck! You’ll see why I always liked blue with gold stripes on an aircraft if you Google G-AMAU. Be well.

  8. ragnarsbhut says:

    Chuck Stanley, you have my condolences. May she rest in peace.

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