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by NONA BLYTH CLOUD Illegal Immigrants. Refugees. Slave Trafficking. Ugly words that represent an explosion of desperation among the world’s most vulnerable peoples. The number of “forcibly displaced” people in the world is at the highest level on record. We … Continue reading

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Trump’s immigration policy as ethnic cleansing prescription

By ann summers   So we now have heard from an orange realtor pitching the US a Southern Wall timeshare that Mexico will pay for. And being Latino is not illegal, nor is being Muslim, yet that is what is now … Continue reading

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Mexican Drumpfster Fire spreads to New Hampshire

By ann summers   Continuing to ad lib his way through the pre-Cleveland daze of Summer, tehDonald tries to do something to make up for his teleprompter droning and in New Hampshire thinking that there were no Latinos in the audience… … Continue reading

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Word Cloud: REQUIEM

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD When you write 60 to 70 profiles of poets a year, you read a lot of poetry. Searching for poems that make you want to read more is both joy and drudgery. Joy when you find something … Continue reading

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Word Cloud: MIGRANT

by Nona Blyth Cloud “Poetry is a call to action and it also is action. Sometimes we say, “This tragedy, it happened far away. I don’t know what to do. I’m concerned but I’m just dangling in space.” A poem can lead … Continue reading

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tRump’s First TV ad in Iowa, Iowa that’s where the tall Idiocracy grows

By ann summers Today’s GOP has shown during the presidency of the actual first Black President that it can be only interested in obstructing legislation (losing count now of ACA repeal votes) and ultimately a kleptocratic capitalism. It is the … Continue reading

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Questions for the GOP candidates at their December 15 debate: 70,000 Cuban refugees coming to the Southern US border

By ann summers Dear GOP POTUS candidates in the 15 December debate on CNN:  In the fervor to deny refugee status to Syrians because TERROR, what of the possibly 70,000 Cubans now trying to gain egress past the as yet … Continue reading

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