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ON THIS DAY: October 31, 2016

October 31st is Halloween Books for Treats Day * National Caramel Apple Day Day of the Seven Billion * National Magic Day * National UNICEF Day * Nevada Day * Reformation Day * U.N. World Cities Day _________________________________________________________ MORE! Martin … Continue reading

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TCS: Mad Englishman Near the Midnight Sun – Part 13

Good Morning! ____________________________________________________________ Welcome to The Coffee Shop, just for you early risers on Monday mornings. This is an Open Thread forum, so if you have an off-topic opinion burning a hole in your brainpan, feel free to add a comment. … Continue reading

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ON THIS DAY: October 30, 2016

October 30th is National Candy Corn Day Checklist Day * Create a Great Funeral Day * Haunted Refrigerator Night * World Audio Drama Day * ____________________________________________________________ MORE! Cecil Rhodes, Martha Grahame and War of the Worlds, click

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Vote-trading is nothing like spouse swapping in key swing states

By ann summers There are some thought experiments that arise each election cycle and the regularity of the question does raise other useful questions that would take far too long to resolve. For example, the issue of why an Electoral … Continue reading

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ON THIS DAY: October 29, 2016

October 29th is National Cat Day * National Hermit Day * Hug a Sheep Day * National Oatmeal Day International Internet Day * ____________________________________________________________ MORE! Walter Raleigh, Cloud Seeding and Maria Callas, click

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ON THIS DAY: October 28, 2016

October 28th is International Animation Day * International Bandana Day * National Chocolate Day II National Breadstick Day Plush Animal Lover’s Day St. Jude’s Day * ____________________________________________________________ MORE! Eli Whitney, Jane Alexander and Elvis Presley, click

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Word Cloud: PHANTASM

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD Autumn days slide into long nights of winter-dark –shadows shifting on the bedroom wall, soft footfalls pacing the hallway, or dried leaves scratching on a windowpane – all subtly take on an ominous quality. October is a month abounding … Continue reading

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Trumpism becomes a tense ethno-nationalist party of werewolves, There!

By ann summers Blame-gaming escalates as Election Day approaches and the Crème brûlée is about to crack. Brown, White, and Black Eggs matter to founders’ states of baker’s dozens. If all politics is local, all racism is localism. Expect a term … Continue reading

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ON THIS DAY: October 27, 2016

October 27th is American Beer Day * Black Cat Day * Cranky Co-Workers Day Navy Day * Sylvia Plath Day * U.N. World Day for Audiovisual Heritage * _________________________________________________________ MORE! Amsterdam, Niccoló Paganini and  Maxine Hong Kingston, click

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Fracking WikiLeaks’ “right circumstances”

By ann summers WikiLeaks is continuing to publish more emails from the account of John Podesta, the chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. One newly published email revealed that Clinton privately bashed environmentalists opposed to fracking and the Keystone XL … Continue reading

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