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Now self-radicalized police act as official lone wolves to kill People of Color

By ann summers Apparently some police officers, each in their own jurisdictions and with disproportionate community representation and oversight have decided  to engage in their own stochastic terrorism, where random LEOs have taken it upon themselves to exceed authority and in some … Continue reading

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Political-Media Complex: the factory sites for Conspiracy-Theory Machines

Hillary Clinton (6 September 2016): “I believe I have created so many jobs in the conspiracy theory machine factory, because honestly, they never quit. They keep coming back.” By ann summers While an elaboration of the “vast RW conspiracy” that … Continue reading

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Hail Hyperbole! North Korea endorses Trump and bans Sarcasm…

By ann summers Launch more missiles, run more nuclear weapons tests, and ban sarcasm… perhaps the North Korean media is being ironic in praising Donald Trump. Brilliant, but only if you know better than your generals as long as they can be your generals. … Continue reading

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Trump’s Losers’ Curse

By ann summers   Donald Trump’s Losers’ Curse comes from the GOP essentially overpaying or overvaluing its POTUS candidates — raising campaign money that seems not yet to have been spent, even as there seems to be a rising need to avert a … Continue reading

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Trump’s immigration policy as ethnic cleansing prescription

By ann summers   So we now have heard from an orange realtor pitching the US a Southern Wall timeshare that Mexico will pay for. And being Latino is not illegal, nor is being Muslim, yet that is what is now … Continue reading

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flag/anthem/pledge blasphemy cuts only one way – either everyone or no one is politically correct

By ann summers In the case of one of the SF 49er quarterbacks, the negative reaction to his personal act of sitting during the playing of the national anthem has been sadly opportunistic and disproportionate even as the scale of the documenting … Continue reading

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Step away from the #2 pencil — you failed the ideological screening test!

By ann summers “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called for a system of ‘extreme vetting’ for immigrants that would include an ideological test” “‘In the cold war we had an ideological screening test … The time is overdue for a … Continue reading

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More Mediated than Stochastic Terrorism: Trump as the dog whistler

By ann summers   In Wilmington, N.C., on Tuesday, Mr. Trump said: “Hillary wants to abolish—essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although the Second Amendment people—maybe … Continue reading

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On the Cover of the Rolling Stochastic Terrorism

By ann summers So whenever threats come up and/or actual events, this term gets tossed around: stochastic terrorism is an imprecise idea that while easily uttered and sounding scientistic, does not contain sufficient objectivity in a democracy that demands actionable expectation … Continue reading

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got Constitution? got cold dead hands?

By ann summers   Protesters at a Donald Trump rally in Maine held up pocket copies of the Constitution, echoing a dramatic moment from the Democratic national convention. The Republican nominee briefly stopped his speech as protesters were escorted from … Continue reading

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