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Professional sports have been defined by its media, pay its participants and let students remain so.

  By ann summers   Brackets and rankings help set betting odds, and should those revenues get taxed also to benefit the participants besides the bettors. But in terms of the collegiate sports industry, it shouldn’t be about pie-slicing envy, … Continue reading

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who knew? Victoria Nuland is the Deep State

By ann summers Like WWII Gremlins, the Deep State is responsible for every snafu made in the factory for conspiracy theory machines. So it makes sense when  Oleg Deripaska writes his op-ed in the Daily Cellar, that pizzeria basement where all … Continue reading

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Swann’s Way: anarchist cybernetics & organizational dynamics in politics

By ann summers I came across this published dissertation that while symptomatic of the state of academic process in terms of using some rather tired qualitative methods, it also showed that some interesting ideas do happen. Think ‘Lost in Translation’ … Continue reading

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Trump’s new clothes … Larry Kudlow: “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.”

  “…Better than smoothly. Confidently. More than confidently. Transcendently” By ann summers If we ate the rich we’d soon become vegetarians … because Malthus.   Donald Trump’s government has not yet taken power, but its epitaph may have already been … Continue reading

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Hailing the Western Imperium, How Trump’s lingua quartii imperii defeated HRC’s quants

By ann summers We now know how the ruling class will rule: on the backs of middle-class folks and delivered like any media ratings audience where the Brexit-style message resonated to an ideologically stable population sub-group that had been data-mined because … Continue reading

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“like Slavery, only with extra steps…”

a full array of Chocolate Weapons that will let you satisfy your sweet tooth, with a tastefully tactical appearance except when you want to get past airport security       By ann summers Ice cream can taste like so much Death … Continue reading

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Tim Wise on What White Americans Do Not Know…and Do Not Want to Know

By Elaine Magliaro In January of 2014, I posted a video of Tim White talking about the “concept of whiteness.” (The title on his YouTube video clip reads “Tim White: On White Privilege.”) Yesterday, I came across an article that … Continue reading

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David Simon: ‘There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show’

submitted by Gene Howington David Simon is best known as the creator and writer of the brilliant television show The Wire. His most recent column appearing at The Guardian is a fine example of why perhaps he should also be … Continue reading

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Walter Johnson Explains why Ferguson, Missouri—a City That Hosts a Fortune 500 Company—Relies on Municipal Fees and Fines to Extract Revenue from Its Poorest Residents

By Elaine Magliaro Walter Johnson has an interesting article about Ferguson, Missouri, over at The Atlantic. In it, he explains why—despite the fact that the city hosts a multinational Fortune 500 company—it “relied on municipal fees and fines to extract … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: 2 Police Officers Shot During Ferguson Protest (UPDATED)

 Posted by Gene Howington Huff Po reports: Two police officers were shot outside the Ferguson Police Department just after midnight Thursday, police and eyewitnesses said. The shootings came during protests following the Ferguson police chief’s resignation on Wednesday afternoon. In … Continue reading

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