#TrumpRussia – Trump decides NATO’s not obsolete because of the US-Russia Strategy of Tension

By ann summers


“I am my own strategist”

The MSM continues to fluff up the new, post-obsolete WH view of NATO and doesn’t note that Trump repeated the Russian foreign minister’s same phrase about US-Russia relations being at an “all-time low”.

Most interesting is that Trump decided to agree with earlier framing remarks made by Putin which is a form of coordination. Then again, nuance in international relations seems alien to a guy who thinks the world is “nasty” and “a mess”.

And then there’s the mutual disinformation in the disagreement about the Syria chemical weapons attack reminiscent of Cold War discourse.

Those Russian sanctions could be lifted not because Russia has left Crimea, but because they might help get rid of Assad.

Double win over Obama/Clinton and those baby-killers! Art of the Deal for Ukrainian time-shares!

Vladimir Putin suggested on Wednesday that U.S.-Russia relations are even worse under Trump than they were under Obama

How could there have been 2016 election collusion if we (now) don’t like each other?

Have you forgotten about Carter Page and the FISA warrant yet? Bueller?

Even Page mentions Syria in his Jake Tapper CNN interview today to distract from #TrumpRussia. Page refuses to disclose on-air who brought him onto the Trump campaign.

Will Carter Page’s immunity plea look like Mike Flynn’s.

Page dodges whether he made contact with Russians, except that he did (they just didn’t tell Page that they were spies), making little sense in reference to human intelligence. Electronic surveillance, however, may reveal something else. Darn that “probable cause” and its vague relationship to “clear and present danger”…






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