The Propaganda Series


Propaganda 101: What You Need to Know and Why or . . . The Word

Propaganda 101 Supplemental: Build It And They Will Come (Around)

Propaganda 101 Supplemental: Child’s Play

Propaganda 102: Holly Would and the Power of Images

Propaganda 102 Supplemental: Holly Would “Zero Dark Thirty”

Propaganda 102 Supplemental: Holly Would “American Sniper”

Propaganda 102 Supplemental: Get ‘Em Young

Propaganda 103: The Word Changes, The Word Remains The Same

Propaganda 104: Magica Verba Est Scientia Et Ars Es

Propaganda 104 Supplemental: The Sound of Silence

Propaganda 104 Supplemental: The Streisand Effect and the Political Question

Propaganda 104 Supplemental: Just Because You’ve Forgotten Doesn’t Mean You’re Forgiven

Propaganda 104 Supplemental: Vizzini and “Terrorism” (Case Study)

Propaganda 105: How to Spot a Liar

Propaganda 106 – Waging War (A Case Study)

Propaganda 200: In Summation, Gist The Whitewashing Power Of Editing


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The one exception is the columns in the Propaganda Series which may be used for educational purposes freely as a public service and without prior consent provided credit is given and the author, Gene Howington, is notified in advance.

All images are either public domain or attributed copyright (if known).  Any copyright holder may request their image be taken down with written notice.

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