School Principal in Providence Announces Snow Day with a Youtube Parody of “Let It Go”

By Elaine Magliaro

It’s a little after 9:00 am…and, fortunately, we haven’t lost power yet. That said, it’s looks like we’ve got at least eighteen inches of snow so far. We’re due to get another foot..or so. My guess is schools around here will be closed again tomorrow. I thought I’d post this “no school today” announcement made by the Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s a parody of the song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.

Adam Olenn, director of communications and community engagement for the Moses Brown School in Providence, said, “Sunday morning we saw the weather report and we said, ‘Oh, we’ve got to get this done.’”


“I’ve seen a couple of funny principal snow day closings and I thought we could really crush that,” Olenn says. The plan was to record the parody song in advance and have something in the can, ready for some future storm. This week that storm arrived.

“Of course, with two little girls,” Olenn says, “I’ve heard ‘Let It Go’ from ‘Frozen’ more than a couple times.”

“I sat down and wrote it in like 15 minutes,” he says. “I do like the fact that I was able to work in the fractals bit that was in the original song.”

Moses Brown – School Is Closed Announcement

Greg Cook (WBUR) said that it appears that Head of School Glendinning is singing in the video—but the voice you hear is actually that of the school’s choral director Justin Peters. The video was recorded at Celebration Sound studio in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Glenn said that they had spent a week or more shooting the video…and finished the last scenes on Friday morning.


The Local Guy Behind ‘Let It Go’ Snow Day Video That Everyone’s Talking About (WBUR)

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4 Responses to School Principal in Providence Announces Snow Day with a Youtube Parody of “Let It Go”

  1. Mike Spindell says:

    Brilliant and funny. Glad you’ve still got power Elaine.

  2. blouise says:

    Fractals!! Love it.

  3. Shared with my school peeps. Thank you, Elaine.

  4. bettykath says:

    Better than “school closings: yada, yada, yada”

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