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Censusless: This book needs to be read not just before 2020 or even November 2016

By ann summers Is Howard Dean, Tim Kaine, or DWS responsible for the poor leadership on what remains the real negative consequences of what should have been a better outcome for PBO’s 2008 election in the midst of an economic … Continue reading

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Revisionist Histories and a return of Glass-Steagell

By ann summers Perhaps Donald Trump has proven that it takes a village idiot to triangulate ten garlic bulbs and take puma mountain by strategy. Or despite hip-hop musicals about Alexander Hamilton, will the eventual POTUS think about central banking as part of … Continue reading

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What the Global War on Terrorism(sic) National Monument should embody

 By ann summers I wrote a very early story a couple of years ago on trying to think about a virtual or actual monument to this war and thought that even though we have ceased(sic) combat operations, that a national monument … Continue reading

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Seattle Public Schools Ban Soda But Supply 11 Year Old Girls With IUD’s

Presently in Washington State, minors may obtain or refuse birth control services at any age without the consent of a parent or guardian  but they are prohibited from purchasing soda pop in public schools.  Apparently relying on a few studies done … Continue reading

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David Simon: ‘There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show’

submitted by Gene Howington David Simon is best known as the creator and writer of the brilliant television show The Wire. His most recent column appearing at The Guardian is a fine example of why perhaps he should also be … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen Here. Right?

submitted by Gene Howington At Vox, Matthew Yglesias has published an article titled “American democracy is doomed“. It is one of the best summations of both the problem of encroaching fascism and how we got to where we are now … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Make Fundamentalism A Crime? Part 4

By Mark Esposito The following is the fourth installment in a multi-part series exploring religious fundamentalism and the means of checking its excesses. You can read the first part here and the second part here and the third part here. There are 1.5 to 2.0 billion Muslims … Continue reading

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