end of the Republic: POTUS45* goes medieval looking for White House 5th Columnists


 By ann summers

USA, land of things to grab and know their place as Steve Bannon’s orange priapic puppet rolls coal over the nation. Apparently there’s trouble in paradise as an insurgency has emerged from within the White House among GOP loyal, but frightened staffers.

Don’t be stupid. Be a smartie. Come and join the Republic Party

State-sponsored terrorism now has over 60 million targets unless you comply, turn in or oppress POC, and disassociate yourself from “foreigners”.

Because America First, the only future is some imagined pre-civil-rights crony capitalism that recognizes state-sanctioned power over urban “carnage” and the saddest of ignorance about the history of ghettos and religions.

Because death-Skittles are coming over our borders like so many zombies.

Are you now or have you ever been not-deplorable

Civility and democracy are over in the Orange alt-Republic.

Soon the kleptocracy will pervade everyday life, where you need to “know someone (white)” and bribes large and small will be the only rights to justice.

And speech, it’ll be STFU unless you’re the one with power, because might makes right in Orange Gazbag-land. Alt-Culture War is now upon us and privilege can be bought, especially if you’re in the right religion… because Freedom & Liberty (for some).


Crusaders often pillaged as they traveled, while their leaders retained control of much captured territory rather than returning it to the Byzantines. The People’s Crusade included the Rhineland massacres: the murder of thousands of Jews. Constantinople was sacked during the Fourth Crusade, rendering the reunification of Christendom impossible.


Sanctuary cities could need to become city states, as Agent Orange in Bannon-land wants a pick-up truck world of truck-nutz outside those disaster cities and their electric cars. Bannonites want those liberals in their cities because …control


And then there are the DIY acts of fascist micro-aggression because you need to stay in your sanctuary city…

Rolling coal is a form of conspicuous air pollution, for entertainment or for protest.[3] Some drivers intentionally trigger coal rolling in the presence of hybrid vehicles (when it is nicknamed “Prius repellent”) to taunt their drivers, who are perceived as being environmentally motivated in their vehicle choice. Coal rolling may also be triggered at foreign cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.[5][6][7][8] Practitoners cite “American freedom” and “a stand against rampant environmentalism” as reasons for coal rolling.[9][10]



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16 Responses to end of the Republic: POTUS45* goes medieval looking for White House 5th Columnists

  1. That photo of Melania Trump is extremely troubling. I have worked on a lot of domestic abuse cases and have seen that look way too many times. She is a woman who looks hopeless and defeated.

    David Pakman isolated a couple of shots of her when she had a similar look. David Pakman calls it “soul crushing.” He goes on to ask the rhetorical question, “When you are on the world stage and turn to your wife and say something that visibly crushes her soul, what are you doing in private?”

  2. Russell says:

    You did read that the FBI, Donald the Terrible has forced Twitter to turn over its User Information. I wonder why!!!!

  3. Russell says:


    I wondered the same thing. I think it would be good for her to Dump Trump. We know he likes Golden Showers….

  4. wordcloud9 says:

    There were a number of ‘Free Melania’ signs at the Women’s March – no amount of money could ever be enough to compensate for having to live with him.

    • There has been commentary that she is afraid she will lose custody of her son. Based on past history, I would not be at all surprised to learn there is a pre-nup clause that requires her to forfeit custody.

      • Russell says:


        Part of Trumps Prenuptial Agreement requires the Spouse in the event of divorce to return all gifts and money obtained while married.

    • Russell says:

      From what I understand is the Woman in the Marriage is subservient to the Male. They justify, this as the man and woman are one joined in marriage and the neck and the head. The husband is head of the house and makes decisions for all. Melinia is just following the culture she grew up with.

      Ivana, learned the hard way and divorced the lying cheating bastard and got rich in the process, even though Trump not only raped her, was verbally abusive. A crazy person indeed.

  5. Russell says:


    I just read that Trump gave his Military Leaders an Order that they have 30 to devise a plan to destroy ISIS. An Executive Order is to be signed next week. Crazy man doing crazy stuff.

    Question, is it not the standard operating procedure when a person is a threat to themselves and others that a petition can be filed to have them locked up in a mental ward for observation?

  6. Conservative commentator Dr. Charles Krauthammer was a psychiatrist, and at one time was a leading expert on bipolar disorder. Regardless of politics, when he talks about mental problems, he has the credentials to do so.

  7. Russell says:

    Not to not comment on your post Chuck. I hear you, I agree.

    The Court halted Trumps immigration ban. ACLU filed suit this morning. Must feel amazing for the people discriminated against and the legal system in NY.

  8. IATA is the international airline trade organization. It is being reported that they have been informed the immigration ban also applies to airline flight crews. In other words, if the flight crew of an airliner is from one of the seven embargoed countries, they cannot come to the US. I am sure that will play well with international flights. Aviation executives everywhere must be ordering Xanax by the truckload.

  9. Dr. Manhattan: “They claim their labors are to build a heaven, yet their heaven is populated by horrors. Perhaps the world is not made. Perhaps nothing is made. A clock without a craftsman.”

    People who know me well know that fear is something I don’t process like most people. I don’t fear what is about to happen. I’ve been looking around that corner for some time. In a philosophical and scientific sense, I understand and accept that everything is transitory and that everything that has a beginning has an ending. Even the universe albeit on a timescale that is mind boggling. So I don’t fear for humanity per se. However, recent events have led me to a different space. “It’s too late. Always has been, always will be.”

    I am very disappointed with us not just as a people but as a species.

    If technologically advanced extraterrestrials have reached our lil’ solar backwater, I have no doubt our primitive use of intelligence without forethought and inability to learn the lessons of history in any sort of collective sense is good reason enough to keep us under quarantine. We not only left the Garden before we knew that names of all the creatures, we’ve set fire to flora, killed the fauna, salted the earth.

    Laurie: “Jon, what about the war? You’ve got to prevent it! Everyone will die.”

    Dr. Manhattan: “…And the universe will not even notice.”

    So I’m going to take the advice of one of our more sage late great artists, Warren Zevon, and really enjoy this sandwich.

    And a Happy Kazoo Day to you all.

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