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Stephen Miller: demography sans democracy

  By ann summers Stephen “dont call me Space Cowboy Maurice” Miller has shrewdly used his time to feather his own WH nest by controlling immigration policy while his noisier counterpart Steve Bannon was fighting with everybody else. One can … Continue reading

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President Bannon and his orange sidekick Leeroy Jenkins gives a Polish speech

By ann summers 40 people dressed in Trump masks and suits rolling into the surf. The world despises the unhinged traitorous & ignorant Trump. — RiotWomenn (@riotwomennn) July 8, 2017 Ever the self-promoter, Trump’s speech crafted no doubt by … Continue reading

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Customs and Border Patrol Warrantless Searches

Dating back to at least 2009, Customs and Border Patrol has detained pilots of general aviation aircraft and have conducted warrantless searches.  In a typical scenario, after a routine flight, you land at your destination, taxi to the ramp—and then … Continue reading

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Bad Dudes are as mythical as False Flags

   By ann summers Fascinating crypto-fascism… Over 1400 more days of orange mobile-suit dictatorship remain because … gutless Congress scared of impeachment in the face of GOP majorities. And what better way to create a greater supply of bad dudes … Continue reading

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by NONA BLYTH CLOUD When the Germans invaded Denmark in April, 1940, Piet Hein (1905-1996) was a 34-year-old scientist and inventor, who had to decide between three responses: do nothing, flee to “neutral” Sweden — or join the Danish resistance movement. As he explained … Continue reading

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Morning Open Thread – Flying over evil with a drone

Morning Open Thread is an open discussion forum for human interest news of the day. The growing hobby of quadricopters, when mixed with high definition video cameras, has opened doors to places, people and things we could only imagine before. … Continue reading

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A Balkanization too far: taking back The United Counties of America

By ann summers Malheur Wildlife Refuge’s standoff even with its indicted malingerers demonstrates the abject FAIL of the Bundystani attempt to create a county-level bantustan near Burns, Oregon. However, chances are the armed farces now cruising Burns in their flag-flying pickup trucks have nothing … Continue reading

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Word Cloud: GUNFIRE

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD GUNFIRE Someone picks up a gun and points it, At some famous face they think they know, Then pulls the trigger — The bullet nicks the heart of the world And we all bleed. Someone picks … Continue reading

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71 years ago this week, two honorable men met.

By Chuck Stanley “You follow the rules for you, not for the enemy. You fight by the rules to keep your humanity. If I ever see or hear of you shooting at a man in a parachute, I will shoot … Continue reading

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