On Democracy Now!: Matt Taibbi and Bank Whistleblower on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy, Avoid Prosecution

By Elaine Magliaro

Yesterday, I posted a link to Matt Taibbi’s newest article in Rolling Stone about Alayne Fleischmann, the “$9 billion witness” who is JPMorgan Chase’s “worst nightmare.” Fleischmann is the whistleblower that the mega-bank “paid one of the largest fines in American history” in order to keep her from talking. On Friday, Taibbi and Fleischmann appeared on Democracy Now! and talked with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on how JPMorgan Chase helped to wreck our economy–but was able to avoid prosecution.

Click here to read Taibbi’s article The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare.


Click here to read the transcript on the Democracy Now! program with Taibbi and Fleischmann.

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35 Responses to On Democracy Now!: Matt Taibbi and Bank Whistleblower on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy, Avoid Prosecution

  1. You left no room, to get banter about Obama in here;
    hence – there’s (until now) been – No Comment!

    Taibbi needs to do more of this;
    and we need more like Matt.
    (not just him alone).

  2. Elaine M. says:


    Do you ever read David Sirota? He’s written many articles–as well as a report–about what is going on with public pensions in this country.

    Here’s a link to his report–The Plot Against Pensions: The Pew-Arnold campaign to undermine America’s retirement security – and leave taxpayers with the bill.

    Click to access Plot-Against-Pensions-final.pdf

    BTW, have you read any of Taibbi’s books? I’ve read all–except for his most recent one. In his book “Griftopia,” he refers to Alan Greenspan as “the biggest asshole in the universe.”

  3. I’ve followed some of Sirota’s stuff and agree with his assessment that Pensions are in Peril (including Social Security). It is one of those bags they loot most often in takeovers and/or bankruptcy cases.

    Taibbi states that my contentions insult him;
    but he is dead wrong on the issue.

    I still adore his works….

  4. Elaine M. says:


    A few more people/authors whom I trust on financial matters: Nomi Prins, William K. Black, and David Cay Johnston.

  5. Thanks Eliane M;

    But I done pleading with the people out there – to tell a story monstrous – because wisdon, common sense and powers that be, stop the Big Story!

    We almost elected a RICO boss (who already knew he can corrupt the DOJ) to the position of POTUS (so that he could pick that “friendly” USAG that Sheldon Adelson was paying $100 million for).

    Here’s one for you.

    Why haven’t you told the WHOLE tale?

    I’m just sayin……

  6. Not even MoveON.org – did a follow up (as far as I know) – on Romney lying in fed Election form.

  7. Elaine M. says:


    There is much to tell about SO many things that are going on in this country. I do what I can to try to make people aware of certain issues/stories that I believe are of great import. I’m not an investigative journalist. I don’t get paid for my efforts. I have family responsibilities. I can only do so much.

  8. Eliane M;

    Thank you for responding to the question; but there has to be more valid a reason to avoid telling of facts germane to a huge story on the criminal exploits of Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain.

    No one has to investigate; because all the facts are public docket records.

    My problem (as is the vex of all victims of organized crimes) – is the telling of your own tale. No matter how much evidence you have, people turn a deaf ear. Its inherent instinct to do so.

    Matt’s story told only part of what I provided him with. Granted, he did the Judge research on his own, about Stage Stores (because he cancelled our conference call). However, he missed many boats (including a possible “Prize”) by going somewhere else to get corroboration of the facts.

    When all he had to do is look upon federal records – archived.

    You don’t even have to make allegations (like Taibbi does). One can simply ask questions. Such as the Taibbi “Greed and Debt” story. By cancelling our conference call (with his superiors giving thumps up or down on story direction), Matt missed even simple facts. Such as the issue that Michael Glazer, who paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million (most always make sure you NOTE “Capital” – so that Bain & Company can’t muddy the waters), before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee; was also at Stage Stores too. (As a matter of fact – Glazer is now CEO of Stage Stores).

    That leads into the additional question that begs “Was there any federal investigation into the $100 million pre-bankruptcy petition payment to Glazer and Bain Cap”?

    NO; because Bain Capital’s law firm partner (Colm Connolly) was the U.S. Atorney!

    Pretend that I have nothing to do with the case and/or Laser Haas is dead. Is the fact that they took $100 million, prior to filing bankruptcy – “Not” a big story?

    Of course it is – that’s why Taibbi told the tale.

    Now, the even bigger question that begs (if only ANY main stream or Taibbi would ask the frggn question) – “Now that it is publicly known that MNAT represents Bain Capital of the $83 million and Paul Traub asked to prosecute Bain Cap and Glazer in the Kay Bee case, for the $100 million pre-bankruptcy petition payment, along with the fact that an MNAT was the head U.S. Attorney who refused to investigate and/or prosecute the case”

    “why hasn’t the Department of Justice announced a proper – Independent – investigation”?

    Are these issues not one of the BIGGEST stories that ANYone could BREAK?

    I’m just sayin…….

  9. Please restore my comment?

    It went into the void!

  10. blouise17 says:


    The lack of comments doesn’t necessarily mean that readers aren’t getting the facts, thinking about them and commenting to others. Last night at dinner I was able to hold my own in a discussion on this matter with someone who was defending the DOJ. Others kept saying, “Wait a minute, repeat that. I didn’t know that.” Elaine and, in this matter, you, are educating far more people than you realize and they, in turn, educate others.

  11. Elaine M. says:


    You’re right. There are posts that I have written that may have gotten just one or two comments–but I can tell from the blog’s stats page that many people have viewed the posts and clicked on links that I used for sources.

  12. Blouise17;

    I’m well aware of that; as you should be well aware that the facts fare better via others aside.

    Currently, I’m fighting a troll type assaulting me on Democratic Underground; concerning the thread I posted about my Letter (Under Penalty of Perjury) to Senator Sherrod Brown (for his November 21 hearing on the Goldman Sachs tapes).

    In the absence of good faith people debating in a good faith manner – Trolls Win! These issues need legitimate debate – where the evidences can prevail. Because a bad faith judge is on the record stating I’m a vexatious litigant; the trolls have support that I’m a nut.

    When victims, such as I, go to authorities and/or main stream media, we are seeking qualitative review of the issues; which can turn into quantitative support to effect good faith results.

    This story I’m actually living, in surreal manner, has the G-d given evidences – on a silver platter – that makes every argument of Taibbi’s valid.

    Proof that crimes are committed by Wall Street (specifically Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Romney), are clearly visible in the public record

    Documentation that courts rule contrary to the law – is in Transcript(s) – MANY.

    Just is even on the record saying she won’t listen to it – Has to Get Back to TWEETER!

    Sheessshhh – What a quack/quote!

    Then there’s absolute proof of federal corruption – massive. U.S. Trustee’s refusing to do their job; even when there’s confessions to fraud on the court by officers (who were told IN Advance – not to do the very crimes – they went ahead and did in secret). SEC stating there’s no case. OIG, OGE, OPR, FBI contacted hundreds of times; and they closed the case in 2006.

    I didn’t find proof of US Attorney Colm Connolly corruption until 2007.

    Then they SHUT DOWN the Public Corruption Task Force and actually (reportedly) threatened federal agents to keep their mouths shut as to the reasons why. See Shake-up roils federal prosecutors by your own query. This deserves massive story reviews on its own.

    “All evil needs to prevail – is the silence of good people”.

  13. Elaine M. says:


    I give Alayne Fleischman a lot of credit for being a whistleblower against JPMorgan Chase. I think many people stay quiet for fear of losing their jobs…and then not being able to find employment again. The folks with the money have us little people “by the short hairs”– as someone I’ve known for many years says.

  14. blouise17 says:

    Interestingly enough, the conversation kicked off with references to those very hearings as Sherrod is our Senator. The concern is what will happen once the Republicans take control. From that point the conversation went in several different directions and got quite heated over dessert. I came off as far more intelligent than I actually am thanks to you and Elaine.

  15. All I’m asking for (and you have NO idea how many web hits we could get here) – is a good faith writing of the case summary. Just a simple Q&A – or/and – a review of the case facts.

    Is it not a serious issue that – in the Petters Ponzi case – the brother of Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney was directly involved; and that (never under indictment) – he was a suicide?

    In that one case alone – these are FACTS

    Petters attorney, Doug Kelley – became the federal Receiver over Petters Ponzi; and that same person (a Receiver) also became a bankruptcy trustee. Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, just weeks before the FBI raid of Petters entities – loaned $50 million to Fingerhut (that was owned by Traub and Petters). Then Fingerhut is never seized by the feds or its Receiver.

    In Petters Ponzi – Polaroid was seized – and then sold in auction (to the 2nd highest bidder) for $83 million. It wound up back being owned by Paul Traub; and then they announced a $2 billion dollar license agreement (that no one mysteriously knew about prior to the auction).

    Larry Reynolds (a guy who sat less than 25 feet away from me during eToys), was a Traub/ Petters Ponzi partner who confessed (doing greater time for the admission of that much) that he laundered $12 billion.

    And he did so while in Witness Protection Program

    Petters attorneys never argued what any 1L would have. That Traub had DOJ protection (via Connolly and Minn Asst US Attorney), along with Larry Reynolds in WISTEC; giving any party solid defense that he was led to believe his action were legal.

    The brother of the Assistant U.S. Attorney being involved and committing suicide mandated that the Minn DOJ be recused from the case – PERIOD!

    And when do you EVER see the feds play down how big the case is? In Petters Ponzi, the Polaroid Trustee states the Ponzi is beyond $40 billion (Mike Catain also confessed laundering a separate $10 billion). Yet the Minn DOJ and Receiver stipulate its only a $3.7 billion fraud.

    That case – like all the rest of this – is public record

    ————————— And Justice has NOT been served!

  16. Blouise17 and Elaine M;

    You are all good people here. This is a fantastic realm with real promise. You stick to your guns and hold good lines of banter. Why I’m pleading so much with you, is because we are about to be thrust into an abyss like no other seen before – in this nation.

    If everything I’m swearing under oath is true – how bad will Romney’s Presidency be?

    One need not risk the job and I wouldn’t ask you to;
    but you can ASK questions on facts that are irrefutable.

    Doing so – and the comment banter that will undoubtedly infuse;


  17. I meant ensue/follow

    and thanks for retrieving the other comment.

  18. buckaroo says:

    I became interested in Griftopia with great interest until I discovered that it was just another rant with a political motive. All the stupid people are those who think that the tax code festers the inequity that small business & the self-employed have to endure. In the Cong. Rec. Page: S7535 George McGovern opinion-editorial, entitled `A Politician’s Dream Is a Businessman’s Nightmare,’ outlines the experience and frustration George McGovern suffered trying to do business with the regulations, tax burdens, and liabilities that spill forth from the Federal Government and from State legislatures around the country like water from a broken dam. We forget sometimes that as legislators–most often keeping ourselves exempt from the laws we pass–that we are standing on the dry ground. It is the small business people trying to keep the economy alive in the valley that are washed away.

  19. By the wsy, I know I’m asking much; but there,s much at stake.

    I’ve helped with many cases and a recent one breaks my heart.

    Jeff Baron had mega millions of dollars. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at two years if age. They said he wouldnt live past 5.

    He fights all his life and builds a huge fortune in internet real estate (domain names).

    Crooked system forbids him to be represented by counsel and takes his entirr fortune away.

    Some of the abuses includes the judge fordding him an attorney, saying the court can call in armed forces and have him done away with; questiong him for 23 hours straight – forbidding medicine and substanance – to the point of the man winding up off the stand, prone on the floor ( ignoring doctors order not to put Jeff under stress if more than 1 hours inquisition)

    When one attorney asked the courts permission to call amnulance,

    The court said No…wait a while.

    Justice in fed courts – today.

    Mitt will make it 10 times worse tomorrow!

  20. Mike Spindell says:

    “Thank you for responding to the question; but there has to be more valid a reason to avoid telling of facts germane to a huge story on the criminal exploits of Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain”

    I’ve always valued your opinion and believe we have similar take on things, but therein lies the rub. If you review the posts that have appeared on this website since we began in January, you will see that almost all of your targets have been shot at here. As Elaine noted we are not paid journalists and don’t do investigative reporting. We present opinion pieces about our perspectives on a wide range of topics that we personally find interesting and hope our readers do as well. I think you are being a tad unfair in chastising us because we haven’t specifically catered to your concerns, when we have expressed time and again concerns of our own that deal with equally important national issues. Elaine alone has provided a treasure trove of informational resources about the dismantling of our public school system in the name of profit and that is but one of many topics she researches and writes about. In a sense we are all on the same side in this battle and we need to realize a common cause even if our approaches vary.

  21. Anonymously Yours says:

    How about Holder in Due Course of Official Misconduct….

  22. Mike;

    The rub is the incongruous premuse that is my (hence – not yours) concern.

    We are here because over there, people are, or have been, chastised for speaking their mind.

    I,ve got notbing but great admiration for this group; but we are all far from perfect.

    You are punishing me with the “catering” remark; because familiarity breeds contempt. If I came to you all and was telling tbis story with Erin Brocovich as the victim, it would total bogus of you to stste that we wouldn’t at least have one thrrad on the matter.

    This – these – cases I’m speaking about- are frggn HUGE; and all I asked was the proper question

    Why Not….

    The answer above, about REAL concerns on retaliation, is heart felt and the most sincere response EVER.

    Would you rather i just shut up – give up – and come back after Mitt steals the election; and I can say I told thou so?

    Or should we – for the sake of helping save our nation from peril (and thousands of victims like Jeff Baron being harmed on a regular basis)

    have a sincere – wrenching or not – discusdion upon the merits?

    I’m giving you all a free invitation to be part of something special,by simply having honorable discussion.

    Is that really too much to ask?

  23. If you never wsnt to hear about this – or from me being critical. Then just say so.

    I’n not in to wssting my or your time.

    But, if the “About” remarks are to the point – of looking for the bedt way to address current day problems

    Then lets talk strategy.

    Addicting Info, Liberals Unite,Taibbi’s Greed n Debt and PoliticusUSA reveived over 3 million web views and more than 350,000 FBs n Twitters tellimg 1/100th of the story.

    I’m trying to save our country from going into a very dark age of corruption; and the best (group of) people I know and respect are telling.me I’m selfish.

    Here’s a fact for you and I have the emails to prove it.

    When the WSJ reporter offered to pay for my room and write the story about me being a hero, I begged him nit to do so. If you make ut about me, the story dies when Romney’s (Running Man type) film show’s me having sex with a unicorn in Antartica.

    I convinced him to make it about the “we” of eToys shareholders; and the one who got credit for my works complained the stiry didnt give him enough glory.

    I’ve not seen nor held my 7 grandkidds since my daughter was abducted, on my birthday, in 2004. That ssme wondrtful child just had a miscarriage of twins 3 days ago and I cant even affird to send het flowers

    That doesnt break my heart half as much and the hopelessness I feel, when the people I assume care the most stipulate that it is “my concern”.

    Let me know your decision….

  24. AY – as a legal.eagle you know USAG Holder us immune; unless he was dumb enough to lrave an email behind of actual plan to breach duty

    But I like tbe premise.

    A thread on the failures to proscute is almost as apropos as this thread on Taibbi and sham prosecution of JP Morgan

  25. Sorry that I’m unable to edit typo errors from my phone.


    I just want to say a few more things germane. My remarks above wetent meant to gsrner emotions fir me or make yours rumble. They are fscts that I dont reference, tryin Not to be a Markopolos type. But they are facts.

    My career ended whem I gave my attorney the Smokng Gun affidavit to put into eToys docket record. Not only did he refuse (MisPrision of a Felony) he actually was so brazen (and just plain dumb) that he emailed me a threat from Traub’s partner – Ordering me to back off Ir Else.

    Many friends, family and ex partner (whom I loved) said tgat i wss stupid fir turning diwn the $850,00 Glazer/ Barry Gold type bribe to be Mitt’s buddy.

    Not for a nanosecond did I consider selling out my clients. Something that Romney and his ilk would never understand.

    Taiibi did mention eToys a year after I nagged him about it of Greed n Debt (in his article Sachs/Blankfein aint no Mother Teresa).

    Matt did so, 6 months after the N Y Times did the March 2013 “Rigging the IPO Game” story on Sachs esrly 1999 eToys fraud.

    Just a few weeks after the Rigging story ran (cause and effect) Bain Cap hslted the IPO of Toys R Us (current parent company of eToys).

    Romney and hus gang Know they can corrupt the DOJ. An issue super serious when the Social Security and other funds are there fir the bandits taking.

    It is only logical that – if you can steal with impunity (especially in bankruptcy) that his hand pick of USAG will not be tge only vexing nomination.

    DOJDeputy Director of the Exevutive Office of U.S. Trustees, FBI Director (di you REALLY know the Mormon history within the FBI)! Head of SEC and his picks for SCOTUS.

    Can you imagine a Paul Traub head of EOUST? And how many big companies will be put into bankruptcy? Jobs lost and creditors stiffed massively

    This is a man who lied on multiple campaign forms (he didnt live in his son’s basement when he ran for Gov)

    Who said his money is in a Blind Family Trust (are we really so blind n stupid); and signed all his assets (reportedly) over to his wife when going for Gov (talk about tax dodge)

    You dont even know about the many.others I helped, such as John n Jay Caciero, who won their qui tam against Sodexo. A company, by the way, controlling huge amounts of our nations institution food supplies.

    And that Romney was Monsanto,s counsel.

    Here’s last few eye openers. Bill Gay was Howard Hughes right hand counsel. Gay’s brother in law wad the doping physician of Howard Hughes. MNAT has right on its website frontpage, how they represented Hughes 20 years.

    Then, MNAT switchef side and represented the Mormon Church claim on Hughes will/estate.

    Bill Gay’s son Bob, was Domney’s partner from the beginning of Bain Capitak for 15 years (leaving after my evidences were capitulated to, in 2005.

    Jack Wheeler was murdered in 2010 and No One is digging into the Nemours video tape proof of Wheelers visit just before untimely end.

    Nemours houses DE USA and Colm Connolly office. After I posted the story on DK, Connolly then a.nounces he is representing Wheeler and offers reward for all info.to go to him instead ,

    And tbis man Romney pro,ises to oncrease our military too.

    What is a witness to all this suppose to do?

  26. Laser,
    I think what Mike was getting at is to write your story yourself, and provide your own investigative sources. None of us are professional reporters, and each of us has areas of particular interest and expertise. Want to know more about propaganda? Gene is the go-to guy. Elaine is a specialist in education, poetry and literature. You know more about your case than anyone.

  27. Otteray;

    I’m accepting the fact of the answer being no. And understand all the reasons why. Be that as it may, it is a said state of affairs.

    All of you and I are a breed apart. Your educations levels and life experiences in your fields are far beyond mine.

    You know the B and his gang lied and destroyed all valid comment conversations, in a quest to nix the story momentum.

    Why the massive evidences arent getting proper attention, is because I’m lacking corroboration .

    I need one honorable source ro point to valid debates upon the merits. And there are legal eagles here who could slam B type falsities on their arrears.

    Once Mitt begins his run by fiking his OGE 278 Form,

    there’ll be No Stopping Him.

  28. Anonymously Yours says:


    Education or not, does not make a person. For instance, Bush the 2nd has degrees from Yale and Harvard. But for Daddys money and former CIA connections, he’d be a failure at delivering Pizza.

    Mike S., has a style of writing that gives lots of information, you have to sift it and think about what he’s saying. He’s quite interesting and intelligent. Each person that posts here is seeking nothing but the truth that they hold dearly. I have yet to see anyone being called out for ignorance, well blatant distorted facts held as true will get you a genie rub. But as far as differences of opinion…. They are freely encouraged.

  29. Education (lack thereof) is my sore eeakness. Heretofore I thought it inane for a court to grant 30 days to respond; or an auyhor to take months or years. Bu I’ve gained a healthy respect now for the requistes og level of learning and due diligence of processing.
    It took a few days and some revisions for my 3 page letter to Senator Brown.

    Style/syntax is unique, telltale and necessary to set apart that trodden by the crowd (such as I) and Mike’s or David Simon’s.

    Eliane n Bloiuse arr more pure (caring too much to abstain from. Refrain without explanation) than others here.

    I,ve conversed with the likes of Kenneth Klee and the authors of Jenner Block’s wonderful book on RICO.

    All stated to me that I dont need a lawyer; bevause the law isnt being applied [properly] inmy case.

    I need a fixer.


    ——–That facts are facts

    Regardless of the vernacular and/or style; i need help. And I was hoping, due to the value systems and legal prowess among U.S. here, in this realm

    That there is a collective, intelligent way, to make a dent in crime and cortuption.

    And I understand that I’m the only one silly enough to tread, where angels (with good reasons) fear to go.

    I defended Rick Convertino, a former Michigan AUSA, whom Ashcroft , GWB and Special Prosecutor Craig Morford tried to put in prison (illegally releasing tbe first 2 successfully incar erated 9/11 terrorists to fo so).

    The thing is, in Jay Caciero, cameron Todd Willingham, Trayvon Martin, Crystal Coxob Elias and Convertino cases (where I was called in to help esrly each time)

    My assisting and persuading otbers to do so – made headways.

    Morford was halted from becoming Gonzales replacement and Senator Biden evn helped stop Colm Connolly from becoming a federal District Ct judge.

    United we stand

    By myself Romney prevails as POTUS 2016

    We have to find a way

  30. Mike Spindell says:

    “I’m accepting the fact of the answer being no.”


    I think you really are misunderstanding what is being said to you. I’m not saying “no” to anything. I have little doubt that what you are saying about Romney is true, but none of us is equipped to provide what you are asking for: “I need one honorable source to point to valid debates upon the merits. And there are legal eagles here who could slam B type falsities on their arrears.” To refute these falsities would require extensive investigation and research. We aren’t equipped to provide that. This is a labor of love for all of us and doesn’t represent what we each do with the rest of our lives. I understand the personal nature of this for you and empathize the suffering you’ve gone through, but I’m ill equipped to assist you in your battle. What we do provide you is a forum to express yourself and you must admit we have never censored your writings. Not only that but we consider you to be one of our “family” of commenters, whose comments adds to the discussion. We don’ want you to leave and we benefit from your presence. However, in this matter you are expecting more of us than we can honestly deliver.

  31. BTW AY,

    I’m talking about finding a way to stop a wR mongering RICO boss from becoming POTUS and everything stated above has been sworn to many a time,

    Who can say Sorry to sons nd daughters, our bankrupt nation (remeber who he is) and all the other victims

    If we dont try

    If he runs He Won!t lose this time

  32. Appreciate the candor Mike;
    and understand the position.

    My contention is that you are vastly more equipped than you know.

    Taibbi’s back; but RS forbade him telling the whole tale in Greed and Debt (getting interviews with VP Biden and POTUS Obama as their just due).

    If you can do a piece on Taibbi’s piece – then why be so selective? My argument that – if it were another I was talking about – most certainly holds water.

    And that’s the whole point.

    Please consider how grave the issues are and find a way to (at least – in a bare minimum way) broach the subject matter at hand. You are in the middle of a Snowden, Assange, Brockovich type of affair; and being invited to make a difference – at barest minimum of risks.

    I’ll say no more on “my” matter; except in on-point threads.

  33. That doesn’t mean I’ll yield and restrain my banter – when the anti-Obama remarks abound.

    He is much worse than you think; but also far better than you know.

  34. Mike Spindell says:


    When have we ever asked you to “restrain” anything?

  35. Mike;

    Put yourself in my position. A man offered the opportunity of a lifetime and his dream job (becoming a Bain, Gordon Brothers, Lynn Tilton type of deal maker – was a lifetime goal), to become a soon to be Governor’s partner – turns it down without a moments thought.

    Lost career, life savings and my daughter abducted for noble cause.

    Then, after years of fighting the “B”s of this world, I’m in this realm of yours, with extraordinary people. Smart, education and basically dedicated to the cause of truth and justice.

    From those people (one’s nearly last hope) – you are told “your concerns”.

    It infers (whether you meant to or not) that I’m a self serving narcissist. And yet – unlike other realms – we are still here, having a heated discussion; because the issue is a pure one.

    Your not saying Yes – means the answer is No!


    Putting aside that for a moment. Let’s talk about (if we need to – via DM) – what can/can’t be.

    Here’s a surprise (I’m assuming one of you sent me) – of a posting today;
    where my Letter to Senator Brown’s Subcommittee is top(side) billing.


    A few threads on Goldman Sachs tapes, the upcoming hearing, a side note of Taibbi’s articles (what was missed) and specific notes about Matt’s “Sachs/Blankfein ain’t no Mother Teresa”.

    It mentions eToys – Taibbi missed many facts germane to other cases also;
    and it ties in with the Goldman Sachs Senate hearings – premise of nolle prosequi


    I’m critical of you guys – more often than you like – when you waste time venting against Obama; and you are visibly lacking in knowledge of facts most certainly relative -and not subjective.

    You guys are better than you know.

    ———————————————More Important than you know.


    ———————————————Vastly important.

    As much as we need Taibbi, wanted Obama (and think we want Hillary);
    our nation (and the Web realm) needs pure blogs such as this one.

    Good people, above average consideration – SMART;
    but still human beings – all the same.

    I’m on bended knee in awe of you; but disheartened at the same time.

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