2014 Midterm Election: The “Screw You” Strategy Was a Winner! (With a Mark Fiore Video)

By Elaine Magliaro

Political cartoonist Mark Fiore thinks that humans “are a little hard to figure out sometimes, and that makes for an interesting Democracy.” Fiore was puzzled by the results of the recent midterm election. Imagine people voting against their own best interests, which he said “seemed to be the dominant theme in this election.”


Congressional Republicans just finished a successful campaign that focused on not being Obama. Forget about the issues and actually having a platform, the party of We’re-Not-Obama came out on top…

Fiore thought one of the most fascinating things about the midterm election “was comparing what people actually believe in versus what or who they actually voted for.”

Happy with your Kentucky Kynect health exchange, brought to you by Obama’s Affordable Care Act? Then you’ll definitely want to vote for Mitch McConnell so he can keep trying to dismantle Obamacare bit by bit. Huh?

The Screw You Strategy (Mark Fiore)


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14 Responses to 2014 Midterm Election: The “Screw You” Strategy Was a Winner! (With a Mark Fiore Video)

  1. They came to be, disliked by ninety; but that didn’t matter; cause – in 2016 we’ll show em –


  2. I always thought that the key to a well functioning democracy, along with a free press, was a well-informed citizenry that voted. So I joined the “League of Women Voters” years ago whose function was to educate voters on issues and candidates, register voters and encourage people to vote. For years we wrestled with the problem of voter apathy. What made this election stranger was the red states that voted for local min wage increases as they voted in politicians that are against it.

  3. Nate says:

    My takeaway is that the R’s got 8 years with the Bush, the D’s got 8 with Obama, and both revealed themselves equally contemptible.

    The silver lining being that Hillary has an uphill struggle. God, I’d take another R over her.

  4. swarthmoremom says:

    I remember the “League of Women Voters” well although I never belonged. Both republican and democratic women worked together to encourage people to vote. Now the republican women are often interested in suppressing the vote and only registering the “right people”. Turnout in Texas was 28 percent. It is usually low there but one cannot help but think the very restrictive voter id laws made it more so.

  5. Mike Spindell says:

    Mark Fiore is as usual on target, but forgive me my caveat. I think many voted against those they believed supported Obama because Obama is Black. The underlying current of racism in this country is being stoked and has risen again to levels comparable to the 50’s. The difference is that the racists have learned to use code and refuse to acknowledge their bigotry. This doesn’t mean that I’m an Obama supporter, hardly at this point, merely that there are many voters who are racist and vote. On the other hand, of those like myself, disappointed in Obama and Democratic Party cowardice, many didn’t bother to vote because of disgust rather than apathy.

  6. blouise says:

    I think it’s too early to tell if the disenfranchised actually impacted the results in many of the close races because we don’t know how they would have voted. The young and minorities tend to lean democrat but the elderly tend to lean republican. All those groups have been adversely affected by the new poll-tax equivalents built into restrictive voter registration and ID requirements.

    What can not be denied is the price for obtaining a legally recognized voter identification card in many states can range from $75 to $175 (includes the costs associated with documentation, travel and waiting time). This cost, when compared to the poll-tax ruled unconstitutional in 1966, is actually 1500% higher according to a study out of Harvard Law School. (http://today.law.harvard.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/FullReportVoterIDJune20141.pdf)

    The problem is that court cases can not be built in time to assure a more favorable voting environment for those disenfranchised groups by the 2016 elections and those cases which have been built are subject to the whims of a Republican controlled Supreme Court which proved back in 2000 that accurate vote counting is not important. In other words, if actual votes cast are unimportant then exorbitant poll-taxes are also of no consequence.

    The key to regaining the right to vote without prohibitive pay-to-play costs resides in taking state legislatures out of the hands of those who support voter suppression.

  7. swarthmoremom says:

    Now the R’s have 30 plus legislatures. Expect more poll taxes.

  8. eniobob says:

    A repost :

    “In the wake of the midterm elections, Republicans said they would prove they could govern. This did not, in contrast to the flickering hopes of bipartisans, mean that they would start passing business-friendly reform bills that Obama would sign. It meant they would keep the kooks locked in the basement. Republicans had swept the elections by making politics boring, relentlessly policing their nominees from uttering any controversial statements, and grinding Washington to a halt. The Republican plan for the next two years was continued, boring gridlock. No shutdowns, no impeachment.”


  9. swarthmoremom says:

    eniobob,The kooks are demanding lawsuits for now, but I would not rule out shutdowns over immigration. Still think that their ultimate goal is impeachment.

  10. eniobob says:

    Let me throw this wrench into the gears:

    ” President Barack Obama plans a major speech on immigration reform Thursday night, but the three major networks aren’t providing live coverage.

    CNN reported that neither NBC, ABC or CBS will air President Obama’s speech. (CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC will cover the event.) The president is scheduled to speak at 8 p.m. ET, likely to lay out a proposed executive action on the politically explosive and highly contentious immigration issue.” ?????

  11. bron98 says:


    I do know some people who dont like Obama because he is black but those same people like Alan West, Herman Cain and Ben Carson. I guess it is the same thinking about Obamacare and medicare?

    I hope Alan West and Ben Carson run for pres and veep, either one, either office, makes no difference to me. They are a little too religious for me but I think they would respect the Constitution.

    Either one of them would ask for Churchill’s bust to be placed where it belongs.

    Maybe it is his philosophy they despise?

  12. swarthmoremom says:

    http://www.dailykos.com/# “A poll conducted by Yale’s Project on Climate Change Communication has found 67 percent of Americans favor federal regulations to limit carbon emissions from power plants even if that means paying more for their electricity.

    That meshes somewhat with the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll asking what Americans think the new Congress should do. Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed support addressing climate change by limiting carbon emissions.

    These results ought to be welcome news for regulators. The Environmental Protection Agency plans to implement its final rules on reducing emissions from new power plants in June. At the same time, it is slated to issue draft final rules for existing power plants.

    Just one problem, however. Despite those polls, voters have chosen to elect a large number of people to Congress who don’t accept the science of climate change or at least pretend not to for fundraising and stump-speech purposes. There’s an even larger number of them in thrall to a Republican leadership determined to do all it can to stop the emissions rules from being imposed. If they could get away with it, they’d nail all the doors shut at the EPA.

    And that opposition is against rules that some eco-advocates say don’t go far enough.”

  13. Margaret Thatcher says:


    At last a commenter who is able to zero in on what is important to Americans and our way of life. The Churchill bust.

    (Lincoln is his unworthy replacement)

  14. buckaroo says:

    Gee, sure are a lot of Philip Nolan’s here. Why ?

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