Trump is more Doris Day Presidential than Modern Day Presidential

By ann summers


While on the campaign trail, Trump said he didn’t want to act presidential “quite yet,” but promised at that he would become “so presidential that you people will be so bored.”

“At some point, I’m going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored and I will come back as a presidential person,” he told supporters at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in February 2016.

“Modern Day” is such an anachronistic expression, much like people who because they have nothing better to say, utter or write “In today’s world” as if one wonders who imagines other worlds when talking about reality in the present.

It Happened to Jane (1959) may have been a coming of age movie for Trump since this is when presumably Agent Orange reached puberty during the first decade of Playboy, as much as he might now regret allowing them into the WH press corps. Trump’s early postwar world, with its junk food and burnt steaks with catsup remains anchored in core principles shared still by many who wish that world to somehow return, where everyone knew their place and “stayed in their lane”.

The scene where Ernie Kovacs’s Harry Foster Malone is abandoned by his team of lawyers will seem familiar

It is his 1950s version of an American dream, considering the stars, more specifically Harry Foster Malone embodying the myth of the billionaire capitalist serviced by minions and ultimately charmed by a starlet miscast as a slow food entrepreneur reliant on overnight rail transport, but still dependent on a determined lawyer.

It is Trump’s nouveau fantasy, to get respect by being a tough CEO Like Kovacs’s character and enabled by armies of lawyers, fighting the media, plus intervening in public conflict by using a helicopter. And of course diversity is nowhere to be seen. That’s Trump’s America, the small town that in reality has deeper problems and biases but because it appears homogeneous, its seems to be in consensus. The pre-civil rights era was oh so peaceful.

Trump has probably never seen this movie, but it does capture that childhood image of subliminal conflict and social control, even if it really isn’t ever the plot of any Doris Day movie. It’s the image he plays to his followers in his rallies. Like it could be constructed in the “Great Again” like in films like Pleasantville or Peggy Sue Got Married. After all, hasn’t he said he’s the same as when he was in 3rd grade.


Jane Osgood is trying to support her two young children by running a lobster business. After one of her shipments is ruined by inattention at the railroad station, Jane decides to take on Harry Foster Malone, director of the line and the “meanest man in the world”. With the help of her lifelong friend – and lawyer – George Denham, Jane sues Malone for the price of her lobsters & her lost business.It Happened to Jane is a 1959 Eastmancolorromantic comedy film starring Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, and Ernie Kovacs directed by Richard Quine and written by Norman Katkov and Max Wilk. The film was co-produced by Quine and Day’s husband at the time, Martin Melcher.

The movie was mostly filmed in Chester, Connecticut. The final scene filmed at downtown Chester Connecticut was about 1 mile from the train station used in the movie. The locomotive in the final scene was a wooden prop built near where the final scene was filmed. People from all over Connecticut were invited to be extras in the movie.


Caitríona Perry quietly returned to her seat without reacting after Donald Trump singled her out for some seamy treatment.


CD: Wow. So you were at Doris Day’s house?

Sly Stone: Yeah, I started going over there to play songs until this guy’d [Charles Manson] come in, and we’d have a little disagreement — and I’d win. (laughs.) I didn’t have any idea who it was — til later on.…

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3 Responses to Trump is more Doris Day Presidential than Modern Day Presidential

  1. Terry Welshans says:

    Ah yes, the good old days when America was great. Perhaps this is what he intends to do by MAGA.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that his role models are not Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or even Hoover.

    It is Beavis and Butthead.

    In the meantime, Mueller’s deep bench is getting deeper. Another big gun just joined the team. This is not rumor. Straight from former SDNY US Attorney Preet Bharara, who the Occupant fired when he would not back off the corruption investigation.

  3. Steve Searls a/k/a Steven D says:

    Hello. I think Doris Day would be insulted by being mentioned in th same breath as The Donald. He also has no idea what he is doing, which is not surprising. He was never supposed to win. I sincerely believe he never thought he would win. And this is consistent with his behavior in office. Delegating decisions about military action in the Middle East to the Pentagon and his Secretary of Defense, Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis, for one example. In many ways he is the most disengaged President since Warren Harding and the least prepared for the office and its responsibilities.

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