A New Heart for a Young Man

By Elaine Magliaro

Mike Spindell’s column From the Bottom of My New Heart inspired me to write a short post about my dear friend Lynne and her son Steve. I have known Lynne since grammar school. We attended parochial schools together through twelfth grade. We also attended the same college—and we both became public school teachers in Massachusetts. Lynne has two sons. Both of them have had heart transplants. Her son Steve had to have a second transplant last year.

Last weekend, I hosted a get-together for ten old girlfriends with whom I have remained close for several decades. Lynne was there. She was happy to tell us all that her son Steve is doing well. Lynne is a remarkable woman who has been a pillar of strength for her sons over the years. I have great admiration for her. I consider myself fortunate to have her as a friend and role model.

Here’s a YouTube video of Lynne’s son Steve “jamming” with his buddies from Big Jugs and the Turtlenecks after his recovery from transplant surgery.

Laffie’s First Jam Back from Surgery

About Steve Laffie (LinkedIn)


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  1. buckaroo says:

    Isn’t it wonderful what we humans can do for ea other – I often think of this when reading political sites – recently there was a death in my relationship & I attempted to influence, to no avail, for donation of cornea, bone, skin etc. to no avail. One minute people are all about egalitarianism, the next minute ……. Are we all that way ?

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