FFS Guest Blogger Program

The way this works is simple.  If you have an idea for a column you wish to write for us, send either a query and/or a draft of the article to eic.ffs@gmail.com. Our administrators will consider the submission and either refuse or accept (possibly with editorial suggestions) to publish the article. The article may have any byline you wish, either your real name or a nom de plume. This policy also applies if you are offered a position as a weekly feature writer. Only columnists are required to use their real names. If selected, your column may be edited for grammar or layout, but the content is entirely up to you. Please refrain from using copyrighted images.

Gene Howington, Editor-in-Chief

1 Response to FFS Guest Blogger Program

  1. Greg says:

    Why is the president mad? His lawyer is ready to present his case.
    Why is Pelosi holding back? She has been warned.
    Why did they rush the impeachment? They wanted to complete the job before Rudy.
    Why are more people not aware of this? Beats me but I have posted it on Prof Turley’s site and it was removed???

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