Jon Stewart Welcomes Koch Industries as a New Sponsor of “The Daily Show”

By Elaine Magliaro

Last Night, Jon Stewart “welcomed” Koch Industries as a new sponsor of The Daily Show with a funny segment on the Comedy Central network. Stewart showed “a slick new ad” from the company that had appeared during a program commercial break earlier in the week. Brendan James of Talking Points Memo said, “The TV spot featured images of sunny landscapes and beaming factory workers while praising the multinational corporation.” But…Stewart and his team decided to “tweak” the original Koch ad and provided a newer and better version of the commercial that “mercilessly mocks” the robber baron billionaire brothers.


‘The Daily Show’ Welcomes The Koch Brothers As New Sponsor (Talking Points Memo)

Stewart Mercilessly Mocks Daily Show’s Newest Advertiser: Koch Bros. (Mediaite)

Jon Stewart shreds ‘robber baron’ Koch brothers for buying ad time during his show (Raw Story)

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28 Responses to Jon Stewart Welcomes Koch Industries as a New Sponsor of “The Daily Show”

  1. Anonymously Yours says:

    Koch doesn’t like change…. Now billions are ok…. They now sponsor NOR…. For how long will they be imo a netutal news source.

  2. Mike Spindell says:

    The wonders of advertising can transform a company run by fascists and profiting from pollution, into a veritable benefactor of all.

  3. bettykath says:

    OT. I don’t remember where the discussion of RIL occurred. Last night this was posted by JT:

    “Dredd, you have responded to my numerous warnings over continued insulting postings by posting another insulting comment. I have accordingly suspended further comments.”

    So now insulting comments are a reason for being blocked but the one who has been insulting on every threat isn’t even warned. I think I’ve finally had enough of ME culture slams and bestiality. Good grief.

  4. Mike Spindell says:

    Professor Turley prizes civility over free speech, except in the case of right wingers. Who knew?

  5. bettykath says:

    I’m incredibly disappointed that he has turned his blog into a right wing hate site, albeit “civil”, except for insults from his right wingers toward those who disagree. His choice of subjects seem to go for the lower levels as well. I think I’m cured.

  6. Anonymously Yours says:

    It is quite disappointing over at Turley. Who knew Fox News turns folks into monsters.

  7. Anonymously Yours says:


    I saw nothing offensive about dredds comments.

  8. Elaine M. says:


    I was threatened with suspension from RIL.

  9. I was flat out blacklisted.

    I wear it like a badge of honor all things considered.

  10. Anonymously Yours says:

    Yes you were Gene. And yes Elaine was threatened with suspension because she dared disagree with the powers that be and the minions.

    I have been banned, maybe blacklisted. Not many know how to block a kernal but mine was. That’s ok, electronics are disposable anyway and obsolete after 6 months or in some cases the day of release.

    That’s all I have to say for now….

  11. Anonymously Yours says:

    Not to change the subject but I’m off to see Garrison Keillor tonight.

  12. bettykath says:

    AY, I saw nothing wrong with Dredd’s comments either, but maybe I missed the offensive ones. JT said they were insulting, not that they violated his civility rules, so I think I saw them and I didn’t see any insults. Actually, I saw insults aplenty, but they weren’t from Dredd.

    Enjoy Garrison, et al

  13. Anonymously Yours says:


    I keep reading the site, you’re correct in that the only insults allowed are by Nick and his minions of evil.

    I am seated for the show right now. It promises to be a good performance.

  14. Carlyle Moulton says:

    I am a religious reader of all comments on Turley threads and have not noticed any nastiness from Dredd but some from Nick Spinellii here are two of them:-
    1/ Fat Al Gore.
    2/ To a disgusted commentor quitting the site “Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you”.
    It is obvious that JT is more likely to be upset by “liberal” comments than by fascist ones.

    One problem is that by the time JT issues a warning he has deleted the offending comment and one cannot go back to judge whether JT was correct.

  15. Carlyle Moulton says:

    Lost a comment, anyone HELP!

  16. There you go, CM.

    I think the forward slashes triggered the spam filter, FWIW. They are an active symbol in HTML.

  17. pete says:

    damn, now I’m pissed. I was always the first to get thrown out of a bar.

    guess I’ll have to go blow chunks on the bartender

  18. Carlyle Moulton says:

    Thanks Gene.

  19. bron98 says:


    I was one of the first to be banned, but reinstated thanks to Gene and Mespo. 🙂

  20. Anonymously Yours says:


    I do recall and he was different at that time. He has changed. As soon as nick targets you he starts complaining directly to Jon. He starts it and the runs away like the baby he is.

  21. Mike Spindell says:

    Every time I think I’ve finally gotten past Turley, people keep drawing me back in! Geez!

    • James Knauer says:

      Mike, I sort of feel the same way RE:RIL. But it’s also clear the marks JT inflicted raised welts so best to get it out there. For the record, I really didn’t have any idea of what was going on behind the scenes. I did notice that my favorite Sunday Reads were declining at the same time the commentariat was descending into adolescence. And then people just began disappearing. I had finally had had enough of Nick Spinelli (and those who he has encouraged; it’s not just one person any more) and let Nick have it, Flowers for Socrates style. This was too much for poor JT who took to his fainting-couch and deleted my comment. I’ve been moderating these kinds of forums since their inception when they were called FIDONET and OPUS and WILDCAT!, and I let JT know in a public post I was d-o-n-e and he had my email were he to reconsider his ridiculous and proven arbitrary “civility rule.” It was only after that I was invited here to participate here in what has been just a splendid opportunity and gathering of minds. I did let JT know my thoughts through back channels, and his response was beyond tepid, leaning into swarmy. As you have often remarked, and I’ve come to agree, he is simply not the person we thought he was, and his inability to board the clue bus despite its many stops at his house remains his failure. The traffic tanking, as Slarti and Chuck point out, is likely beyond his comprehension. It’s the new litmus test, and it’s not even that new anymore. Being “popular” on FOX news means you reach less than one million people on average any given day. Relevance, please?

      Thanks to everyone here for their continued contributions.

  22. Mike,

    I’ve peeked in a couple of times since finding out about Mark’s now famous troll column and RIL is a car wreck of epic proportions. Breitbart or Rove or Koch or Murdoch might as well have their name on the masthead judging by the manifestly biased editorial practices in the comments (and increasingly topic selection for columns). I’m done with Turley the person, who has to my considered opinion proven himself to be a feckless, disloyal, double-standard toting, Janus-like hypocritical ass and fake friend at best and a totally amoral prostitute at worst. He is the only reason I left and while it started out as simply a philosophical difference over rules construction, enforcement and the fundamental nature of concomitant rights, his actions leading up to the schism and afterward (especially) acted to make it quite personal indeed. However, he seems to be getting exactly what he wants. What wasn’t so necessary was all his thinly disguised backstabbing and purposeful alienation which was in my case totally unnecessary. I told him from the get go that if he ever wanted me to leave, all he had to do was ask. But nooooooooooo. That would have been too honest and too easy. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

    Except for his plummeting stats according to Alexa and other ranking services (which I really doubt he fully understands).

    There’s an old saying in business that he should have recalled: dance with the ones who brought you. It’s his blog, true. He can do as he pleases with it, but the notion he won all of those ABA awards without GB aid is as ludicrous as the notion that nobody in his rapidly becoming former audience is not noticing his hard turn to the far right or blatant favoritism toward the most hostile propagandistic elements in the comment threads.

    I have no use for the man or his blog, nor in the transverse do I wish him ill particularly, but that doesn’t make the schadenfreude any less sweet.

  23. Pete says:

    On a side note, that posting of mespos was like dropping an anvil in a bathtub.

  24. Alexa says RIL’s global ranking is 164,636 at the moment. That is a decline of 11,466 in the past three months. His bounce rate is down exactly 11.00% over the past three months, and page views are down 1.55%. Average visitor time on site is 2:06 minutes.

    FFS currently ranks 10,199,229 globally. That is an increase of 5,298,542 in three months. FFS page views are up 60.00% and visitor time on site is 2:44 minutes.

    FFS traffic saw a 52% increase in traffic the past three months. RIL traffic declined 7% in the same time period.

  25. Thanks James.
    To put all this into perspective, and to keep us humble, take a look at the Daily Kos stats. Of course, DKos is far beneath the Dust Bunny, as she advised Mark.

    Daily Kos has an Alexa rank of 1,948 globally. To have a very low four digit rank for the entire planet is quite an accomplishment. The average visitor spends about five minutes on site. 400,000 unique visitors per day. Page views are currently running 1.4 million per day.

    As a regular contributor to Daily Kos, I stay keenly aware that about 58K people are online at any given time. That is a heck of a lot of eyeballs, so it is a good idea to avoid foot-in-mouth disease.

  26. Audience first.

    Dance with who brought you, but play for the ones filling the seats.

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