Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald Discuss “Death by Metadata” on Democracy Now!


On February 10th, Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald published an article for The Intercept, their new digital news magazine, titled The NSA’s Role in the U.S. Assassination Program. In their article, they explained how the NSA is using “complex analysis of electronic surveillance” instead of human intelligence as its “primary method to locate targets for lethal drone strikes”—which the authors of the article claim is “an unreliable tactic that results in the deaths of innocent or unidentified people.”

A former drone operator who was a member of Joint Special Operations Command’s High Value Targeting task force agreed to discuss “the top-secret programs” with them “on the condition of anonymity.” The former drone operator revealed that the NSA “often identifies targets based on controversial metadata analysis and cell-phone tracking technologies. Rather than confirming a target’s identity with operatives or informants on the ground, the CIA or the U.S. military then orders a strike based on the activity and location of the mobile phone a person is believed to be using.”

Scahill and Greenwald appeared on Democracy Now! on the same day their article was published to discuss their story with Amy Goodman. Here’s the first part of the discussion:

Part 2 of “Death by Metadata”:

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  1. bigfatmike says:

    Imagine the news reports if terrorist defended attacks in this country by claiming the targets were military identified by the telephone numbers they dialed.

    Just great Obama. Now too many wrong numbers from the right people and we might get a Hellfire missile launched from a drone down the chimney.

    Remind me to turn off the cell phone tonight.

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