After Trump’s defeat, a new American Warlordism

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Trump’s now inevitable loss will signal perhaps a Democratic age for at least two years until the residual misogyny gains yet another mid-term resurgence of reactionary fervor as they did in 1994 (class), 2010 (race), and 2018 (gender). Will it extend to secessionist movements intent on “keeping oaths”.

Trumpian Birtherism as a pernicious racist meme is now normalized in everyday micro-aggressions, so why shouldn’t the sexism of “locker-room talk” be even more ubiquitous, especially among those pathetic, majoritarian populations of privilege.Twinks for Trump will become that new Godwinjugend.


This time there could be a significant states-rights shock doctrine, and with the now fractious insubordination of rank and file police forces like San Antonio’s, we could tip closer to that Jade Helm fantasy of an American Warlordism risen from Trumpism’s ashes as the RWNJ Breitbartian armed vanguard.

Not content to be a post-FoxNews RW media empire, Trumpism might not fade but gain further momentum as a prepper-driven, regional snack-regency. This remake of Jimmy Kimmel’s Man Show will grab wildlife refuge territories for capitalist land barons with enclaves defended by privat(ized) armies as North Dakota has given us a glimpse in the DAPL protests. And secession fantasies will continue in a mass media cottage industry as old as the Republic.

the goal of states rights secessionists is to dissolve the nation into this libertarian delusion

More banana republicanism beyond Deplore-lords…


Inimitable Jane Mayer– Donald Trump, American Oligarch  via @newyorker

Photo published for Donald Trump, American Oligarch - The New Yorker

Donald Trump, American Oligarch – The New Yorker

Will Americans shift from embracing the ideal of political equality and joint sacrifice to a might-is-right form of governance?

This past summer, when Donald Trump dumped his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, in the midst of revelations about Manafort’s financial ties to Russian oligarchs, Anne Applebaum, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, wrote that the real problem wasn’t that Trump is sympathetic to Russian oligarchs, it was that “he is a Russian oligarch.” Trump, Applebaum explained, is “an oligarch in the Russian style—a rich man who aspires to combine business with politics and has an entirely cynical and instrumental attitude toward both.”


Now, with the Times reporting that congressionally crafted loopholes for real-estate magnates could have enabled Trump to legally evade all income taxes for eighteen years, while earning as much as fifty million dollars a year, we have a perfect example of how oligarchic interests have made inroads in the United States. The question now is whether the American public favors this trend…


The defense of tax avoidance by Trump and his surrogates may be a particularly hard sell in light of his relentless trash-talking of America’s roads, airports, schools, military, and other publicly financed projects. “Our country’s becoming a Third World country!” Trump reiterated at a rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night. If so, voters might fairly say, as Hillary Clinton did at last week’s debate, “Maybe because you haven’t paid any federal income tax for a lot of years.”…

The below makes sense only if one believes in a kind of Mad Max post-apocalypse economy and the Kochs look like this entrepreneur. And that remains the pitch of the Libertarian Party, even if their candidate refuses to put down the pipe. And water, fossil-fuel, and bullets will become the coin of the realm.

The first appearance of the word “warlord” dates to 1856, when used by American philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson 

How Drudge, Assange, Greenwald and the Pauls Are Unifying Under a Libertarian Banner

As the far-right and the far-left grow increasingly pissy about their respective stations, and, more importantly, the fact that the two major parties are rightfully taking them less seriously by the day, these two seemingly disparate factions are converging under the banner of libertarianism…


Rather than influencing the debate, this emerging coalition is in the process of exiling itself from the two party paradigm and thus from being taken seriously as it summarily rejects anyone who acknowledges the necessity for compromise, for a rational fact-based debate and intellectual honesty. Good riddance. The sooner the fringe crackpots fully marginalize themselves from participating in the national discussion, the sooner the grown-ups will be able to effectively govern again — something that hasn’t really occurred in years due in part to cacophonous screeching about war crimes, drones and death panels.

While Greenwald, Assange, Drudge and the Pauls are busily shouting at invisible enemies about everything from the vast and pernicious NSA security state to conspiracy theories about the possible assassination of Snowden by the U.S. government, the rest of us will finally be able carry on with a serious, rational discussion about running the country.…


These change-averse, power-grabbing U.S.-based Warlords are working and living amongst us in every walk of life. Think of Warlords like a malware on your computer: they wedge their way in, gum up the works and pop up demanding unwanted attention.

American Warlords come in all shapes and sizes, but they share two things in common:

(1) an insatiable need to hoard, and

(2) a mindset that is more closed to change than open to innovation. Warlord likes things the way they are.

America Warlordism is so powerful that it transcends even traditional left-right, Democratic-Republican political conflicts.

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