“Right-Wing Hack” Laura Ingraham Hired by Major Network’s News Division


Guess which major network’s news division just hired “right-wing hack” Laura Ingraham as a news contributor? ABC! George Stephanopoulos, host of ABC’s This Week, made the announcement last Sunday. Politico reported on Monday that Ingraham will continue to serve as a Fox News contributor, as guest host for “The O’Reilly Factor”—and will also continue as the host of her own radio program. Ingraham served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and “as a speechwriter-turned-adviser to President Ronald Reagan.” She joined Fox News in 2007.

Laura Ingraham Attacks Sotomayor ‘Allegiance’ to US Because She’s Puerto Rican

Media Matters said of the new ABC news contributor: “Ingraham has repeatedly engaged in inflammatory and hateful rhetoric, lobbing numerous attacks against everyone from President Obama to people who receive government assistance to her favorite target, immigrants” on The Laura Ingraham Show. On its blog post Meet ABC News’ Newest Contributor, Laura Ingraham: 10 Moments That Illustrate The Right-Wing Radio Host’s Fringe Viewpoints And Disdain For Civil Discourse, Media Matters provides examples of Ingraham’s “most hateful moments” from the past year.

Here’s one of those moments:

Ingraham Used A Gunshot Sound Effect To Cut Off A Replay Of Rep. John Lewis’ March On Washington Speech. During her coverage of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington in August 2013, Ingraham criticized the event and its speakers, saying the goal “was to co-opt the legacy of Martin Luther King into a modern-day liberal agenda.” She then played a clip of a speech from Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who was the youngest speaker at the 1963 March on Washington, abruptly interrupting the playback of his comments with the sound of a loud gunshot. Following criticism of this sound effect, Ingraham defended her use of the gunshot sound, instead calling it a “blow up effect” and claiming that criticism of her using the sound effect on Lewis was an attempt “to crush free speech.” (Media Matters)

Heather Digby Parton of Salon also provided examples of some of Ingraham’s “most disgraceful” comments about immigration from last year. Here is one of them:

November 21, 2013

Ingraham Repeatedly Mocked An Immigration Protestor For Speaking English With An Accent. In November 2013, Ingraham repeatedly mocked a woman who was protesting the Obama administration’s record number of deportations, saying, “Wait, what did she say at the end? I can’t — I need a translator. I speak Spanish too. I’d rather have her just speak Spanish, at least I’d understand that.” She then went on to affect the woman’s accent, stating, “No want more amnesty. No want more lies. No want more phony promises. No want more people coming into the country, filling up our schools and our emergency rooms, having anchor babies and then blaming us for it. No want more that.

Good work, ABC. Way to go!


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7 Responses to “Right-Wing Hack” Laura Ingraham Hired by Major Network’s News Division

  1. pete says:

    Was Ann Coulter tied up.

    Perhaps I should rephrase that.

  2. swarthmoremom says:

    No need to rephrase it ,pete. lol

  3. Elaine M. says:


    I’d say Coulter is “bound up”–considering that she’s so full of something.

  4. bigfatmike says:

    All the small minded meanness of Beck with none of the humor.

    Just what ABC needed to appeal to the Michael Savage demographic.

  5. Blouise says:

    Gearing up for 2016 … something we’ve already experienced as a driving force in our own little blogasphere founding.

    BTW … has anyone figured out what “new, grass-route, republican movement” is replacing the “moral/christian majority/family values/ teaparty” group? I keep waiting for the new-name rollout.

  6. Mike Spindell says:

    ABC is owned by Disney, which is a quite conservative company except for their view on gay rights. Ingraham’s brother is gay show she has stated that “being gay is not a choice”. Interestingly though, she has supported anti-gay candidates. http://www.secularnewsdaily.com/2010/10/laura-ingraham-being-gay-absolutely-not-a-choice/ Ingraham is like many of those minions who make their living off of conservative money in that conscience is trumped by expedience. I’m sure that now that she is at ABC she will become as “gay friendly” as her new employer. The major TV networks in America are all about corporatist propaganda and they pay so well they have a cast of willing accomplices.

  7. Oky1 says:


    I just wanted you to know I’ve been noticing your great work around here.

    We’re truly living in the time of Horn of Plenty, Horn of Plenty of Evil People that is, but there’s a natural limit to just how many rocks I can sling a day. LOL

    But I’ve time to stop and throw a couple through Laura Ingraham’s window.

    I can’t stand the BS she spews.

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