ON THIS DAY: December 3, 2016

December 3rd is

National Peppermint Latte Day


Roof over Your Head Day

SKYWARN Recognition Day *


International Day of Persons with Disabilities *


MORE!  Galileo, Anna Freud and Joseph Conrad, click

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ON THIS DAY: December 2, 2016

December 2nd is


Bartender Appreciation Day *

National Fritters Day

National Mutt Day II *

Special Education Day *

Faux Fur Friday – First Friday in December

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery *


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Word Cloud Resized


Susan Ludvigson is a paradox. She has published nine collections of poetry, and a couple of chapbooks, but her “biography” listings are one or two paragraphs about the number of fellowships she’s been awarded, and that she has spent much of her adult life teaching, mostly at the university level. Not even her birth year is listed.

This is as personal as the bios get: “She teaches at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where she lives with her husband, novelist and short story writer Scott Ely.”

Those of you who follow Word Cloud regularly may remember a striking poem of hers entitled “After He Called Her a Witch” that became part of Word Cloud: PHANTASM this past Halloween. Her poems do illuminate her inner life – a dream landscape at once strange and familiar.

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Your home heating prices will go up because Giant Yam won’t bring back coal jobs

By ann summers

Clueless natural Gasbag’s “post-truth” promises to cull votes with more coal jobs will now make your home heating prices go up with little effect on returning coal jobs to the US coal belt. But that was never the point in the framing of an anti-Hillary message in coal country.

While an expert in luxury land-rents, Trump is clueless about competing energy sources and why social costs are much higher than making room reservations and commodifying hospitality. The middle class reliance on natural gas home heating will drive prices up as exports will increase in spite of nativist rhetoric about energy self-reliance.

And of course this little boondoggle also drives up profits for …wait… Russian and central Asian energy corporations.

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ON THIS DAY: December 1, 2016

December 1st is


Antarctica Day *

Civil Air Patrol Day *

Day With(out) Art *

Eat a Red Apple Day

National Fried Pie Day

World AIDS Awareness Day *


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The Orange Gasbag’s post-truth Transparency of Dunces can help us reveal kleptocracy


By ann summers

Truth, even pre-truth, may be more instructive, without privileging the narcissistic self-demolition that drives the hateful yam, because it does lay bare the naked avarice of modern capitalism.

The building of wealth both a class inheritance and from the unredistributed surplus profits also produces a an inequality of value in a fragmented and shock-doctrined economy. The latter exploitation is a problematic one for those attempting to loot social welfare regardless of the nature of taxation necessary to maintain a robust regional/national/international economy.

Giant Gasbag and PoundPence, lead the most open of the id and superego of modern repressive race and religion theories in their rhetorical and policy pronouncements, respectively as real estate huckster and talk-show Governor. Their financial backers and their spoils reveal four years of kleptocracy’s barely constrained opportunism.

And as they didn’t need megaphones, the public sphere is fractured by empowered lone-wolf criminals, whether disrupting airline service, attacking students with knives, or firing tear gas grenades directing at protesters, and all have ethno-national intent of negative dominance.

Bag & Pound are the sin-eaters for their minions, first as Cabinet officers, next as Legislators now drug-test themselves by trickling down their allegiances onto ideological litmus paper; Jeff Flake standing behind his write-in vote for McMullin will be a cautionary tale for the state of AZ ACA funds among other Medicare issues in 2017.

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ON THIS DAY: November 30, 2016

November 30th is


Cities for Life Day *

Computer Security Day *

Mousse Day

National Methamphetamine
Awareness Day *


MORE! Jonathan Swift, Shirley Chisholm and Billy Idol, click

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