Oregon GOP Congressional Candidate Asks Residents to Send Him Their Urine

Art Robinson

Art Robinson

By Elaine Magliaro

Sometimes, I just have to shake my head when I read the news these days. That’s actually what I did the other day when I read an online article about Republican Congressional candidate Art Robinson of Oregon. For the third time, Robinson is hoping to unseat Democratic Congressman Pete DeFazio in the upcoming election this fall. According to Tim Murphy of Mother Jones, over the past three decades when Robinson wasn’t running for office, he was running a research nonprofit out of a family compound in the mountain town of Cave Junction, near the California border.” Robinson, a scientist/chemist who was educated at Caltech, has had some strange ideas and theories in the past.

Murphy said that in a monthly newsletter called Access to Energy, “Robinson has used his academic credentials to float theories on everything from AIDS to public schooling to climate change (which he believes is a myth). In one essay, Robinson even “proposed using airplanes to disperse radioactive waste on Oregon homes,” in the hopes that people would build up resistance to degenerative illnesses.

Murphy wrote about the idea for radioactive waste dispersal that Robinson had explained in an essay:

“All we need do with nuclear waste is dilute it to a low radiation level and sprinkle it over the ocean—or even over America after hormesis is better understood and verified with respect to more diseases,” Robinson wrote in 1997. He added, “If we could use it to enhance our own drinking water here in Oregon, where background radiation is low, it would hormetically enhance our resistance to degenerative diseases. Alas, this would be against the law.” (Robinson has since clarified that such proposals would be politically untenable.)

In another essay, Murphy said that Robinson called public education “the most widespread and devastating form of child abuse and racism in the United States,” leaving people “so mentally handicapped that they cannot be responsible custodians of the energy technology base or other advanced accomplishments of our civilization.” Murphy added that the Caltech trained chemist once theorized that our government “had overhyped the AIDS epidemic in order to force social engineering experiments on those aforementioned public school students.”

Reuters reported that in April of this year, Robinson, co-founder of the nonprofit Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, “sent out thousands of fliers across Oregon asking for volunteer urine samples.” He said he was “hoping to get 15,000 samples to help calibrate a machine that could use urine profiles to help predict if a person will develop degenerative diseases such as cancer. Robinson said, “We have to have urine sample from people from all walks of life. The only way to do this is to take large samples of urine from people and wait.”

Murphy said that Robinson’s writings “have become an albatross in his repeated challenges to DeFazio…” Murphy noted that Robinson told the Roseburg (Ore.) News-Review that he had received 1,000 urine samples in response to his request. The Republican congressional candidate said those urine samples “will go toward a study on aging.” Murphy jokingly added that Robinson’s “campaign might not be worth a bucket of warm piss. But at least he’ll have plenty of it to fall back on.”

Note: Last August, the Oregon Republican Party elected Art Robinson as its new chairman.


GOP Candidate Asks Residents to Mail Him Their Pee: If urine Cave Junction, Oregon, this congressional candidate would like to hear from you. (Mother Jones)

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8 Responses to Oregon GOP Congressional Candidate Asks Residents to Send Him Their Urine

  1. bigfatmike says:

    Well there ya go. Who said the GOP doesn’t care about science.

  2. Must be true, because no one could possibly make this up.

  3. randyjet says:

    I think this guy spent too much time in the chemistry lab inhaling his by products. It has obviously affected his brain, which is clearly degenerating. Maybe he should take some radioactive cure for it. At least the scientists who invent vaccines use themselves as their first test subjects. He should show a similar humility and responsibility.

  4. Mike Spindell says:

    The old computer maxim of “garbage in/garbage out” applies to Robinson in this sense, he personal pre-judgments and prejudices influence his view of the world and negate his scientific credentials. He is in some respect similar to William Shockley, without the genius. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shockley

  5. pete says:

    “All we need do with nuclear waste is dilute it to a low radiation level and sprinkle it over the ocean


  6. pete says:

    there’s a joke in here somewhere about the 15,000 urine samples and the ALS challenge but it’s a bit hard core even for me.

  7. buckaroo says:

    Has he published this in a peer review journal ? This sounds like political catachresis among the lay mensch.

  8. Oky1 says:

    One thing about it, the next day there’s always another lunatic that makes the rest of us seem the soberest drinker in the car.


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