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Casey at the Bat

June 3, 1888 – The San Francisco Daily Examiner first publishes “Casey at the Bat” by newspaper columnist Ernest Lawrence Thayer Ernest Lawrence Thayer (1863-1940) American writer, newspaper columnist, and poet. He graduated with a B.A. in philosophy from Harvard … Continue reading

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Professional sports have been defined by its media, pay its participants and let students remain so.

  By ann summers   Brackets and rankings help set betting odds, and should those revenues get taxed also to benefit the participants besides the bettors. But in terms of the collegiate sports industry, it shouldn’t be about pie-slicing envy, … Continue reading

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On paying college athletes, no.

By ann summers I tend to watch college sports on television because the promotional video for the institution usually shown around halftime is more interesting in terms of representing the institutional identity. But they are representations that are at risk … Continue reading

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Does Trump leave a bad lie and how sad is his golf game

By  ann summers “When asked who the worst celebrity golf cheat was, Alice Cooper replied: ‘I played with Donald Trump one time. That’s all I’m going to say.’” Dear Donald, prove us wrong, what was your golf score today? IQ, … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga half-time shows how patriotism is greater than patriots … or falcons

By ann summers “In a Super Bowl performance that spanned her entire discography, Lady Gaga opened her act with a rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land,” which has become a popular anthem at rallies protesting President Trump … Continue reading

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Now watch these three consecutive birdies at the tomb of the unknown golfer

 By ann summers “Told entirely without narration, ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ captures the cultural chasm between the glamorous, jet-setting and media savvy Donald Trump and a deeply rooted Scottish community. What begins as an often amusing clash of world views grows … Continue reading

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Google versus GO – it’s enough to commit seppuku

By ann summers Like John Nash’s humiliation in A Beautiful Mind, it may be the case that like Mishima’s loss to Kawabata for the Nobel Prize, our lives may be determined by more banal activities. In Nash’s case it’s a … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Adrenaline Fix

by Chuck Stanley There was some discussion in yesterday’s Word Cloud about solitude and reflection. We are tied to our gadgets almost to the exclusion of the world around us. There are escapes. Since I live in the mountains, and … Continue reading

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NASCAR, domestic violence, and the Busch brothers

by Charlton Stanley This afternoon, one of the most popular auto races in the world will be held. At 1:00 PM EST, the green flag will drop for the 2015 Daytona 500. This race started as a shorter race of … Continue reading

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It’s Only a Game: Is Chris Christie the “Mojo Man” and More for the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, and the NFL?

By Elaine Magliaro Mark Arco ( said that images of the governor of New Jersey celebrating the Dallas Cowboys’ win on Sunday night “created a stir among sports fans on social media.” Barry Petchetsky (Deadspin) wrote that “underripe tomato” Chris … Continue reading

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