A Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Video: “America the Rudyful”

Unknown copy 9By Elaine Magliaro

Last week, award-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore wrote about failed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and remarks that he made about President Obama during a private dinner featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott  that was held at Manhattan’s Club 21. Fiore said he knew that the former mayor of New York City was “just crying out for attention…” Fiore added that “Rudy Giuliani saying “I do not believe that the president loves America,” highlights some deeper issues in the Republican party and our democracy in general.” The cartoonist said that although the event was dominated by the Giuliani rant, it “was hosted by some prominent trickle-downers who unfortunately still have loads of influence over Republican candidates…”


Let’s also not forget the undue influence a handful of billionaires have on our democracy, with the Koch brothers pledging to spend nearly a billion dollars on their personal political agenda.

Fiore continued by talking about the 2016 election season–which “is just getting started…” He noted that “it looks like we’ll be treated to more billionaires and more of the same this go round. So while Giuliani is looking to get some press in the hopes of upping his speaking fees and/or Fox News pundit potential, there are some real issues within these silly attacks that are savaging our Democracy.” Fiore pointed out that Democrats should also “be doing plenty of soul-searching about the corrosive influence of money in politics.”

America the Rudyful




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