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Our long National Shake-down continues … Whatabout The Don?

By ann summers “Whataboutism,” with its sly equivalences, false parallels, and misleading analogies, can exhaust and frustrate those who confront it. Putin is an especially skillful practitioner. Now something new is happening. The American president is taking Putin’s “what about … Continue reading

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If the GOP could only stop being gutless about #RussiaGate …

By ann summers Unfortunately, those blissfully naive Americans who need to be swayed from their support or even tacit tolerance of Lord Dampnut may need the rhetorical message of a xenophobic CT to get to the discourse space where he must … Continue reading

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Trump’s new clothes … Larry Kudlow: “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.”

  “…Better than smoothly. Confidently. More than confidently. Transcendently” By ann summers If we ate the rich we’d soon become vegetarians … because Malthus.   Donald Trump’s government has not yet taken power, but its epitaph may have already been … Continue reading

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Bill Moyers and David Stockman Talk about the Problem of Crony Capitalism and the Folly of Anti-Tax Crusades in the United States

By Elaine Magliaro Back in 2012, David Stockman sat down with Bill Moyers on Moyers & Company and discussed crony capitalism in the United States. The two men talked about “the tight connection between Wall Street and the White House…” … Continue reading

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