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Organ meats taste irony, because Zombie Irony is back

  By ann summers Movement leader Richard Spencer popularized the phrase “alt-right” to make his ideals more palatable to mainstream journalists, but the term itself actually comprises several disparate groups. In a study of the far right’s manipulation of the … Continue reading

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Swann’s Way: anarchist cybernetics & organizational dynamics in politics

By ann summers I came across this published dissertation that while symptomatic of the state of academic process in terms of using some rather tired qualitative methods, it also showed that some interesting ideas do happen. Think ‘Lost in Translation’ … Continue reading

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Orange Gasbag’s alt-white consequences of “peaceful ethnic cleansing”

the other white-majority nation-meat By ann summers Like other civil conflicts involving ethnic cleansing, the fevered fantasies of some Americans can all go sideways quickly, even as their cults have existed informally and formally in US history. Now we have … Continue reading

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“Strategy of Tension” week almost over at the factory for Conspiracy-Theory Machines

By ann summers They’ve broken out of mothballs or scraped the bottom of the barrel of favorite CTs, only this time it seems the FBI has decided, in their best J. Edgar finery, that tension at the polls needs a … Continue reading

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