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a Moat of their Own: Bannonism’s neo-reactionaries & other new-age fascists

   By ann summers Under Bannon’s influence, the Trump administration is shaping up to be much more ideologically extreme than many people were expecting. “[Bannon] has spectacularly grand ambitions, to transform our country and its place in the world,” … … Continue reading

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Moron unwinding the administrative state (of travel, among other things)

By ann summers “During the first week of the Muslim-ban, foreign business travel dropped by an astounding 185 million dollars. European flight searches for the United States have dropped by 11.6%, “ @powellnyt “I did not have sex with that wo…, communication … Continue reading

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all this rigging comes from Trump’s Leninist: Smash State!

By ann summers All elections are “rigged” considering the problems of decentralized pluralism, but given that reality, can we now move on to democracy. Reality TV is not really TV   Unlike other nations, we don’t schedule our elections as … Continue reading

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After Trump’s defeat, a new American Warlordism

By ann summers Trump’s now inevitable loss will signal perhaps a Democratic age for at least two years until the residual misogyny gains yet another mid-term resurgence of reactionary fervor as they did in 1994 (class), 2010 (race), and 2018 (gender). … Continue reading

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Under tRump, cockroaches will have unenumerated, unimpeachable rights and envy the dead

By ann summers If we thought the End of the Republic happened when Monica Lewinsky got a TED talk, surprise -— Donald Trump could become POTUS, just as he states that Latino or Muslim judges could be unfair to him. Sonia Sotomayor will … Continue reading

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Goodbye Person of Interest, gone but forever prescient

Despite appearances, I am not that avid a Person of Interest fan, I just like the strength/flaws of Shaw/Root…a symphony.  The program was basically the problem of machine intelligence and the role of human ethics in its construction with a … Continue reading

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A historic moment revealing a Pyhrric defeat for Trump

By ann summers Even as Trump tried to make canceling a Sanders-Trump debate this week in Caifornia into a positive meme (“I don’t debate second-place candidates”), he lost because his ditching a debate in the Iowa GOP primary using the … Continue reading

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