Exclusive CNN Video Captures Witnesses’ Disbelief to the Shooting Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

Michael Brown

Michael Brown


Yesterday, CNN aired an exclusive cell phone video that was recorded several minutes after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The video captured the reactions of two contractors to the shooting of Michael Brown. The video provides new insight into what actually happened on the day that police officer Darren Wilson killed the unarmed teenager. Randi Kaye of CNN said the two men, who were doing construction work in Ferguson, were shocked at what they witnessed. The contractors said the teenager had his hands up in the air when he was gunned down by Wilson.

The two men were reportedly “about 50 feet away from Officer Darren Wilson when he opened fire.” On the video, one of the men can be heard saying, “He had his f**n hands up.”

The contractors—who asked not to be identified—spoke to CNN. One of them told CNN that he heard two gunshots about thirty seconds apart.


“The cop didn’t say get on the ground. He just kept shooting,” the man said.

That same witness described the gruesome scene, saying he saw Brown’s “brains come out of his head,” again stating, “his hands were up.”

The video shows the man raising his arms in the air — just as, he says, Brown was doing when he was shot.

The other contractor told CNN he saw Brown running away from a police car.

Brown “put his hands up,” the construction worker said, and “the officer was chasing him.”

The contractor says he saw Wilson fire a shot at Brown while his back was turned.

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst, said that the video could play an important role in the case. “You have practically in real time someone discussing what they saw, and that’s just good evidence,” he said on CNN’s “AC360.” Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor who is also a legal analyst for CNN, said that it was “important to note that several witnesses” were “telling the same story.” Hostin said, “They’re saying that he was running from the police officer and that his hands were up. I don’t know what other witness testimony at this point or account we have to hear. The bottom line is having your hands up is the universal sign for surrender.”

Kaye said that Neil Bruntrager, the general counsel for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, “cautioned against rushing to judgment.” He said that witness accounts were important—but that they needed “to be evaluated with all the evidence.” Bruntrager added, “I’m not saying disregard them. I’m saying that we will judge their credibility by all of the evidence, not by one statement, and certainly not by a 15-second video clip.”

The killing of Michael Brown “has spurred a Justice Department investigation, national debate and protests over authorities’ handling of the case.”


New Michael Brown shooting witnesses describe scene (CNN)

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13 Responses to Exclusive CNN Video Captures Witnesses’ Disbelief to the Shooting Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

  1. James Knauer says:

    The lies told by supporters of our police state continue to unravel by the day. No wonder we haven’t seen any detailed autopsy reports. One rather predicts they will be “lost” when they are subpoenaed. And the whole bloody world is watching. This uber-testifying we all get to do will be absolutely essential in bringing this behavior to a halt. We are simply getting to know too much.

    Thank you, Elaine!

  2. I haven’t said much about this case to date, and am not going to say a lot here. I have worked on murder, manslaughter, and accidental death cases for more than forty years. One thing I have learned for a fact. What people say they see does not always match what they actually saw or thought they saw. Normally, in a case like this, I will have a stack of materials a foot thick at the very minimum, miles of audio and videotape, multiple interviews, and complete autopsy results, including X-rays and occasionally CT and/or MRI scans. I will have results of ballistics studies back from the ballistics lab. In a few cases I had a stack of files three to four feet thick, taking up two entire file drawers. In another case the file had to be brought in by a Ryder rental truck.

    Be very careful of coming to any conclusions based on media reports alone.

  3. I’m with these fellas.

  4. Bob Kauten says:

    Thank you, Elaine!
    It’s coming to light that Ferguson actually has people living in it, and that some of them saw this happen.
    “Kaye said that Neil Bruntrager, the general counsel for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, “cautioned against rushing to judgment.””
    Yes, we should impose a ten-year cooling-off period, before we bring any charges against the officer. Just not enough evidence that something suspicious happened, yet.

  5. bettykath says:

    It’s highly unlikely that the officer will be charged or, if he is and they extradite him, we may see another “prosecution” like that of what’s-his-name who killed Trayvon Martin.

  6. bettykath says:

    Ferguson hasn’t quieted down.

    “McCulloch’s office has won the convictions of several police officers. Those included first-degree murder for an officer who killed his wife, vehicular manslaughter for an officer who killed four people while driving drunk and second-degree assault for an officer who accidently shot another officer in the face during a sex game. His office has also won convictions against numerous officers, white and black, in child molestation and sexual assault cases.”

    My knowledge of sex games is quite limited but, out of curiosity, what kind of sex game would have one participant shoot another?

  7. bk,

    Some people have rape fantasies where having a gun pointed at them is a turn on (don’t ask me why). The smart ones make sure the weapon is unloaded. The others, Darwin sorts out.

  8. bettykath says:

    Gene, thanks. And two Fergusen police officers played this game…..smh.

  9. Bob Kauten says:

    Hey, boys will be boys.

  10. BK,
    Extradition is when a defendant must be transported to another state or country for trial. There would be no extradition in this case. No state lines have been crossed.

  11. BK,
    Did you mean “indict.” The evidence in a case is presented to a Grand Jury and they determine whether or not someone should be charged with a criminal offense. If the Grand Jury finds probable cause for prosecution, then there is an indictment and the case will be set for trial.

  12. pete says:

    I’ve already self deleted three comments about the face shooting, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.

    (that’s what he said)

  13. pete says:

    was looking on the google machine for something and ran across this gem


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