ON THIS DAY: October 21, 2016

October 21th is

Red Apple with heart

Apple Day *

Babbling Day

Back to the Future Day *

Celebration of the Mind Day *

Count Your Buttons Day

Mammography Day *

Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

Reptile Awareness Day


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Word Cloud: DARKLING

Word Cloud Resized


The long days of summer are a pleasant memory. Now the warm days grow fewer, and the Autumn nights are longer, with winter-chill in the wee hours.

It’s the darkling time of year, when we want to light a fire in the grate, and heat some cider. A time for telling stories by the flame’s flickering light, with the shadows leaning close over our shoulders, as if to listen.


by Thomas McGrath

The birds have flown their summer skies to the south,
And the flower-money is drying in the banks of bent grass
Which the bumble bee has abandoned. We wait for a winter lion,
Body of ice-crystals and sombrero of dead leaves.
A month ago, from the salt engines of the sea,
A machinery of early storms rolled toward the holiday houses
Where summer still dozed in the pool-side chairs, sipping
An aging whiskey of distances and departures.
Now the long freight of autumn goes smoking out of the land.
My possibles are all packed up, but still I do not leave.
I am happy enough here, where Dakota drifts wild in the universe,
Where the prairie is starting to shake in the surf of the winter dark.



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ON THIS DAY: October 20, 2016

October 20th is


Conflict Resolution Day *

International Credit Union Day *

International Sloth Day *

GLAAD Spirit Day *

National Waiters Day Race


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ON THIS DAY: October 19, 2016

October 19th is


Evaluate Your Life Day

Global Dignity Day *

Hagfish Day *

National Seafood Bisque Day

Unity Day


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In Memoriam: Mary Beth Stanley, 1968 – 2016: “Think of Me”

Mary Beth Stanley

Mary Beth Stanley

Her name was Mary Beth Stanley.

I am her father, and she was the older of my two daughters. Please remember her.

No child was ever wanted more. I was reluctant to have another kid, because money was tight and had no idea how we could handle the expense.  Letha, my wife, could feel the clock ticking, and really wanted a little girl. The year was 1967, and we had two boys.  One in the second grade and one in the fourth.  Letha was a nurse on the cancer unit at St. Louis County Hospital , and if we had another child it would complicate our lives immensely. We really needed her income because of house and car payments, and I was working on my Master’s degree.

Mary Beth Stanley, 2007

Mary Beth Stanley, 2007

She did get pregnant in January 1968.  We had the little girl she wanted on September 24, 1968. We named her Mary Beth.

Years later, while preparing taxes and going through old papers, I stumbled across a poem she had written on my little portable typewriter. It was written in 1967, months before she got pregnant with Mary Beth.

This is the paper I found:

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ON THIS DAY: October 18, 2016

October 18th is


Alaska Day *

Chocolate Cupcake Day

No Beard Day

Hard-Boiled Detective Day *

Rocky Horror Picture Show Day *


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Send in the Trumpian overlords

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By ann summers

Will Trump turn the election into a snuff film — his bread is in the form of debt, but regardless, the GOP will be toast after the election

Berlin, 1945 Trump flak tower for Alamo rent-a-wrecks


One might very well surrender if Trump wins, considering the valorizing and monetizing of GWOT mercenaries,

… privatizing all paramilitary activity as the Trumpian apocalypse approaches. When they come for us perhaps there will be resistance, however futile against a PIC and MIC ready to grab everyone’s crotch.

This election cycle, not without its media mavens, is one of Spectacle and the Spectacular: or how Blockbustertm is not quite a Blockbuster, even if they do share a propensity for duds whether corporado bankruptcy or munitions failure.

Clue-less: Bill-O in the Bunker with the cyanide pill www.google.com/…


13 Hours has become for so many Benghazi-gate aficionados, the Kolberg for RWNJs. It is a last stand for a partisan Congress more interested in obstruction than legislation. OTOH San Antonio might have more taco trucks than Berlin, even in WWII.

If nothing else, expect international challenges for the new administration, even if the White House isn’t turned into a casino, and we won’t lose Trump in “…the Bunker Scene” like in the Blazing Saddles canteen. Continue reading

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