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Super Bowl Saturday: Looking at the Lighter Side of Deflate-Gate (VIDEOS)

By Elaine Magliaro The biggest sports news story of the past two weeks has been Deflate-Gate–the controversy over the allegation that the New England Patriots used under-inflated footballs during the first half of the AFC championship game that pitted the team … Continue reading

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Who Are Charles and David Koch: True Libertarians? Billionaire Hypocrites? Crony Capitalists? Con Artists Looking to Rip You Off?

By Elaine Magliaro On Monday, officials for the Koch brothers’ political organization announced that the group had budgeted a “whopping $889 million” for the 2016 presidential campaign. Nancy Benac of the Associated Press reported that that amount was “more than … Continue reading

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Barf Warning #2: Watching This Video of Mika Brzezinski Talking about Her Weekend with the Kochs May Also Induce Vomiting!

By Elaine Magliaro One would expect a conservative Republican like Joe Scarborough to be enamored of the billionaire Koch Brothers. Earlier this week, he spoke of Charles and David Koch in glowing terms on his MSNBC show Morning Joe after … Continue reading

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School Principal in Providence Announces Snow Day with a Youtube Parody of “Let It Go”

By Elaine Magliaro It’s a little after 9:00 am…and, fortunately, we haven’t lost power yet. That said, it’s looks like we’ve got at least eighteen inches of snow so far. We’re due to get another foot..or so. My guess is schools … Continue reading

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Barf Warning: Watching This Video of Joe Scarborough Talking about the Koch Brothers May Induce Vomiting!

By Elaine Magliaro Sunday evening, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a group affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers, hosted the American Recovery Policy Forum, which featured some Republican politicians who have their eyes on the US Presidency. Zeke J Miller (Time) said the … Continue reading

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Blizzard Warning!

By Elaine Magliaro We’re bracing for the worst up here in my neck of the woods–especially after listening to the latest weather reports. The weather map below indicates that Massachusetts is going to get walloped when what is expected to … Continue reading

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James Fallows on “The Tragedy of the American Military”

By Elaine Magliaro On Friday, I was talking with a friend when he suggested that I read James Fallows’s article about the American military that was published in The Atlantic magazine. In his article titled The Tragedy of the American Military, Fallows looks … Continue reading

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Not Eaxctly “Weekend at Bernie’s”: Minnesota Man Suspected of Taking Dead Mother to Bank to Withdraw Money

By Elaine Magliaro Earlier this week, news media reported that police in Plymouth, Minnesota, were investigating a man named David Vanzo  “for elderly neglect and financial exploitation of his mother…” Tom Lyden (MyFox9) said, “Detectives wonder if he brought his … Continue reading

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Governor Chris Christie’s Extensive Travel Expenses Costing the Taxpayers of New Jersey a Pretty Penny

By Elaine Magliaro   On Tuesday, Mark Lagerkvist of New Jersey Watchdog reported that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had refused “to release nearly $800,000 in American Express credit card bills for the travel costs of his state police security … Continue reading

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New Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee Cites Bible…Claims Human-Caused Climate Change Is a Hoax (VIDEO)

By Elaine Magliaro After the midterm elections in November, I wrote a post titled Will Climate Change Denier James Inhofe Become Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee When Republicans Take Over the Senate in January? I’m sorry to tell you that last Wednesday … Continue reading

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