ON THIS DAY: February 24, 2017

February 24th is


Girl Scout Cookie Weekend


Tortilla Chip Day

World Bartender Day

Forget Me Not Day *

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Word Cloud Resized


Please take this week’s title as a warning. If you find profanity offensive, this installment of Word Cloud is one you may want to skip.

An article I skimmed for this week’s post was called Poets Nobody Reads, which isn’t entirely true, but certainly Carolyn M. Rodgers (1940 – 2010) is no longer as well-known as she was at her controversial zenith, from the late 1960s to the end of the 1970s.

At a time when many male African-American writers were being praised for their use of ‘Black English,’ Carolyn Rodgers was being told to “tone down” the very language that had first brought her attention. And it seems that most of her poems that are laced with cuss words are not available online, while her books of poetry have become rare enough that prices have skyrocketed.

A few of her poems strike me as uneven, not because she uses black idioms, but because they read to me like second drafts, promising ideas not quite finished. However, the majority of her work passes Garrison Keillor’s test of a good poem: “Stickiness, memorability, is one sign of a good poem. You hear it and a day later some of it is still there in the brainpan.”

This is a young poem, about that frustrating and difficult process of self-discovery.


I’ve had tangled feelings lately
About ev’rything
Bout writing poetry, and otha forms
Bout talkin and dreamin with abust-of-an-african-woman-by-charles-henri-joseph-cordier
Special man (who says he needs me)
Uh huh
And my mouth has been open
Most of the time but
I ain’t been saying nothin but
Thinking about ev’rything
And the partial pain has been
How do I put my self on paper
The way I want to be or am and be
Not like any one else in this
Black world but me


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Lord Dampnut is an actual enemy of the people, now and forever


By ann summers

“Today, enemy of the people is still deployed. But mostly, you hear it from dictators. (Heads of former Soviet countries are particularly fond of the construction. Old dog, new tricks, etc.) It’s never before been uttered by the leader of the free world. One more way in which Trump’s presidency truly is unprecedented in U.S. history.”

because … love and jealousy and revenge

“What (reality TV) does do really well is interpersonal relationships — is taking big themes like love and jealousy and revenge, and boiling them down to conversations between two people.”

There is a real enemy of the people and that is anyone who cannot follow the rudimentary ethics of reciprocity as well as a trust implicit in the social contract.

This notion covers those who would deny their own existence and rationalize inhuman actions in everyday life (see Milo) or who would deny the existence of others and rationalize the possibility of global conflict without considering its consequences (Lord Dampnut).

This narrative of a popular enemy runs through Lord Dampnut’s reason for ruling, because he knows nothing of governing. And he never laughs.

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ON THIS DAY: February 23, 2017

February 23rd is

Banana Bread Daymuirhead-curling-is-cool-day

Diesel Engine Day *

Digital Learning Day *

Dog Biscuit Day

Chili Day

Curling is Cool Day

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day *

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ON THIS DAY: February 22, 2017

February 22nd is

Orphan’s Fund Pink Shirt Day *

George Washington’s Birthday


Cook a Sweet Potato Day

Walking the Dog Day

World Thinking Day *

Inconvenience Yourself Day *

National Margarita Day


MORE! Oscar Wilde, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Luis Buñuel, click

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@roguePOTUSStaff’s double-bluffing in the age of alternative exaggerations

 By ann summers


“If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

“One study found that large newspapers’ use of anonymous sources dropped dramatically between 2003 and 2004. The Project for Excellence in Journalism, a research group found use of anonymous sources dropped from 29 percent of all articles in 2003 to just 7 percent in 2004.”
C4vYMtbW8AEqrkg_1_.jpgMilo and his “daddy”

Now that Infowars has decided to serve as the “White House plumber”  proxy in accusing alleged WH staff leakers by name— we could now decide to challenge @roguePOTUSStaff as a news source, or even rank entertainment.

As if giving press credentials to pseudo-journalists like Breitbart and others giving RW pervert hand signs gave them any additional credibility than someone taking the official WH tour. When they go to the WHCA dinner they’ll be the first to be mocked, because rented prom tuxes.

21261034059_d4163861ca_k4The site has been useful primarily as a check on external events and never as a single source although the absence / presence of data was useful during the early days of what now has become Biglygatetm.Because there are now so many twitter sleepers. spoofers, and trolls like NAMiloBLA, it is possible that @roguePOTUSStaff was always compromised, perhaps by Bannon and even staffed sub rosa by Breitbart in terms of authorship.

As indicated earlier it was interesting to get a fragment of new insights on the disaster that is Lord Dampnut’s manor. No one is leaking classified material and it isn’t WikiLeaks.

The website associated with @roguePOTUSStaff at least provides one level of credibility, but as one looks at the tweets and without extensive content analysis, there are some issues that allow us to be entertained, but only by fragmentary “alternative facts”.

The problem of online texts is that they are are always multi-voiced even if an utterance is transcribed just like any dubbed video is never as authentic as unedited reality television (aka actual live news). This heteroglossia is in all digital texts, even the non-novel. Online “journalism” now suffers that fate when very little can be verified and everything can be photoshopped.

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ON THIS DAY: February 21, 2017

February 21st is


Sticky Bun Day


Mother Language
Day *


MORE! Andrés Segovia, Barbara Jordan and Malcolm X, click

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