The Coffee Shop – Onbashira Matsuri (御柱祭), “Sacred Pillars Festival” (video)

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From OH! MATSURi, a film about Onbashira Matsuri (御柱祭), i.e., the “Sacred Sacred Pillars Festival snip from videoPillars Festival”:  Every six years for 1,200 years, people in Japan’s Nagano Prefecture risk life and limb to ride huge logs down a steep slope and transport the logs across a river to their destinations at branches of a shrine, where the logs are erected and remain in place until the next festival.  For more information about the festival, see articles at The Asahi Shimbun and  Japanese Architecture.


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  1. wordcloud9 says:

    Thanks Joy –
    Quite a spectacular effort by all concerned – a visual feast too.

  2. Morning, Nona. Did you notice that they weren’t all young guys? Riding logs down a steep slope … Men!!

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