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Looking at Jeff Flake’s anti-Trump speech on the media

  By ann summers The collective false consciousness that is US democracy has many manifestations, so without casting aspersions on Arizona GOP senator Jeff Flake’s motives, his speech on the floor of the US Senate is useful if only to … Continue reading

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Still no smoking gun, still more like a smoldering arsenal

  By ann summers The retreat to the #TrumpRussia bunker continues and the mashed potatoes are not yet ready. Experts don’t think the trolls behind Russian Facebook accounts could have determined who to target on their own, but the question … Continue reading

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“The Declaration of Independence is an ‘Enlightenment-era rule written by anti-government extremists’” and other FCC pay toilet fictions

  By ann summers If the @FCC kills #netneutrality, everyday people lose. It’s not good for science because it puts up barriers to accessing information and spreading ideas. This isn’t a partisan issue — it’s about keeping the playing field … Continue reading

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#TrumpRussia … Trump says he knows nothing about something except that it is a hoax

  By ann summers Argument from fallacy is the formal fallacy of analyzing an argument and inferring that, since it contains a fallacy, its conclusion must be false. Generalization from fictional evidence: Using a fake story to make a general … Continue reading

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Hacking the Vote: Part II

I recently wrote about how voting machines could be hacked. There is a second way the vote can be hacked with no one finding out, if cleverly done. Today, the web site Mother Jones published an article that someone is … Continue reading

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Will the GOP dark-money deep state cut its losses with #TrumpRussia

By ann summers   The voiceless Jarvanka may yet come before Congress if not a NY state court. Peter Schweizer of the Mercers’ Government Accountability Institute now has thrown Kushner under the Russian bus signaling further WH chaos and perhaps … Continue reading

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#TrumpRussia – Trump decides NATO’s not obsolete because of the US-Russia Strategy of Tension

By ann summers “I am my own strategist” My statement on NATO being obsolete and disproportionately too expensive (and unfair) for the U.S. are now, finally, receiving plaudits! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 27, 2016 The MSM continues to … Continue reading

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