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Comparing the incomparable

By ann summers Comparisons were always the way art historians developed arguments for analyzing by comparing formal qualities but also useful cultural resemblances that could make identifying the authenticity of a legitimate (collectible) artwork. Comparing films in the same way … Continue reading

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Trump is more Doris Day Presidential than Modern Day Presidential

By ann summers While on the campaign trail, Trump said he didn’t want to act presidential “quite yet,” but promised at that he would become “so presidential that you people will be so bored.” “At some point, I’m going to … Continue reading

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post-Trump, how should the cinema treat #TrumpRussia

 By ann summers   The NSA analysis does not draw conclusions about whether the interference had any effect on the election’s outcome and concedes that much remains unknown about the extent of the hackers’ accomplishments. However, the report raises the … Continue reading

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Swann’s Way: anarchist cybernetics & organizational dynamics in politics

By ann summers I came across this published dissertation that while symptomatic of the state of academic process in terms of using some rather tired qualitative methods, it also showed that some interesting ideas do happen. Think ‘Lost in Translation’ … Continue reading

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USS Lolli-Trump … “We are going to start winning again!”

By ann summers An Iranian built mockup of a US Nimitz-class carrier is destroyed during the IRGCN Noble Prophet exercise. (ONI Photo) Iranian officials had more than a dozen speedboats attack a replica of a US aircraft carrier today and … Continue reading

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it’s always about Lord Dampnut, even if he wasn’t at the Oscars

  By ann summers A LITTLE SAD! 5 A.M. BOWEL MOVEMENT AT BREITBART Lord Dampnut was so trolled by Hollywood tweeters that he instead chose to use Breitbart, an exemplar of FakeNews, to exercise his post-Oscars spew about the show … Continue reading

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“‘Little America’…may end up being just the sort of movie that we need right now.

By ann summers “Of course, some moviegoers may wonder whether we need a movie like Little America right now. Several comparisons have been made between the film’s setting and the current political landscape, and if the movie mirrors that too … Continue reading

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Hollywood and War: “American Sniper”…a Movie about a Killer Hero

By Elaine Magliaro I have neither read Chris Kyle’s memoir American Sniper nor seen the movie based on his book. Kyle was the decorated Navy SEAL who became “the deadliest sniper in the annals of American warfare.” Writing for The … Continue reading

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