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a Gainsborough attacked, British landed gentry safe from stochastic terrorism

By ann summers ‘The Morning Walk’ by Thomas Gainsborough shows an elegant young couple strolling through a woodland landscape, an attentive dog at the lady’s heel. William Hallett and Elizabeth Stephen were both aged 21 and due to be married … Continue reading

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Morning Open Thread – Do NOT park illegally in this city.

Morning Open Thread is an open discussion forum for human interest news of the day. If you are ever visiting Vladimir, Russia, be careful where you park. They take illegal parking seriously. Video below the fold was recorded last February … Continue reading

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Kevin Bollaert, Creator of a “Revenge Porn” Website, Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison

By Elaine Magliaro Last Friday, Kamala D. Harris, California’s Attorney General, announced that Kevin Christopher Bollaert, “the operator of a cyber-exploitation website which posted nude photos of individuals with personal identifying information without their consent, was sentenced to 18 years in … Continue reading

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Not Eaxctly “Weekend at Bernie’s”: Minnesota Man Suspected of Taking Dead Mother to Bank to Withdraw Money

By Elaine Magliaro Earlier this week, news media reported that police in Plymouth, Minnesota, were investigating a man named David Vanzo  “for elderly neglect and financial exploitation of his mother…” Tom Lyden (MyFox9) said, “Detectives wonder if he brought his … Continue reading

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Flori-duh Justice – “I’ll beat your ass!”

by GENE HOWINGTON Judge John Murphy of Brevard County, Florida, challenged veteran public defender Andrew Weinstock to a fight on Monday.  In court.  On camera. The disagreement?  Weinstock refused to waive his client’s right to trial. “Judge” Murphy allegedly punched … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Truther Steals Peace Sign from Playground Honoring the Memory of Newtown Shooting Victim

BY ELAINE MAGLIARO Conspiracy theories abound in this country. The conspiracy theorists that people are probably most familiar with are the 9/11 truthers and the Obama birthers. What I hadn’t been aware of until recently was the existence of a … Continue reading

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Sneaker Pimp, Singular

By GENE HOWINGTON Not to be confused with the British trip-hop band Sneaker Pimps, Portland based Sirgiorgiro Clardy is a singularly different kind of sneaker pimp. In June of 2012, Clardy beat a john so badly with his Nike Air … Continue reading

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How (Not) To Tip

By GENE HOWINGTON Tipping is a common practice in the restaurant and bar industries in America.  Many people have different philosophies about the practice ranging from the very stingy practice of nothing at all espoused by Steve Bucemi’s character Mr. … Continue reading

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Baby Slapper Gets Eight Months In Time Out. Too Long?

By MARK ESPOSITO Joe Rickey Hundley was having a bad day … a really bad day  … when he boarded Delta flight 721 from Minneapolis to Atlanta. It seems his son had slipped into a diabetic coma the day before and … Continue reading

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