America, “a divided crime scene”, terminated with extreme vetting



By ann summers


The GOP seeks a perfect storm to excite their base by scheduling an opportunity for Open Carry idiots to confront Cleveland protestors outside the secure zone in a surreal 8th grade reenactors’  version of Kent State. And then there’s the paramilitary boondoggle.


You can go to Cleveland again, but 1970s Tom Wolfe has now returned to the land of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, god-whistling in the dark, as the Koch-Brothers’ Heartland Institute references his text online.

What better speaker could one have than the silicon libertarian guy who bankrolled the bankruptcy of Gawker — and tonight is Benghazi Night! Will someone yell “fire” during the moment of silence. Or will they yell “ready, aim”.…

“What kind of vice president are you going to be?” Lesley Stahl asked Indiana Governor Mike Pence in his first interview with Donald Trump since Trump selected Pence as his presidential running mate.



Trump was the first to answer. “I would like somebody who is active,” says Trump. “I would like somebody that can go out and really do it,” as well as somebody well known in Washington, DC, and well liked by the Republican leadership. And on that score, Trump says he has already gotten important party approval for his choice of Pence. “[Speaker of the House] Paul Ryan called me up immediately and said, ‘What a great choice,'” Trump says.







Of course, there were those graduate school years at MIT for Noyce, but that would disrupt the juxtaposition

These people, now revered as the “greatest generation,” built modern California. Wolfe’s essay “Two Young Men Who Went West,” the finest short history of the early Silicon Valley ever written, details the cultural baggage that Intel cofounder Robert Noyce brought with him to California from Grinnell, Iowa, after the war:

Noyce was like a great many bright young men and women from Dissenting Protestant families in the Middle West after the Second World War. They had been raised as Baptists, Methodists, Congregationalists, Presbyterians, United Brethren, whatever. They had been led through the Church door and prodded toward religion, but it had never come alive for them. Sundays made their skulls feel like dried-out husks. So they slowly walked away from the church and silently, without so much as a growl of rebellion, congratulated themselves on their independence of mind and headed into another way of life. Only decades later, in most cases, would they discover how, absentmindedly, inexplicably, they had brought the old ways along for the journey nonetheless. It was as if . . . through some extraordinary mistake . . . they had been sewn into the linings of their coats!



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4 Responses to America, “a divided crime scene”, terminated with extreme vetting

  1. wordcloud9 says:

    I like the description of the persistence of the religion of one’s childhood – popping up in later life, seemingly from nowhere, but having only been lying dormant for a few decades. Like seeds during a drought, which sprout into flowers or rampant weeds the first day of a heavy rain.

  2. The news media has just discovered a significant portion of Ms. Trump’s speech this evening was plagiarized, word for word, from a speech Michelle Obama made to the Democratic National Convention. In an interview, she emphasized how little help she had writing that speech. By tomorrow morning, this is going to be a big story. Did some speechwriter screw up, did Donnie write (steal) the speech for her, was it one of her kids, or was it her own (stolen) creation.

    Social media never forgets anything. They should have known better, unless this was a deliberate sabotage effort by a disgruntled mole speechwriter in the Trump campaign. I’ll get the popcorn.

  3. pete says:


    I’d like to think Milania did this herself. After being married to “The Donald” maybe she knows better than anyone else how completely unqualified he is for office.

    Until I read this post it never dawned on me why the logo for the event is an elephant on half of a guitar. Is “Hey, there’s a rock and roll hall of fame around here somewhere” really the only thing they could say about their convention and the city of Cleveland.

    I guess they couldn’t get anyone from “The Drew Carey Show” to speak.

  4. Pete,
    The more I thought about it overnight, I agree. She probably did it herself.

    As for speakers, my favorite of the evening was that black sheriff who was decked out in a uniform that made him look like a refugee from a Gilbert & Sullivan musical.

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