A historic moment revealing a Pyhrric defeat for Trump

….worst game of Chicken, ever

By ann summers
Even as Trump tried to make canceling a Sanders-Trump debate this week in Caifornia into a positive meme (“I don’t debate second-place candidates”), he lost because his ditching a debate in the Iowa GOP primary using the same philanthropic reason came under scrutiny since his alternative appearance claims of veterans donations were woefully questionable even today as he counter-attacked the press.

This should be Hillary’s tactical reason not to have or limited general election debates with Trump.

“I don’t debate second-place candidates”


Unlike GoT’s Red Wedding and like the closing scene of AMC’s The Night Manager(BBC), there will be a happy ending to all this, however unsettling for the Bernie versus Donald debate and like the mini-series ending for the NY Times, the women will be the real winners and the bad guys will lose.

I was enjoying Richard Onslow Roper. He had a marvelous voice and a way with words, and a suggestion of inner depths, however dark and despicable. But why was he screaming like a numbskull at the end of the finale? Yes, there were some bad times to come — Mr. Barghati and colleagues were not going to forgive his characterization of their people as “little brown rats,” particularly after watching their $300 million investment go up in flames — but still, this formerly cool-as-a-cucumber character screaming?

Intelligent people don’t suddenly become stupid. However detestable, master manipulators don’t start lobbing racist insults at folks whose money they need just because they’re having a bad day. Would it really have taken so much to have allowed Mr. Laurie some consistency until the bitter end?

But then again tehDonald has probably never worked as a night manager in one of his hotels.

… While the entertainment value would be undeniable, the political value to Trump seems less certain.

Faring well against Sanders offers limited upside, since there is little chance Sanders will be his general election opponent. Trump also has been speaking kindly about Sanders lately, saying the Democratic nominating contest is rigged against the senator. The charm offensive appears to be part of a strategy to bring some of Sanders’s supporters into the Trump camp. Why risk blowing those chances by beating up on Sanders — and angering his backers — in a debate?

Losing to Sanders would be embarrassing, of course. It would make Trump look weak against the second-strongest Democrat in the race.

In short, Trump would seem to have little to gain and a lot to lose by debating Sanders.

It isn’t even a Hail Mary with around 70 delegates remaining to achieve Hillary’s nomination victory, so any effects would be broader and perhaps even historical — imagine DJT going off script with an anti-semitic comment much like today’s press tantrum. The benefit to a November victory would be greater than any costs to the Clinton campaign, which will insists on a kind of neoliberal policy of necessary evils that underlies the movie’s plot.

And like November, one needs to wait for the ending and like Hiddleston’s character, Bernie has nothing to lose, even as the defection of superdelegates is an impossible hope.

Ironically, fans were outraged when earlier in the series, they were denied the sight of Hiddleston’s bare bottom, aka “Hiddlesbum.” The sex scene had caused a social media meltdown in the U.K. when it first aired, and Hiddlestoners were similarly vocal, but in protest, to the censorship in the U.S. version of the scene. In response, AMC released the uncut version of the episode for future airings, online and on the AMC app.


 In the end it will be about tRumps.


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3 Responses to A historic moment revealing a Pyhrric defeat for Trump

  1. wordcloud9 says:

    The actors in The Night Manager all seem more coherent and capable of reason than Donald Trump. Since Trump doesn’t have even 10 seconds of experience in public office, they are at least as qualified to be the next U.S.President, except for that born in America thing.

  2. shortfinals says:

    Ahhh! Yes, ‘that born in America thing’…I simply KNEW there was a reason I wasn’t more qualified than Trump *sigh*

  3. SF,
    It is it any consolation, Percy the Pug was born in the USA and was more qualified.

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