Will the GOP dark-money deep state cut its losses with #TrumpRussia

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The voiceless Jarvanka may yet come before Congress if not a NY state court.

Peter Schweizer of the Mercers’ Government Accountability Institute now has thrown Kushner under the Russian bus signaling further WH chaos and perhaps a start to a separation from the dark money election entrepreneurs. The differences between some Russians’ account of contacts with Kushner also has been interesting compared to those of the White House.

For central figures like Kushner, it was never about understanding who provided the hacked/phished data, just that it served the GOP’s political purposes such as modifying the GOP RNC platform.

Other activities operated with the help of Russian contacts in the background, aided by Americans who didn’t care about patriotism as much as seeing the profit and power on the horizon.


Kushner, like most debt-centered capitalists, keeping the billion dollar float going is an exciting risk. It is always about exploiting more than one’s own wealth without the same accountability as the national treasury they’re now looting, once they gained the levers of power.

Kompromat is after all the codependent relation of how protection rackets work as the NYS RICO investigation will show. It’s just worse when criminal enterprises suddenly gain national political power.

#TrumpRussia may have worked too well since they would have profited from the expected 2016 HRC victory. Lacking the attention of #TrumpRussia more quiet profit-making would continue. Trump would then move on to another media project, acquire wife #4, and play more golf. As the money receded, it then would move to Sinclair Broadcasting’s penetration of US local media markets, perhaps with a Breitbart channel on the model of The Blaze.

The problem is that #TrumpRussia worked much too well. Trump actually won in 2016 because of a confluence of events, including DNC incompetence countering Trump in swing-states and key districts, the incomplete revelation in October of the Comey investigation favoring the GOP by affecting HRC, and Comey’s omitting the still covert FISA investigation.

The more recent firing of Comey just affirmed the unintended consequences of his CYA move in October and doubled down on the current optics of guilt and obstruction.


#TrumpRussia was always business as usual, just with more steps borrowed from other influence-manipulation operations run by other kleptocrats like the Mercers / Kochs.

Their overlaps with Russians were facilitated by intermediaries like Cambridge Analytica as well as a variety of what are now dodgy, yet normalized real estate deals.

For many players and their big-data quants, the Russian-ness of the connections was (un) intentionally recognized as data and money got transshipped and transferred. These are the real “unmaskings” necessary for an ethical(sic) capitalism to survive.


Manafort Destiny

Micro-targeting does not imply a causal precision, but it is one element of the TrumpRussia story that takes the relationship structure of preexisting money-laundering and grafts a political influence data-mining operation onto it. This tasty chocolate cake has many layers.

Those even more external players like WikiLeaks may not have realized the amount of Russian IC influence/money on their revelations.

Those publications now seem explicitly coordinated in contradiction of its claim to be immune from influence as a site for whistleblowers.

And then there’s the ever present national IC’s that have both confounded the Russian plot as well as circumvented GOP obstruction and cover-up.

Rosneft, an oil corporation majority-owned by the Russian government, says it has the right to claim an ownership stake in U.S. oil company Citgo Petroleum if Citgo’s cash-strapped parent company defaults on billions in loans, according to a lien Rosneft recently filed in Delaware. If that claim succeeds, Rosneft, which is run by one of President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies, would own a sizable chunk of a company that is among the 10 largest petroleum refiners in America. Russian ownership of a large portion of a U.S.-based oil company would be unprecedented, according to experts contacted by CBS News. Those experts also emphasize that the White House has the power to block the deal -- either on national security grounds or simply by leaving in place Obama administration sanctions against Russia.

Concurrent are the necessary financial channels and of course the profit incentives of lifted sanctions, and the expectation of massive multinational new energy resource projects that would also benefit from the removal of Russian sanctions.

It sounds complex to command and coordinate, but easier to rationalize as what seems like conventional post-Soviet Eastern Bloc kleptocracy.

Such cronyism overlaps the neoliberal capitalist practices of unregulated, offshored financial dealing. It’s just the structure and agency of entitled avarice enabled by a more chaotic, cyclical change election, with a few wild-card, outside agents.

Policing of dark money is difficult at the national level with questionable regulatory practices or even getting a handle on prosecuting the financial network practices of cross-border capital flows. But there are always GOP pilot fishes who swim with the sharks. Sadly, this is still the political reality that still needs to change.


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