“SCROTUS”: A Song by Roy Zimmerman

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro

I want to thank OroLee for posting the following Roy Zimmerman video in the comments on my column titled Pro-Life Nurse-Midwife Sues Tampa Family Health Centers for Not Hiring Her after She Said She Wouldn’t Prescribe “Hormonal” Contraception.

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3 Responses to “SCROTUS”: A Song by Roy Zimmerman

  1. Tony C. says:

    Well sung.


    Supreme Court Republicans of the United Moral Minionority…

  3. Hey Woosty,
    Glad to hear from you. You have been missed. You will always have a home here. We specialize in fun, good conversation, wide ranging ideas, and are not infested with trolls.

    Hope you are doing well.

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