“‘Little America’…may end up being just the sort of movie that we need right now.

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“Of course, some moviegoers may wonder whether we need a movie like Little America right now. Several comparisons have been made between the film’s setting and the current political landscape, and if the movie mirrors that too closely it may result in controversy. That said, some sources have described the movie as “sci-fun” instead of “sci-fi”, so it may end up being just the sort of movie that we need right now.”

The next Michael Bay blockbuster will reportedly be a film about a dystopian future after a Donald Trump-like president bankrupts the U.S.

Big Trouble in tiny fistfulls, Escaping NYC

Universal picked up the rights Wednesday to the Bay-produced film “Little America,” a futuristic adventure film set to feature a “Donald Trump-like” president, The Hollywood Reporter said.

The new sinophobia will have a variety of vehicles in the era of the POTUS45* regime … what better way than revisiting the cinematic genre where we can fantasize lesser interpretations that lack the imagination of Philip K. Dick’s Bladerunner (sic) and/or the direction of Ridley Scott.


Fortunately we shouldn’t expect a Transformer merchandising storm…although as with 13 hours, the discourse of privatized military action heroes should be with us for the duration, just as Zero Dark Thirty has now returned torture and rendition to our consciousness, except now we have the framing narrative of some orange narcissist-realtor being insulted at a banquet by the guy who was multitasking in dimension-eleven, the pursuit of a global bad guy.

Those currency-manipulating, climate-change hoaxing, and sinophobe-inducing folks who finance a significant number of global films get again to figure in the fantasies for 2020… then again, like the White House, there’s always a place for Hollywood producers sympathetic to the memes of orange gasbags.



Location selection should include once and future sanctuary cities like … Detroit, Chicago, LA, and New York, even if as usual, Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver will become the stunt city. Regardless, the meme of “American ghetto” will perhaps take on new meaning much as “disaster” and “carnage” in 2016-17.

The “great” slogan at least cuts both ways, so it could be both for and against POTUS45* if he lasts until 2020, and like 13 Hours, Little America could be finished in time to debut for free in a state that has “Little America” as a truckstop.

For the Michael Bay set and their RW pandering, the dystopian future and the utopian past often get confused, much like their audiences’ votes.

And like The Last Ship, the dominant character of Asian villains has always been building to an existential problem of ubiquitous Yellow Perils much like the remake of Red Dawn, since the Russians are so much in bed with the “Trump-like” presidents and the dropping a tactical nuke on North Korea could be … ground-breaking and normalized in the coming years.

According to The Hollywood Report, the film will be “set in a dystopian future where a Donald Trump-like president has bankrupted America and China has called in its debts. The Asian giant now owns America and many Americans have immigrated to China looking for work.”

The film’s story follows a former Force Recon member who is hired by a Chinese billionaire to rescue his daughter from an American ghetto.

No Joke, Trump’s New Slogan via Michael Bay Is The Same One From ‘The Purge’

Bay is best known as the director of all four “Transformers” movies for Paramount. The fifth, “Transformers: The Last Knight,” opens on June 23. He also directed and produced last year’s “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”

Ninja Turtles was largely overshadowed by Bay’s involvement even though he didn’t direct the film; it would be a shame if Little America suffered a similar fate where everyone saw it as a “Michael Bay film” even though he only served as a producer.

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