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No labels? No “Republicans” …call them members of The Republic Party

   By ann summers Are counter-epithets necessary When someone says “Democrat” as in “Democrat party”, one knows the speaker/writer is a member of the GOP, or the Republic party. The latter epithet is one way to be “as reactionary” in … Continue reading

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Trump’s Losers’ Curse

By ann summers   Donald Trump’s Losers’ Curse comes from the GOP essentially overpaying or overvaluing its POTUS candidates — raising campaign money that seems not yet to have been spent, even as there seems to be a rising need to avert a … Continue reading

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Trump’s immigration policy as ethnic cleansing prescription

By ann summers   So we now have heard from an orange realtor pitching the US a Southern Wall timeshare that Mexico will pay for. And being Latino is not illegal, nor is being Muslim, yet that is what is now … Continue reading

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Step away from the #2 pencil — you failed the ideological screening test!

By ann summers “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called for a system of ‘extreme vetting’ for immigrants that would include an ideological test” “‘In the cold war we had an ideological screening test … The time is overdue for a … Continue reading

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got Constitution? got cold dead hands?

By ann summers   Protesters at a Donald Trump rally in Maine held up pocket copies of the Constitution, echoing a dramatic moment from the Democratic national convention. The Republican nominee briefly stopped his speech as protesters were escorted from … Continue reading

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Political Correctness & how plagiarism goes off the light rails at the RNC

By ann summers Apparently the revolution will be televised, but the counter-revolution comes from a “series of tubes”. And it will be led by a pernicious Political Correctness (PC) that can only be eradicated by a strong, fearless, leader for the genuinely uninformed. … Continue reading

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America, “a divided crime scene”, terminated with extreme vetting

  By ann summers   The GOP seeks a perfect storm to excite their base by scheduling an opportunity for Open Carry idiots to confront Cleveland protestors outside the secure zone in a surreal 8th grade reenactors’  version of Kent State. And … Continue reading

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