ON THIS DAY: May 19, 2017

May 19th is

Bike to Work Day *

Devil’s Food Cake Day

Endangered Species Day *

Hepatitis Testing Day

O. Henry Pun-off Day *

Pizza Party Day


MORE! Charles Sumner, Nellie Melba and O. Henry, click

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Word Cloud: Maytime


Welcome to the third week of the darling bards of May (with apologies to Shakespeare). As you might expect, most of the poets are English and American, but we do have one of the most famous Italian poets, and a modern Swedish poet this week. As a group, they cover over 750 years of poetry.

Much has changed in that amount of time, including the forms of poetry, yet the content is often very much the same. Humankind has radically altered many of the externals of our existence, while the large themes that poets were concerned with in the past – Life, Death, Love, Loneliness, Joy, Despair, War, Peace, Oppression, Freedom, Eternity – are still concerns of poets now.

May 14

  • Mary Biddinger (1974 – )

Mary Biddinger was born in Fremont California, author of four books of poetry. She is a professor in the English department of the University of Akron. As senior editor of the Akron Series in Poetry, she oversees preparation of three collections of poetry each year, published by the University of Akron Press. Biddinger also founded the Barn Owl Review.

Parlor Games Are For The Weak

Calligraphy was for girls with nobody
to knife like a tree. Bowling

was for lives that never got lucky.
By the time I had my first

apartment, I kept a lipstick in every
room. There were exactly

three rooms. The garbage chute
backed up seven floors.

Old ladies of ghost vaudeville paid
for pints of gin with dimes

downstairs. Card games, violent
hairpieces, an illegal gray

monkey dressed as a rooster clown.
Certain days I swore they

boiled unpaired boots in the atrium.
Some tenants were never

seen, had Polish maids with elbows
like witch-handles, laundry

hampers and harp buckets. I failed
to comprehend a word.


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ON THIS DAY: May 18, 2017

May 18th is

Cheese Soufflé Day

Buy a Musical Instrument Day *

International Museum Day *

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day *

National No Dirty Dishes Day

MORE! Omar Khayyam, Margot Fonteyn and Jackie Cochran, click

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The Trump White House is Snakes on an Airplane! … not Flight 93

 By ann summers

Not to forgive the flawed logic of Bret Stephens’s NYT piece on global warming, but perhaps he’s attempting a rapprochement in his choice of the easy target in his latest effort on Michael Anton’s Flight 93 Election.


Stephens defends that hallowed ground of conservatism, neoliberal capitalism and lands few punches other than echoing the “unhinged” euphemism that has been an unfortunately normalized description of Lord Dampnut.

No RW activist can compare to the actions of the actual flight 93 passengers and it is presumptuous for them to make that analogy even if it fits the Bannonist millenarianism and its generational suicide pacts.

May 22 cover of The New Yorker with james Comey, Jeff Sessions and Donald trump on an airplane.

In case you’ve had the pleasure of forgetting, “The Flight 93 Election” was the title of a portentous essay, published last September under a Roman pseudonym in The Claremont Review of Books, that declared the stakes for the United States in 2016 thus: “Charge the cockpit or you die.”

In the lurid imagination of the author — it turned out to be Michael Anton, who now holds a senior job in the White House — the American republic was Flight 93, a plane deliberately set on a course for destruction by liberals and their accomplices in the Republican establishment and the globalist “Davoisie.” As for Donald Trump, Anton implied that he was the political equivalent of Todd Beamer, the heroic passenger who cried “Let’s Roll” in a desperate bid for salvation.


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ON THIS DAY: May 17, 2017

May 17th is

Cherry Cobbler Day

Same Sex Marriage Day *

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day *

National Walnut Day *

World Hypertension Day *

World Neurofibromatosis Day *

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day *

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia *


MORE! Edward Jenner, Rosalía de Castro and Erik Satie, click

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ON THIS DAY: May 16, 2017

May 16th is

Biographer’s Day *

Coquilles Saint Jacques Day

Mimosa Day

Honor Our LGBT Elders’ Day *

National Love a Tree Day

MORE! James Boswell, Margret Rey and  Bob Dylan, click

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ON THIS DAY: May 15, 2017

May 15th is

International Families Day *

Chocolate Chip Day

National Straw Hat Day

Nylon Stockings Day *

Peace Officer Memorial Day *

International MPS Awareness Day *

TSC Global Awareness Day *

MORE! Johannes Kepler, Katherine Anne Porter and Madeleine Albright, click

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