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like Trotsky opening up a taco truck in front of Trump’s Walk of Fame star.

  By ann summers The millennials’ remake of “up from socialism” might be embodied in the call to “Abolish ICE”.  The question is for whose cause is it more effective. If one believed in the lessons of GOP marketing, “Abolish ICE” has … Continue reading

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Bad Dudes are as mythical as False Flags

   By ann summers Fascinating crypto-fascism… Over 1400 more days of orange mobile-suit dictatorship remain because … gutless Congress scared of impeachment in the face of GOP majorities. And what better way to create a greater supply of bad dudes … Continue reading

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end of the Republic: POTUS45* goes medieval looking for White House 5th Columnists

   By ann summers Overheard through locked door: “Don’t they know I’m the f— President!?” POTUS displeased at resistance. #resist — Rogue POTUS Staff (@RoguePOTUSStaff) January 27, 2017 USA, land of things to grab and know their place as Steve … Continue reading

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Trump’s immigration policy as ethnic cleansing prescription

By ann summers   So we now have heard from an orange realtor pitching the US a Southern Wall timeshare that Mexico will pay for. And being Latino is not illegal, nor is being Muslim, yet that is what is now … Continue reading

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Obama Redefined

By Mark Esposito Chastened by the “Mandate of the Mid-terms’? Hardly. Doubling down on his confrontation with Republicans who control both houses of Congress but lacking a veto proof super majority, Barack Obama has decided to give Americans a real … Continue reading

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