Esquire’s Scott Raab Reports That Christie Prosecutor Gets Its Star Witness to Start Talking


I was doing research for a new post that I hope to write about Chris Christie and the Mastro Report, which exonerated the governor of New Jersey from any wrongdoing in the Bridgegate scandal, when I came upon the following post on Charlie Pierce’s Politics Blog at Esquire. The post is one in an ongoing series of stories about Christie written by Scott Raab. I thought my friends at Flowers for Socrates might be interested in reading it. I’m posting an excerpt from and a link to the article:

NOTE: Scott Raab is an Esquire writer at large and New Jersey resident who has covered the Port Authority for years.

Exclusive: Christie Prosecutor Gets Its Star Witness to Start Talking


Bad news for Chris Christie — and very good news for the citizens of New Jersey: Esquire has learned from sources close to the investigation that David Wildstein, the former Port Authority operative who helped plan and execute the Great Fort Lee Clusterfk, is now cooperating with Paul Fishman, the federal prosecutor investigating the soon-to-be-ex-governor and his minions for criminal conduct. Fishman has also increased the number of investigators at work on the case, and has begun presenting evidence and witnesses to a grand jury in Newark.

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2 Responses to Esquire’s Scott Raab Reports That Christie Prosecutor Gets Its Star Witness to Start Talking

  1. The fish rots from the head, but it’s the gills that go over first. That’s why Wildstein was cut loose so fast. While this is certainly turning out to be a career ending episode for Christie, in a just world, he and his cohorts would all go to prison for abusing the public trust. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Elaine. And that photo illustration of Christie? Is just brutally funny. 😀

  2. Mike Spindell says:

    Good catch Elaine. The problem with having henchmen that you can throw under the bus, as Christie did with Wildstein, is that once under the bus they realize they owe you nothing and must see to themselves. I suspect it was Christie’s hubris to believe that once trashed they would remain loyal to him.

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