Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Has Reportedly Asked the FBI to Investigate a Threatening Tweet He Allegedly Received from the Son of a Mexican Drug Lord Who Escaped from Prison

By Elaine Magliaro


John Santucci of ABC News reported yesterday that presidential candidate Donald Trump had asked the FBI “to look into a threatening tweet he received in the wake of a post on the social network he wrote about Mexican drug lord El Chapo, who recently escaped from prison.” Sources told ABC that “The Donald” had “contacted the FBI’s Office in Manhattan on Monday.” Santucci added that Trump had been “tweeting about El Chapo’s escape to bolster his claims on immigration and border security.”

Neetzan Zimmerman (The Hill) noted that “Donald Trump’s victory lap over the recent escape of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman was interrupted Monday by a death threat issued from a Twitter account allegedly belonging to the notorious Mexican drug lord’s son.”


“Keep f–king around, and I’ll make you eat all of your goddamn words,” tweeted @ElChap0Guzman — an unverified account with over 250,000 followers said to be El Chapo’s official presence on the social network.

According to Nick Visser (Huffington Post), the hair-challenged real estate magnate and bloviator who recently “accused Mexico of sending criminals to the U.S., took to Twitter to criticize U.S. border policies, immigration reform and the war on drugs after Guzman, head of the notorious Sinaloa Cartel, escaped.”

In a statement yesterday, Trump said, “I’m fighting for much more than myself. I’m fighting for the future of our country which is being overrun by criminals. You can’t be intimidated. This is too important.”

According to ABC, a “massive manhunt is currently under way for Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, who escaped over the weekend from a maximum security prison in Mexico.” El Chapo, the “leader of the Sinaloa cartel escaped from the Altiplano prison, 55 miles west of Mexico City, shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday.” El Chapo had reportedly been arrested in February 2014 after he spent more than 10 years on the run.

I wonder if “El Chapo” will come after loudmouth bigot Trump with a comb and a brush?????


Donald Trump Asks FBI to Investigate El Chapo Related Threat (ABC News)

Donald Trump Calls FBI After Purported Twitter Threat From El Chapo (Huffington Post)

Trump calls in FBI after death threat from ‘El Chapo’s son’ (The Hill)

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11 Responses to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Has Reportedly Asked the FBI to Investigate a Threatening Tweet He Allegedly Received from the Son of a Mexican Drug Lord Who Escaped from Prison

  1. swarthmoremom says:

    He is numero uno in the latest republican poll. They like his message.

  2. pete says:

    No problem, just let “The Trumpet” negotiate.

  3. bron98 says:

    I wonder if trump will put a contract on him

  4. pete says:

    and make him pay for it

  5. bettykath says:

    “with a comb and a brush?” Yes, a comb for his hair and a brush for his behind. or maybe a brush for his mouth.

  6. ann summers says:

    just remember, Donald, “No, means No”

  7. That’s a mean thing to do to a kitty, pete. :mrgreen:

  8. ann summers says:

    “The Ugly American is a 1958 political novel by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer. The book depicts the failures of the U.S. diplomatic corps, whose insensitivity to local language and customs was in marked contrast to the polished abilities of East bloc (primarily Soviet) diplomacy and led to Communist diplomatic success overseas”
    Reaganism in its cultist fetishism (see Reagan on Mt Rushmore), now is the reproduced mantle now taken on by Donald Trump in his latest bid for capitalist huckster(bee) publicity, but rather than the Godfather of soul being given his cloak for an encore, we have the comb-over of the Rogaine-free zone of American crony capitalism. Head GOP Bozo on the Clown Bus, the left prays for finally someone so odious that even the precedent of electing St Ronnie can finally be put to absurd rest and 2016 might see rational discourse… until the next dope arrives, Walker, Huckabee, Santorum, Cruz…

  9. James Knauer says:

    Of course, the betting money is on which comes first? Third party or brokered convention? I’ve got 50 quatloos on Trump v Bush, with all lesser foes being robbed of oxygen. The crystal ball goes decidedly cloudy thereafter…

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