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The Power Of Editing: Wikipedia

submitted by Gene Howington Excerpt from’s “The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles” by Mona Chalabi: “George W. Bush has been by far the most contested article among Wikipedia editors: Through September 2013, the page had been revised 45,273 times. That’s … Continue reading

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“Anthem For Doomed Youth”: A Poem by Wilfred Owen Read by Kenneth Branagh

SUBMITTED BY ELAINE MAGLIARO Anthem for Doomed Youth was written by Wilfred Owen in 1916, when he was a patient at Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh, recovering from shell shock.    

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Memorial Day

by GENE HOWINGTON Today is Memorial Day. Some, especially those who have served or have had loved ones in the service, treat it as one of the biggest holidays of the year.  To many, it is simply a three day … Continue reading

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The Twelfth Post in the “Oh My Achin’ Head” Series: Florida State Representative Warns That the Company Hired to Create New Common Core Standardized Tests for the State Promotes Homosexuality

BY ELAINE MAGLIARO Last November, I wrote a column for Res Ipsa Loquitor on the subject of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Common Core standards. It appears that Duncan was unhappy with critics of Common Core and made … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers Exposed: Robert Greenwald’s “Chilling” Updated Documentary about Charles and David Koch

SUBMITTED BY ELAINE MAGLIARO According to Democracy Now!, Republicans don’t want people to see Robert Greenwald’s “chilling” updated documentary about Charles and David Koch—two of the world’s richest men. Democracy Now! reported earlier today that this past Monday “Republican Rep. … Continue reading

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“Do It Again!”

Submitted by pete, long time friend of the blog, the following video can make you smile for a lot of reasons . . . Thanks for sharing, pete!  And for tangentially proving my point that golf is a lot like … Continue reading

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“Sons of Wichita”: New Book about Koch Brothers to Be Published This Week

SUBMITTED BY ELAINE MAGLIARO A new book titled Sons of Wichita: The Saga of the Koch Brothers by Daniel Schulman, “which delves into the four sons of Fred Koch and the influence their oil industry leader and anti-communist father had on … Continue reading

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