Late night blues from a grain silo

Submitted by Chuck Stanley

Some things are too good not to share. This is two members of a five-member Nashville based group called Wabash. “Take It With Me” was recorded in an empty grain silo. Brandon McDuffee doing the vocal and Quinn Bible on the guitar.

Turn your speakers up, and headphones are even better. You will not be able to listen to this just once.

About Chuck Stanley

Dr. Charlton (Chuck) Stanley is a board certified forensic psychologist, with interests in aviation psychology, peace officer selection and training, ethics and communication skills.
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5 Responses to Late night blues from a grain silo

  1. Joy of Fishes says:


    The Nightingale Trio performs “Vdova” behind the frozen Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis:

  2. JoF, I really like those acoustics. I would love to hear Pentatonix record something in a cave or grain silo.

  3. Joy of Fishes says:

    Not a silo or cave, but will this do?

  4. jim28foreman says:

    The attachment nor link came through.


  5. I fixed it. She used the embed code, but wrong one. The one with the video included code for the entire playlist, so I deleted the extended part of the code which WordPress doesn’t recognize.

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