Music Theory: 2Cellos Thunder Strike Again

Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, better known as the duo 2Cellos, strike again with their rendition of AC/DC’s “Thunderstuck”.  The only thing missing?  Is no one sets a cello on fire and the maniacal laugh of Tom Hulce . . .


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14 Responses to Music Theory: 2Cellos Thunder Strike Again

  1. michaelbeaton says:

    I had no idea cellos could do that….
    what an exhilarating ‘culture clash’
    thanks for that share!

  2. Blouise says:

    Whew … lol … bow rehairing is expensive! And … the strings do get hot!

    Here’s a man who is one with the instrument:

  3. Tony C. says:

    I imagine Amadeus standing on the bar and applauding the 2Cellos with great hilarity.

  4. po says:

    Thanks for this, Gene. Just watched it with my son, who plays the cello, and he loved it. WE ended up watching several more of their videos on Youtube (it is like potato chips, can’t just eat one). And Blouise, he had the same reaction to the destruction of the bow, seeing how much pressure he is under to care for his!
    This is another Cello subverter, Rushad Eggleston, a local guy who never learned what the cello was for. He was also featured in this Mazda commercial

  5. Blouise says:


    I wonder if your son thought about tuning pegs slipping … gotta do a good chalk job before a performance like that.

  6. My daughter likes Thunderstruck. She posted this version on her Facebook page. This guy is The Badpiper.

  7. bigfatmike says:

    Don’t care the genre. I just want it to take me some place I’ve never been before.

    I am pretty sure we will be hearing much more from both 2Cellos and Badpiper in the future.

  8. Oro Lee says:

    The cello has certainly come a long way since the “worst piece of cello music in the history of cello music”

  9. BFM,
    This probably goes someplace you haven’t been before. The eighth century. This is Albannach delving into the ancient rhythms of Alba. You know Alba as Scotland. My daughter is friends with all of the musicians. The piper is Donne MacNeill, former Scottish national champion piper. The fellow with long hair and boundless energy in the middle is Jamsie. Kiddo thinks he is “hot.” Must be, since she never misses a chance to give him a hug and kiss.

    • bigfatmike says:

      @CS “This probably goes someplace you haven’t been before.”

      Well, I don’t recall going their before but maybe in a previous life. For some reason I felt this urge to join the group in some strange ritual. Lucky I watched that in daylight. If it had been night with the flickering light of a fire they might not have seen me for a long time.

  10. BFM,
    You mean something like the torchlight ceremony at the opening ceremony of the Grandfather Mountain Highland games?

    See you there. The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are always the first full weekend following the Fourth of July. There are some photos and videos online that caught me carrying one of those torches.

  11. bigfatmike says:


    Thanks for the photos. It looks like great fun. If that music can get someone like me to want to join in, maybe deep down we really are all brothers and sisters.

  12. Anonymouly Yours says:

    Wow…. Thanks Gene and Blouise….

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