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Elon Musk & Aeon Flux: will Mars be only for the 1%

A million folks on Mars could be the Earth’s Plan B Continue reading

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“like Slavery, only with extra steps…”

a full array of Chocolate Weapons that will let you satisfy your sweet tooth, with a tastefully tactical appearance except when you want to get past airport security       By ann summers Ice cream can taste like so much Death … Continue reading

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UPDATE: A Fundamental Understanding

by GENE HOWINGTON Critics have pointed to another possible explanation of the gravitational waves detected by BICEP2: phase changes after inflation as the early universe started to cool. As reported by the Physics arXiv Blog: But today, James Dent at … Continue reading

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It’s Friday!: Time for Another Mark Fiore Video…and a Video of Anti-Sceince Legislator Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia

The following Mark Fiore House Science & Ladyparts Committee video is from August 2012. It’s a bit outdated—but much of it still holds true today. It’s also one of my favorites!

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A Fundamental Understanding

by GENE HOWINGTON “I am large, I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman Our understanding of the universe changed in a fundamental and exciting way this week when the results of the BICEP2 experiment were revealed. It all revolves around something … Continue reading

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