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Pure Joy: “I Feel Love.”

By: Charlton Stanley This place could use an infusion of energy. I have the solution. If you can listen to this all the way through without grinning, you need help. Annette Stean is the vocalist with the Nashville based group … Continue reading

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It Must Be Fat Tuesday In King’s Landing . . .

Normally, I hate anything with a banjo in it, but for this I’ll make an exception. Winter is coming.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Beck!

submitted by Gene Howington Today is Jeff Beck’s 70th birthday! As a guitarist, it is hard to underestimate the influence Jeff Beck has had on me and hordes of other string benders. Versatile in genre, he is always a pleasure … Continue reading

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Louisiana, Moving Forward In Reverse

by GENE HOWINGTON If the war against women’s rights concerns you, avoid Louisiana. In yet another strike against the rights of women, a bill came before Gov. Bobby Jindal this week that is truly horrifying. Of course, he is expected … Continue reading

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In Remembrance of Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro Maya Angelou—poet/writer/activist/teacher—published many literary works during her lifetime. Her most notable work—I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings—is her 1969 autobiography about her early years. Angelou died at her home in North Carolina on May 28th. … Continue reading

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Chris Christie Cuts Payments to State Pension Funds Retroactively in Order to Balance Budget…NJ Still Manages to Subsidize the Private Sector to the Tune of $1.57 Billion

BY ELAINE MAGLIARO A couple of weeks ago, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey announced his plan to use more than $2.43 billion that had been earmarked for public worker pension funding to balance his state’s ailing budget. Salvador Rizzo … Continue reading

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Flori-duh Justice – “I’ll beat your ass!”

by GENE HOWINGTON Judge John Murphy of Brevard County, Florida, challenged veteran public defender Andrew Weinstock to a fight on Monday.  In court.  On camera. The disagreement?  Weinstock refused to waive his client’s right to trial. “Judge” Murphy allegedly punched … Continue reading

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