Sean Hannity, Jon Stewart, and That Racist, Gun Totin’ Welfare Queen Cliven Bundy (Videos)


I’m sure most of you have heard all about Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his standoff with the Bureau of Land Management. As I’m pressed for time today, I won’t rehash the whole story. I think James Greiff (Bloomberg) provides an excellent perspective on the Cliven Bundy story in his article Welfare Queens in Cowboy Hats.

Greiff begins by saying that Bundy’s tale has “all the elements of a certain type of political theater, making it inevitable that he would become a hero in the conservative blogosphere and a fixture on Fox News.” He adds that the story line told in these forums goes something akin to the following: “Heavy-handed federal bureaucrats, having seized Bundy’s cattle, were forced to back down after being confronted by cowboys on horseback toting nothing more than their side arms and an unshakable faith in the U.S. Constitution. (A little-told detail: A sniper or two were concurrently taking aim at the federal agents.)”

Greiff continues:

Bundy was painted as a man being “squeezed” by the federal government, and deserving of our sympathy. Or, more profoundly, he was cast in the same mold as Mohandas Gandhi and George Washington, men who disobeyed unjust laws to bring about revolutionary change. The word “tyranny” was used so often it became background noise in the news coverage.

Let’s dispense with niceties: Bundy is a freeloading scofflaw, a welfare queen in a Stetson who claimed what wasn’t his. He took subsidies from U.S. taxpayers and refused to pay the $1.2 million he owed for using federal — make that our — land.

Bundy has neither history nor law on his side in his long-running dispute with the U.S. government. He asserts that his grazing rights were established in 1880 when his ancestors settled the land where his ranch sits. By some reasoning understood only by him and his range-war sympathizers, the federal government has no constitutional right to interfere with his grazing cattle.There is a gaping flaw with this argument. As several writers have noted, the Nevada constitution, adopted in 1864 as a condition of statehood, trumps Bundy’s right to graze on public land. It says:

“That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.”

Click here to read the rest of Greiff’s article.

Cliven Bundy definitely became an American hero to Sean Hannity. Hannity even interviewed Bundy on his Fox News? Show. A few nights ago, Jon Stewart skewered both men on The Daily Show. Here’s a video of that Daily Show segment:

Jon Stewart Tears into Sean Hannity for Cliven Bundy Hypocrisy: ‘Who Is on This Guy’s Side?’

BTW, contrary to Bundy’s remarks, his family has not lived on that ranch in Nevada for more than a century. Clark County property records show that Bundy’s parents bought the land in 1948—two years after Bundy was born.

A little insight into Sean Hannity’s hero:

Cliven Bundy’s Racist Remarks


Welfare Queens in Cowboy Hats (Bloomberg)

I-Team: Bundy’s ‘ancestral rights’ come under scrutiny (KLAS-TV)

Hero Rancher’s Family Has Been On Nevada Land Since Forever Or At Least 1948 (Wonkette)


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100 Responses to Sean Hannity, Jon Stewart, and That Racist, Gun Totin’ Welfare Queen Cliven Bundy (Videos)

  1. Anonymously Yours says:

    Excellent article Elaine. There is at present in DC the alliance of cowboy and Indian that want to keep the grange open…..

  2. Elaine M. says:


    I should have included a link to Mark Fiore’s newest political cartoon video “Cliven Bundy’s Home on the Range .”

  3. Gyges says:

    So, I just spent Easter with my brother, who went on a long rant about how he was going to drive the feds off his land if he needed too, and GOOD laws were things like “don’t kill or rape” and everything else was just politicians being something (I wandered off at this point because I really didn’t want to hear where this was going, and my beer was empty).

    Anyway, the myths that get built up in peoples minds about how they’re noble and pure and fighting against evil (by doing things that happen to be the easiest\cheapest course of action is) are amazing to me.

  4. Elaine M. says:


    Nice to have you commenting here! Haven’t heard from you in a long time.

    I’d say that folks like Sean Hannity help to feed those myths that build up in people’s minds.

  5. Anonymously Yours says:


    I think you did add it….

    It is good that gyges is here, I wonder how the brewmaster is doing?

  6. The timing of an empty beer can be important. 😀

  7. Anonymously Yours says:

    Not to take away from Elaine’s fine work…. Gene….. It’s bottles….. Unless he’s gone deeper into the cult of home brewing…. I wonder what the flavor of the day is……

  8. Blouise says:

    I posted this under the Empire thread but I guess it should have gone here.

    Cliven Bundy claims that his family has used the land in question since 1880 but the Nevada Constitution pre-dates this by 16 years. When Nevada became a state in 1864, its citizens gave up all claims to unappropriated federal land and codified this in the state’s Constitution. His ancestors could have gotten grazing rights but couldn’t have possible purchased more than 160 acres per homesteader under the Homestead Act. There were no 158,000 acre homestead privatizations and absolutely no 750,000 acre privatizations. And as to grazing rights, the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 specifically states that the issuance of a grazing permit does not confer any right to graze or right to own the land.

    After the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), all of Nevada, California, Arizona and most of New Mexico were part of the Cession. Much of this land was privatized under various grants and laws such as the Homestead Act and the Desert Lands Act, plus mining claims. Several million acres were granted to Nevada for state lands, but those lands that were not privatized have always been Mexican lands or United States lands owned by the U.S. government … public domain. The public domain was not for sale and in 1946 the Bureau of Land Management was created by executive order of President Truman to replace the Grazing Service. A grazing permit is a privilege not a right and this has been firmly affirmed by the U.S. courts and ranchers with grazing permits had to pay a grazing fee to use their permits.

    Bundy should have been gone a long time ago. He is nothing more than a freeloading, welfare rancher.

  9. Oky1 says:

    ** Tyler Durden’s picture
    Harry Reid Issues Statement On “Hateful Racist” Cliven Bundy
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/24/2014 – 13:30

    Presented with no comment… “Today, Bundy revealed himself to be a hateful racist… Bundy has endangered the lives of innocent women and children… it is unacceptable for individuals to use violence or the threat of violence to advance their radical views.” **

    You can’t be a “Hateful Racist”, endangering the lives of innocent women and children and the unacceptable practice of using violence or the threat of violence to advance ones radical views unless you’re the govt-Sen Reid working a sweet land scam with the Chinese ripping off Citizen paying only $0.10 on the dollar for their assets.

    ****Reid also has a bad habit of racial bigotry. He once praised fellow Sen. Barack Obama because he was, in Reid’s words, a “light-skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” **

  10. pdm says:

    This is latest Stewart- Hannity feud chapter.. It kills!. It had the audience screaming.—hannity-obsession

  11. Tony C. says:

    I see, Bundy thinks blacks lost freedom when slavery ended. And now they have less freedom if they receive welfare, and less freedom if they do not have to work for a living.

    Funny how these Libertarians always have to redefine the meaning of words (like “freedom”) to justify their bigotry and callousness toward others. It wouldn’t be so bad if their redefinitions remained constant; I can argue in any language that remains consistent. But they do not; the meaning of “freedom” to Bundy in this clip will not be the meaning he applies anywhere else. If it was, he would be more “free” if enslaved, and is less “free” by receiving free cattle feed on public land.

    But no, to the likes of Bundy and Libertarians, “freedom” is a nice sounding word that means whatever they want it to mean at the moment; thrown in as a justification for their claim they should never have to pay anything to anybody; much like a food coloring to make their gray gruel look a little more appetizing without changing the bitter flavor.

  12. Elaine M. says:

    Cliven Bundy: I put a question before the world
    Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy defends his comments about the ‘black community’ and slavery during a press conference. (CNN)

  13. Elaine M. says:

    By Sheer Coincidence, Conservative Martyrs Keep Turning Out to Be Huge Racists

    Earlier this month, I argued that racial resentment partially explains the political durability of the GOP’s position on Medicaid expansion and voting rights, and that the debate over issues like these is hobbled by the right’s unwillingness to accept the possibility that race ever helps produce an intensity gap in any policy dispute.

    I received a ton of pushback from conservative readers, most of whom hold these positions based on ideological priors other than white supremacy. Unsurprisingly they were reluctant to admit that, to the extent that their views are winning the day in states across the south, it’s thanks to the support of a non-negligible number of racist, or racially resentful white voters.

    These policy debates have conveniently coincided with a variety of culture war flareups that place these same conservatives on the side of right-wing martyrs who then just happen to reveal themselves to be enormous racists.

    There was Rand Paul’s aide who had moonlighted as a pro-segregation radio personality called The Southern Avenger. Then there was Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, who placed homosexuality in the same orbit of sin as terrorism, and argued that civil rights equality had turned black people from happy subservients to bitter welfare recipients.

    And now there’s the lawless, mooching Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who takes things further than Robertson and argues that slavery, not segregation, was truly the golden age for “the negroes.” Better to be enslaved than subsidized—unless your subsidy comes in the form of the public land upon which your cattle graze for free.

  14. Elaine M. says:

    Fox News flip flop: Sean Hannity backs away from Cliven Bundy the racist rancher
    After promoting Cliven Bundy as the poster child for states rights, Fox News and Sean Hannity are backing away VIDEO
    By Sarah Gray

    After a week of bolstering Cliven Bundy, the notorious welfare rancher who came into prominence after a standoff with the government, Sean Hannity is now walking back his support.

    This reversal happened after the New York Times broke the news of Bundy’s disgusting and antediluvian views on race and slavery. If you haven’t seen the video or read the transcript, here’s how the rancher ended his vile “talk” on African Americans: “And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy?”

    After promoting Bundy, Hannity is now denouncing the rancher. Media Matters posted audio from Thursday’s “Sean Hannity Show.” There Hannity said, “His comments are beyond repugnant to me. They are beyond despicable to me. They are beyond ignorant to me.”

    And then in an effort to explain away his previous unbridled support for the man, Hannity claims he wasn’t stoking the fire of a violent blowout, he was helping diffuse the armed situation between Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Right. He believes — and still does — that the BLM was “overreaching” in trying to get the million dollars Bundy owes the government, and wanted to prevent a bloody outcome.

    “In this case, you’ve got a couple of hundred armed agents, snipers, sharpshooters, dogs, stun guns. And then you’ve got another group coming out because they think it’s government overreach,” Hannity said of the standoff. “It was a prescription for a disaster. Remember Waco, Ruby Ridge, all these other cases.”

    Hannity also said that the comments angered him, not just because they were disturbingly racist, but because they make all conservatives look racist.

  15. Blouise says:

    “Hannity also said that the comments angered him, not just because they were disturbingly racist, but because they make all conservatives look racist.” (Sarah Gray’s piece)

    No! What?! Hannity is worried about conservatives looking racist?! Perish the thought.

  16. Elaine M. says:


    Back in April of 2009, I wrote a double dactyl about Sean Hannity. At that time, Hannity was promoting Tea Bag Parties that were planned to take place on April 15th. Here’s the poem:

    Sean (Moron) Hannity
    Proves he’s an idiot
    Nightly on FOX…

    Blathers ’bout teabagging
    Parties and taxes. He’s
    Totally (scrotally)
    Dumb as an ox.

  17. Elaine M. says:

    Cliven Bundy – If People Were Offended by Negro Then Martin Luther King Hasn’t Got His Job Done Yet

  18. Elaine M. says:

    No, Sean Hannity, you can’t distance yourself from Cliven Bundy
    By Erik Wemple
    April 25, 2014

    It was a historic bit of cable-news thematic knitting: On his eponymous Fox News program last night, Sean Hannity last night managed to pull off a 10-minute segment comprehending Cliven Bundy’s racism, eminent domain, Benghazi and Jon Stewart.

    Teeing up the segment was the news development on Thursday that Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher that Hannity has supported for weeks via numerous segments on “Hannity,” had said some racist remarks in the presence of New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney. Speaking of “Negroes,” Bundy proclaimed, ““They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy?”

    As we wrote in this space yesterday, those comments placed Hannity in a bind, considering that he’d used his program to popularize Bundy’s fight against the Bureau of Land Management over his tendency to allow his cattle to graze on public lands. According to the feds, Bundy owes about $1 million in grazing fees and penalties and the like. No stranger to outrage, Hannity deployed a little bit of it in responding to Bundy’s musings about the conditions of the “Negro”: “All right, allow me to make myself abundantly clear. I believe those comments are downright racist. They are repugnant. They are bigoted. And it’s beyond disturbing. I find those comments to be deplorable, and I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Cliven Bundy holds those views.”

    A good start. The next logical move would have been to repudiate his own coverage of Bundy. But that was too far a walk for Hannity. Instead, he got into the hair-splitting business, attempting to keep alive the larger theme of his coverage, despite the unseemly comments about race from his ranching hero: “However, I also want to say this. The ranch standoff that took place out in Nevada was not about a man named Cliven Bundy. At the heart of this issue was my belief that our government is simply out of control. Now, to me, this was about a federal agency’s dangerous response to a situation that could have resulted in a catastrophe, and that means people dying and people being shot, kind of comparable to what we saw in Waco, Texas.”

    No, Hannity: You don’t get this Cliven-Bundy-a-la-carte option. Either you embrace Cliven Bundy in toto or you reject him.

    Despite Hannity’s protestations, this is all about a man named Cliven Bundy. How many other Western ranching freeloaders are there who have stiffed the government for two decades with specious arguments and then rally with gun-toting protesters when the feds move in to round up his cattle?

  19. Oky1 says:


    “. be” ;”To thine own self be true”

    Of all people!

    Please remove your offending video & post the man’s unedited comments.

    I hated it when the Rebups pulled the same crap against a Demo a few years back & I want to be a nice guy, but I can’t stand it whom ever is playing that propaganda BS card.

    Can we be professionals?

    I’m tryin, what are you waiting for?

    Come on, I know you guys want to win, but Winning is Winning & Cheating is Cheating!!!

  20. feynman says:

    Elaine and friends. Emergency here. Spinelli is going to be banned or feynman is.Appreciate a consult…The following is a note I’ve composed. I also sent an email(very respectful) to Prof.Turley this morning.

    Here’s feynman’s note on the Republican Gov post.

    Last night Mr. Spinelli dropped into a very long thread (see the Affirmative Action post) and said that it should have died two hours ago, we should close it up and he didn’t want Prof Turley bothered with uncivility when the Professor had just lost a dear friend. We were having a great time learning stuff and it wasn’t uncivil.. It was over 600 comments. But it closed down around midnight. It had been going all day -it was wide-ranging and, I thought, pretty darn interesting. There were maybe four or five of us engaged.

    But I was bothered. What was uncivil? I didn’t get it. I added three very respectful notes for Mr. Spinelli asking for clarification. Perhaps most importantly, I asked NS if Prof. Turley had contacted Mr. Spinelli and asked him to shut us down. And I was pretty confused as to what constitutes incivility when nigger and Chink had been posted without complaint.

    Now Mr. Spinelli is on this thread (Republican Gov.) and I have asked him a dozen times if Prof Turley asked that we shut down. He refuses to answer ANYTHING. And Paul S also refuses to answer a very simple question…is the data he has shared with me from 2012 because notes on data say that it’s four years old. The exchanges are repetitive but very short. Check out the Republican Gov. post starting at

    I’m no expert and frankly have no experience with this stuff, but I do believe Paul S is Mr. Spinelli’s sock puppet and have repeatedly asked them if that is the case. There is banter between the two of them, but nothing addressed to me.

    Except now Paul says:

    Well, if you are going to call me names, I am not going to play with you. I am not responsible for your inability to do research. I am aware that you have trouble reading and comprehending. And you wanted to play this game. If you keep moving the goal posts there is no game to play.

  21. Elaine M. says:


    My post will remain as I wrote it. If Cliven Bundy is one of your folk heroes…so be it. I will criticize
    those who spout racist sentiments. I’m not looking to “win” anything.

  22. Elaine M. says:


    I think Nick will be a permanent fixture at RIL. I doubt he’ll be banned. I have no proof that Paul is his sock puppet–even though the two appear to be alike in some ways. I was busy writing posts for FFS today so I barely read any comments posted at RIL.

  23. feynman,

    What can I tell you? Jonathan has shown no willingness to police his forum and protect the commons for the use of all. He let one of the parties in question wage an active campaign to disrupt that forum for almost a year without lifting a finger about his bad behavior. Jonathan’s refusal to address that problem was in no small part why this forum was founded. Nor has Jonathan substantively responded privately or publicly to analytical criticisms based on legal theory and ethics concerning his ideas of rule construction and enforcement. He, in fact, had espoused a totally different set of rules in private than the rather tepid and toothless “civility rule” he eventually posted publicly and still seems unwilling to enforce.

    My suggestion? Leave the forum. Be vocal and public about why on your way out.

    You are more than welcome to post here and know that the kind of random non-enforcement of the rules won’t be a problem, that our rules here are well defined and that “bad drunks” and propaganda trolls get the boot in this establishment.

    Speaking of which . . .


    You need to reign it in, sport. You attempt to exert editorial control over the author/editors here at your own risk. Sick, drunk, old, tired, a spot of bad potato whatever, I don’t care what the excuse is, but demanding Elaine change her column as a non-vested third party is out of line. Bundy by his own actions has made himself news, ergo he is fair game.

    Consider this a warning from the management.

  24. BTW, Elaine, stellar performance today all the way around.

  25. feynman says:

    Thanks, Elaine.
    Can you or Gene delete the feynman comments? There will be two, once this posts.

  26. Oky1 says:


    You need to reign it in, sport. You attempt to exert editorial control over the author/editors here at your own risk. Sick, drunk, old, tired, a spot of bad potato whatever, I don’t care what the excuse is, but demanding Elaine change her column as a non-vested third party is out of line. Bundy by his own actions has made himself news, ergo he is fair game.

    Consider this a warning from the management.**

    **Gene Howington says:
    April 25, 2014 at 10:14 pm **


    I’ll be the 1st to admit you’ve been far more then a good sport & fair when it comes to me!

    “But”, They can argue the “law”, They can argue the “Facts” but they can take their bullshit & pound sand!!!

    My best suggestion for you & me & this msg bb is if this is the kind of msg bb you’re running is “Ban” me now & save everyone the trouble.

    Don’t think about a second, “Ban” me now, I won’t put up with this Bullshit & you know it!
    I would not for a second & I’ll be coming in Hard Core next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My files are stacked all ready & I don’t let go when I’ve the evidence.

    Do It!, Do it Gene, Ban me Now! No Ph’in Joke, some of these people have neither Ears nor Eyes anyway,& what’s coming is coming anyway regardless of what I add so it matters not.

    Do it Gene, Please, Ban Me, it’s for the best, really. I’ve little more to add other then “Facts” & “Precedents”. 🙂

    Any opinions I’ve to offer, the truth as I see it & the Fed Courts, isn’t of interest here anyway, only 1984 double speak crap & the destruction of language & if that’s all they have you can count me out.

    Really Gene, do it! Ban me please. I actually like some of these people & feel they need a bit more time to educate themselves, but that’s for another day & I know I’ll be on down the road.

    I really don’t know how to deal with 5 yr olds with chocolate all over their hands & faces that are denying they were in the chocolate, so let them deal with it!

    Thank you Gene, I know who you are! Do it, Ban Me!!!

    **but demanding Elaine change her column as a non-vested third party is out of line.**

    Post the man’s comments unedited, is not in the least out of line, any thing else is deception on Elaine’s part!

    It’s called Full Discloser.. something I recall from the Real Estate Bix/Contract Law, I don’t know, ya right, maybe not here.

  27. Tony C. says:

    Oky: I see no plausible reason to believe the Bundy comments as shown are out of context. I presume, when he says “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro” that
    a) He just told us something about “The Negro” AND
    b) He is starting a new commentary, which means there is no qualifying context before it. This is one more thing.

    It doesn’t make a difference what went before it. This one more thing is racist, a commentary equating skin color to character: a propensity to use abortion, to go to jail, to prefer government subsidy to work, and a lack of ambition, all of which in Bundy’s racist mind warrants enslaving Negroes as laborers for their own good.

    Your call for more context is disingenuous, no more context is necessary to make a call. He not only made these comments, he doubled down on them later. He is sincere. As Jon Stewart put it, Bundy claims he wants the best for all people —- and he thinks the best thing for some of them is slavery.

    Cliven Bundy is a thief and a racist.

  28. Mike Spindell says:


    A quote from Bundy:

    “Maybe I sinned, and maybe I need to ask forgiveness, and maybe I don’t know what I actually said, but when you talk about prejudice, we’re talking about not being able to exercise what we think.

    “If I say ‘Negro’ or ‘black boy’ or ‘slave,’ if those people cannot take those kind of words and not be [offended], then Martin Luther King hasn’t got his job done yet,” he added. “We need to get 0ver this prejudice stuff.”

    This is the typical bullshit that comes from people like Bundy. Nobody’s stopping him from spouting his racist crap. But free speech goes both ways. He and others, maybe you, believe that free speech means they can say what they want and nobody is allowed to attack what they say. That is nonsense and shows no understanding of free speech. As for calling names and we should get over it already, forgive me for saying that anyone calling me a “Kike” or a “sheenie”, or making jokes about Jews and money is going to get a very strong response from me. It is easy for “old White men” to say get over prejudice, because no one is using prejudice against them., Slavery was basically a form of degrading and exploiting Blacks and to state it otherwise shows stupidity at best, but usually racism at worst. For this moocher to talk about welfare is a hoot. You yourself have talked about corporate welfare and this guy is in to the same thing. He is a racist freeloader and nothing more.

  29. Anonymously Yours says:


    I think you’re doing a great job. As Elaine suggest and gene stated. There appears to be unequal treatment. AY had trouble over there.

  30. HelpOky1 says:


    Please help Oky1!

    I like these people here & you can help us all before I get rough with the truth… which is coming, I know I have won the case already, save them is all
    I ask..

    Ban my arse Now before I hand them their’s arses! Please.

    There’s no need for it to get ugly.

    Ban me Gene, just do it!!!!! Now!

  31. feynman,

    “Can you or Gene delete the feynman comments? There will be two, once this posts.”

    Rights come with reciprocal duties. They also don’t exist in a vacuum from other rights. One of the guiding principles of this forum is that the speaker owns their positions. This is a consequence of the right to free speech. There are very narrow exceptions where I or one of the other author/editors will delete comments. Since you haven’t acted as a persistent disruption, aren’t posting excessive comments to drive SEO for another site, revealed personally identifying information about other anonymous posters (or accidentally about yourself as an anonymous poster), threatened physical violence or shown a propensity to hijack threads, I see no reason to remove the comments. Turley is a big boy. He can handle the criticism of how he has chosen to run his blog. I’ve been much harsher on his management as of late both publicly and privately,, albeit to no avail. While the evidence is mounting that he plain doesn’t give a damn that he’s let a troll run amok and damaged substantively what once made his forum an interesting place, it is my hope that enough complaints – there or here (as if he reads here :D) – will help him to see the error of his ways in not protecting the commons from those who would abuse the right to free speech.

  32. Oky,

    Is your self-control really so poor that you feel the need to be banned simply because you cannot exercise it? Although I agree with very little that you say, I am loathe to ban you as you haven’t openly broken the rules.

  33. HelpOky1 says:


    Just do it, ban me..,. it’s ok, really!

    It’s for those here I care about.

    I’ve been a few battles & I win, but others lose.

    Let’s just ban me, I don’t need a win at the expense of others losing.

    Thanks Gene.

  34. Your presumption is that you’ve “won” or will “win”, Oky.

    If you take a stance and then get stomped for it or alienate “people you care about”?

    You own your own statements. This isn’t kindergarten. Free speech is not for the faint of heart.

  35. HelpOky1 says:


    Maybe I’ll cool off in a few weeks, a month or two.

    It’s up to me & your moderators, I know I’m a wild card.

    Let’s all keep a eye out for trouble, & I really need a break anyway for whats at hand.

    Just a heads up for you.

  36. HelpOky1 says:

    ***Gene Howington says:
    April 26, 2014 at 6:42 am

    Your presumption is that you’ve “won” or will “win”, Oky **


    I just saw this.

    I’ve no doubt I’ve already Won! Zero Doubt.


  37. Elaine M. says:

    Koch Brothers Group Wipes Cliven Bundy Support From Social Media Accounts
    The Huffington Post
    by Sam Stein
    Posted: 04/25/2014

    WASHINGTON — Americans for Prosperity Nevada, the state affiliate of the Koch Brothers-backed group, appears to have hastily deleted social media posts expressing support for Cliven Bundy, the renegade rancher who exposed himself as a racist in recent press conferences.

    A tweet sent by AFP Nevada on April 10 urging followers to read more about the #BundyBattle, which involves Bundy’s refusal to pay fines for allowing his cattle to graze on public land, has been deleted. A Facebook graphic that the group posted criticizing the Bureau of Land Management for enforcing grazing laws against Bundy has similarly disappeared.

    Previously, the page read: “The BLM spent HOW MUCH to round up cattle? ONE MILLION DOLLARS.” As of Friday afternoon, it reads: “This content is currently unavailable”

    AFP Nevada, a anti-government, libertarian organization, did not immediately return a request for comment. But the group is the latest to join the massive, frantic stampede of political organizations and media figures distancing themselves from Bundy in the wake of his comments. Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.) both condemned the rancher’s remarks, and various Fox News personalities called them repugnant as well.

  38. Anonymouly Yours says:


    Have you noticed how Nick and Paul are back tracking support for Bundy as well. What can one say……

  39. Oky,
    I have a suggestion. One cannot pronounce oneself the winner in any kind of contest I know of, but a blog is not a contest. You have to wait for the referee and officials to make any score final. Avoid claiming victory and you will avoid dope-slaps to the head.

    People here like you, even when you are wrong. If you need to take a break from blogging, do so, and come back refreshed. Besides, you promised that next time you were in Springfield, you would get me some pix of Jimmy Gates’ stone in the National Cemetery there.

  40. Elaine M. says:


    What can one say? They are posting at RIL in hopes of stirring up the pot. I believe they both hope to bait me into posting a comment that would be considered “uncivil.” I think they want me gone as a guest blogger. I think they want to dominate the discussions at RIL.

  41. Anonymouly Yours says:


    You are one of the main reasons I’m still there. They do indeed bait, some days I feel like trolling….. Somedays, I feel like leveling the playing field. I don’t think you’d ever be uncivil… Wittily charismatic…. Absolutely…. Could you write over their level of comprehension…. Yep…..

  42. Tony C. says:

    Oky: You haven’t won anything, except the disdain of others.

    You do not need Gene to ban you, you can ban yourself by simply not posting. So why beg for it? Only one reason I can see, namely a transparent attempt to build some kind of street cred elsewhere by the claim you have been banned here without breaking any of Gene’s rules; and thereby casting aspersions on this site as some kind of liberal echo chamber or liberally censored site. If you do not want your comments to appear here, stop posting. If you want to be banned, try hijacking some threads or promoting another blog; give Gene a legitimate reason to ban you. But that wouldn’t work, would it? Because then Gene could explain why you were banned and point at the offending posts for all to see!

    A swing and a miss, Oky.

  43. To be fair, AY, most third graders could write above their comprehension level.

  44. Elaine M. says:


    They are in the habit of correcting other posters’ spelling or grammar. They also teach history…because, you know, they are experts on EVERYTHING.

  45. Apparently they don’t know Socrates, Elaine. :mrgreen:

  46. Tony C. says:

    AY: To paraphrase, the first rule of the racist club is to never be overtly racist.

    People (like celebrities and media personalities) can lose their audience and source of income that way. Instead, they just advocate for policies that produce racially biased outcomes.

  47. Anonymouly Yours says:


    I think you give them too much credit.


    They’d never critique someone’s writing or spelling errors since they make some themselves.


    When you get in to a rubber band fight with someone with two thumbs, your chances of winning are greatly improved. I don’t have use for racist folks.

  48. Mike Spindell says:

    “They also teach history…because, you know, they are experts on EVERYTHING.”

    Sometimes I wonder if they were fired as history teachers for believing that and their union didn’t back them up…………Just sayin

  49. Anonymouly Yours says:

    Mike now that’s funny.

    Oh, I’ve been listening to three day of kris kristofferson, I didn’t realize he had some many records. From what I gather he’s not a big supporter of bush or Cheney.

  50. It is hard to say this without sounding like braggadocio, but it is hardly a surprise to my friends here that I’m a polymath (as are a few of you). Speaking as someone who knows a lot about a fairly broad range of subjects and a little bit about even more, it has been my experience that those who pretend to know everything do so in compensation of their very real ignorance. That kind of entrenched psychological self-imposed barrier on behavior is both self-reenforcing (the defensiveness becomes a loop) and self-limiting (in that it creates a substantive barrier to ever learning and incorporating new knowledge but especially if it runs counter to a previously espoused position). It makes them learning proof.

  51. Blouise says:

    “A swing and a miss, Oky.” (Tony C)


  52. Mike Spindell says:


    My favorite song by Kris, since it reflected a good part of my life before I finally settled down.

  53. Mike Spindell says:

    Back in those days long ago some women said I looked like Kris, but I always thought I was better looking, even though I can’t play guitar or even carry a tune. 🙂

  54. pete says:

    generally saturday was beer for breakfast day. by sunday we were ready for something healthier, vodka and poj.

  55. Mike Spindell says:


    My beer usually followed my first Marlboro Red of the day, which had followed my first Joint of the day. As for Sunday, often that was waking up with a snort, if you know what I mean, followed with gold tequila for brunch. Then I met the woman who reformed me and kept me from an early death. 🙂 Lucky for me my kids didn’t take after dear old Dad.

  56. Anonymouly Yours says:


    I love the pilgrim 33, it seems to be more of my life.

  57. eniobob says:

    IMHO,its called biting the hand that feeds you in more ways than one,

    LA. Clippers owner Donald Sterling told his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, that he doesn’t want her bringing black people to his team’s basketball games, according to audio obtained by TMZ Sports.

    “You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that … and not to bring them to my games,” Sterling is recorded saying to Stiviano, who ironically is African-American and Mexican. ”

  58. feynman says:


    I beat that son-of-a-bitch.

    I’ll take my bow now because god knows it could be fleeting…

  59. feynman says:

    3:49 was posted before getting catching up.
    I understand. You’re quite right.
    I wasn’t worried about Turley, though. It was Spinelli. He encourages paranoia.

  60. feynman,

    Fleeting it shall be, for having weathered literally hundreds (possibly over a thousand) purely ad hominem attacks from that lil’ troll and having bested him in every single encounter, I can say with a high degree of certainty that it will be fleeting until JT pulls his head out of the sand and recognizes the true nature of the malaise that effects and infects his forum.

  61. Also, you need not worry about him here. I put some thought into building this place and I am of the mind that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.

  62. Anonymously Yours says:

    Wow, and I thought they were going to next guest bloggers.

  63. feynman says:


    I’m ready to give up my life for that moment…

    I got that sob to POST that Turley did not authorize his actions. It was a beautiful moment.

  64. The heat death of the universe will happen long before that here, AY. :mrgreen:

  65. Nicely played, feynman.

  66. Anonymously Yours says:

    Yes Feynman that was good. I just wonder how many think that was me eliciting an answer from that one.

    Gene, they had no comprehension that turley used to be like family.

  67. feynman says:

    Thank you, Mr Howington

    I consider that high praise, indeed.

  68. Mike Spindell says:

    As a sports fan I had known for years that Sterling was a real bastard as a basketball franchise owner, but up until that story I didn’t know just how much of a bastard he was. This becomes a major problem for his team and for the NBA. How can a league whose greatest players are Black allow a racist owner?

  69. feynman says:

    Thank you Anonymously Yours

  70. Mike Spindell says:


    I don’t go to RIL anymore, but if Gene and AY are congratulating you then you must have sliced and diced. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving target.

  71. Anonymously Yours says:


    Feynman did a good job narrowing the question. I kept getting deleted so I quit trying to get a straight answer and going in for the defense of the guest bloggers. I did have a few words with the owner of the blog and surprised I’m not banned today.

    He did a right fine job Mike.

  72. “Gene, they had no comprehension that turley used to be like family.”

    And that? Is really the one thing that bothers me about the whole deal, AY. I really feel and objectively think he’s done wrong by his friends for an irrational take on the nature of rights and to the detriment of what was once a vibrant intelligent marketplace of ideas.

  73. Gyges says:

    Thanks for the welcome folks. I missed the group, but unfortunately, the old hang out stopped being my scene awhile back. I’m also using this particular post as a vent so I don’t end up arguing with relatives online.

    Anyway, for me the really odd part of how people are defending Bundy is the people who are insisting that this is some sort of new government over-reach. I mean, the idea that regulating use of Federally owned lands is new is just patently absurd. Hell, the Tragedy of the Commons, the text book example for why government’s are needed to manage common land is really about the issue at the heart of this, mitigating environmental damage that effects everyone by limiting the grazing rights of individuals, and that dates back to 1833.


    “Sunday Morning Coming Down” is a great song, but…

  74. Anonymously Yours says:

    Another song well written by KK the Rhodes Scholar.

    So gyges, what is the brewhause special?

  75. Gyges,
    Welcome to the old crowd, now the new crowd. That is one of the all time great songs to come from the Kris’ pen. In a different vein, he wrote the one in the little video below. Did you know he was a Rhodes Scholar and was assigned to teach English Literature at West Point? He was an Army Ranger and helicopter pilot, but after being assigned to teach English Lit at the Military Academy he completed his tour with the Army in 1965 before being deployed to Vietnam. He is the son of an Air Force general, and his decision to leave the Army caused a rift between Kris and the rest of his family that never did heal.

  76. Anonymously Yours says:


    I was aware of that….. And he recorded an album in his home just he and his harmonic that took about an hour and a half. If it’s not release yet it soon will be. He brought a new style of music to Nashville.

  77. eniobob says:

    I don’t know how many of you have seen the commercial where the guy is eating something and what he is eating is smacking him in the face,I can imagine Ms Parkers keys on her keyboard while writing this smacking her fingers as she typed.

    “The GOP’s bad fling with Cliven Bundy
    By Kathleen Parker, Published: April 25 E-mail the writer
    The Cliven Bundy spectacle in Nevada has provided a Wild West backdrop for our hottest political issues as we gallop toward the midterm elections.

    Politically, the conflict between the Bureau of Land Management and the Bundy family has highlighted the importance of picking one’s battles wisely. Suffice to say, a smattering of pundits and politicians drank from the wrong chalice.”

  78. Blouise says:


    She is one of the few conservatives I enjoy reading as I get a better idea of where they are heading from her than anyone else. It was downright hilarious when she asked democrats to apologize to the Koch brothers … she was serious!

    At any rate, one notices that within the article/link you posted she chastises left-leaners for equating Bundy’s racism with all conservatives then goes on to point out all the areas in which conservatives are racists. She’s always caught on the horns of her own dilemma.

    That being said, in the land of Hannity/Paul/Perry/Limbaugh, she is the closest thing to intelligent that conservatives have produced.

  79. Elaine M. says:


    Thanks for the link to Parker’s opinion piece.

  80. eniobob says:

    “She’s always caught on the horns of her own dilemma.”

    Touche !

  81. Blouise says:

    Hannity, Parker, Spicer … all are bemoaning the nameless, faceless liberals who would brand all conservatives for allegedly holding the same views as Bundy. In their denials I hear the echo of Richard Nixon’s famous words back in November 1973 (about a month after the Saturday Night Massacre) as he was fighting off Watergate:

    “People have got to know whether or not their president’s a crook. Well, I’m not a crook.”

    Denial born out of guilt always has the same ring to it.

  82. And that ring is as false as zircon passed off as diamond.

  83. Blouise says:

    It’s really quite funny how all of them, even the smart ones, got themselves glued to Bundy. In trying to appeal to that “militia” subset they lost far more votes than they could have ever hoped to gain. Me thinks someone or someones in the Republican Party strategy-upper-management is out of a job.

  84. Blouise,
    Although I have written that the voice stress analyzer is not truly a lie detector, it works in some cases. I ran the audio of Richard Nixon saying that. Almost ran the needle of my VSA off the edge of the paper strip.

  85. Blouise says:


    Every one of my prosecutor buddies (most are now retired) tell me they preferred the voice stress analyzer to the lie detector.

  86. Gyges says:

    Well, because they love freedom so much, the militias decided that they needed to stop unarmed citizens and demand that they prove they actually live there.

    I wonder if they’re not just getting “loving freedom” and “being armed thugs” mixed up.

  87. Mike Spindell says:


    They forgot the old saw about being careful what they wished for, just as the Koch’s and Walton’s don’t realize the Pandora’s box they’ve opened. It so reminds me of Visconti’s classic 1969 movie “The Damned”,

  88. Elaine M. says:


    Thanks for the link to that story. Is this wacko gun totin’ group what one would refer to as a “well regulated militia?”

  89. Colin says:

    Great info. Lucky me I recently found your blog
    by accident (stumbleupon). I have book marked it for

  90. Pingback: Cliven Bundy, Patrolling Militia Groups in Nevada, and Sovereign Citizens | Flowers For Socrates

  91. Oky1 says:

    **Charlton S. Stanley, PhD, ABPP says:
    April 26, 2014 at 7:25 am

    I have a suggestion. One cannot pronounce oneself the winner in any kind of contest I know of, but a blog is not a contest. You have to wait for the referee and officials to make any score final. Avoid claiming victory and you will avoid dope-slaps to the head.

    People here like you, even when you are wrong. If you need to take a break from blogging, do so, and come back refreshed. Besides, you promised that next time you were in Springfield, you would get me some pix of Jimmy Gates’ stone in the National Cemetery there. **


    I’ve not been back here since I left I left & just saw your post.

    **One cannot pronounce oneself the winner in any kind of contest**

    As I explained to you a week or so ago on JT’s website my family’s WW2 vets won us all the Nuremberg Code, that & other laws/regs/common law & natural Rights I have never had a doubt of what I’ve already won.

    Those that subject themselves to being hung for cause may wish to reconsider their positions.

    And yes, We’ve a new camera & even the wife is now more in tune with a few weeks on the road, though Springfield & your cousin Jimmy resting spot & I do want those pictures for you & there are some others I want there. I’ll be pushing & watching project due dates to see when we can escape these chains of duty for some R/R.

  92. Oky1 says:


    I know there’s some good qualities to some of you people here, but I’d be the worst kind of friend one could have if I didn’t call foul when a foul call was called for.

    It’s been about 3+ months & I’ve yet to find the diplomatic words for the arse crewing you, Elaine need, your type of twisted racism & her twisted racism & her intellectual dishonesty as once again exhibited here on her article+ this thread as I pointed out earlier & the international crimes against Humanity TonyC is promoting.

    See Wiki+Nuremberg TonyC… Yes the people of the world have hung Academic idiots in the past after a fair trial & soon are likely to again. But I forgive you TonyC for your complete ignorance of the Fraud called the US Banking/Insurance biz as you appear to others from your writings as just another useful tool. I suggest you inform yourself & become a decent person that you can respect.

    MIkeS, I wish I had the time & energy for a proper argument, but I don’t, what I want is a solution as I will not compromise on principle.

    I’m almost 15 years with another Scots/Jew & many others attempting to aid a small nation of non-whites build a successfully non-colonialist economic model to show we can all deal together honestly as human beings. It’s out of the ground & close to successful but not yet for bragging rights.

    No, I do not support that Racist model of Obama & his Central American invasion of the US by MS13 Gangbangers, Drug mules & fresh Slaves as I’ve a different Model.

    Sorry if people don’t understand me, but others do & we’ve a plan to meet an objective.

    I don’t know that I’ll be hanging around here, but I know I will not tolerate racist from whatever camp they hail from.

    Hope I’ve not been to insensitive on very sensitive issues.

    Joe Walsh- The Confessor

  93. Oky1 says:

    RE: “your type of twisted racism”


    If you find yourself thinking about what I’ve written I suggest you attempt a simple experiment.

    Imagine yourself a lawyer that Clivin Bundy has hired to defend his honor successfully in public & in court.

  94. Oky1 says:


    Confess & cleanse your soul, the soon the bettter & no one will have anything hanging over your head.

    Or if you hate the concept of Jefferson/Madison Liberty/Freedom for individuals so bad you could take TonyC with you & move to North Korea/ Mexico or that ghetto called Britain.

    Gnite. 🙂

  95. Oky1 says:

    What the world hears from here is Crickets.

    In others words they hear Default on your positions.

    I understander stand, you all have no position worthy of defending.

    I see it very clear as I’m sure any reader would.

  96. Oky1 says:

    Because it’s cool, now where was I ? LOL:)

  97. Oky1 says:


    Focus on every flank, as always & don’t overdrive whatever machine you’re operating.
    Let that other poor dumb Ba*stard get stupid & destroy himself 1st as we;ve all witnessed on multiple accounts on this mgs bb & others.

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